Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – S02E05


Scene 1
Ragini shows the video to Sumi and dadi. They both are very happy to see Swara living a happy married life. Shekhar sees the video from far too and has tears in his eyes.
Ragini “Baba can’t you forgive her? I know you love her a lot even more than me. Till when will you be so angry?”
Shekhar “Not once she thought of sharing her secrets with me. If only she would have told me about Sanskar…. I would have got her properly married. She brought disrespect to the entire family by marrying secretly. I will never forgive her”
He walks off. Everyone goes to their room.
Laksh calls Ragini at night. They discuss random things.
Ragini “Laksh I was so happy today to see Swara happy. I’m relieved. Sanskar and she are a happy couple”
Laksh “I doubt Ragini”
Ragini “What do you mean Laksh?”
Laksh “Sanskar is a good person but I know he is a very flirtatious person. I heard some girl saying that just two weeks back Sanskar had slept with her. You tell me if Swara Sanskar were in a relationship as they say then that means Sanskar cheated on Swara. It’s very confusing Ragini”
Laksh thinks that he has filled Ragin’s ears. Now Swasan will soon be separated.
Ragini thinks to speak to Swara tomorrow.

Scene 2

Abha “Dadi do you like my mom?”
Dadi “Yes Abha. But why are you asking me this?”
Abha “Why don’t you get Abhi uncle married to my mom?”
Dadi is a little surprised.
Dadi “Beta this is their choice. We can’t force them to do this”
Abha “I think they will be happy together”
Dadi “I know.”
Abha “Dadi this is my last wish”
Dadi “Shhhhh Abha. Don’t say like this”
Abha “I’m scared Dadi. What if I again go to the hospital? What if I go to God. The other child in my room went to God! Who will take care of my mama? Dadi I’m very scared”
Abha starts crying. Dadi consoles her.

Scene 3
It’s morning in Kolkata. Very newspapers headlines reads ‘Most eligible bachelor of Kolkata Mr Sanskar Maheshwari no longer a bachelor’. It talks about the marriage of Swasan.
Pragya calls Abhi “Why didn’t you tell me Sanskar and Swara got married?”
Abhi “What!”
Pragya “Do you know what’s happening around you?”
Abhi thinks all I care about is you.
Pragya “You said something?”
Abhi “No. Anyway I have a Court hearing today will call you later”
Pragya says bye and they keep the phone.

Scene 4

Swara is very sleepy. She could not sleep the whole night as she was figuring out as to what sort of person Sanskar is. She decides to take a leave today as she has lot of household chores to do.

Swara: Malti I want to make some changes in this house. It’s too dull. I think the hall needs brighter curtains and the garden needs more plants. Arrange some seedlings I will plant them in the evening after I do some curtain and furniture shopping,

Swara goes to the dining table to have breakfast. She is about to hug Sanskar good morning but she stops herself and thinks what is she doing.
Sanskar: You are in jeans. Not going to office?
Swara: No wanted to do some household shopping and also too tired from last night’s party.
Sanskar: How will you shop if you are tired?
Swara: Don’t worry girls can never say no to shop. By the way give me your credit card.
Sanskar: why?
Swara: To shop
Sanskar: Doesn’t Abhi pay you well?
Swara: He does. But shopping expenses are to be borne by the husband na?
Sanskar: Wow the way you twist things. When need I’m your husband else just a stranger…
Swara: Sanskar….
Sanskar: Ok baba take my credit card.
He tells her bye and goes to office.
Swara leaves for shopping. Meanwhile Ragini comes to Swasan’s home.

She decides to wait for Swara. She goes to her room when she comes to know from one of the servants that Sanskar and Swara live in separate rooms. She is shocked.

Scene 5
Abhi calls Pragya.
Abhi: Lets go out for dinner all three of us.
Pragya: I am a little busy today. Why don’t you take Abha?
Abhi: Cool. I’ll pick her up at 7.30.
Pragya: Sure

Scene 6

Swara comes home. Ragini is waiting for her. Swara is very happy to see Ragini and hugs her.
Ragini: Swara are you happy?
Swara: What do you mean?
Ragini: You and Sanskar are just pretending to be happy. I know everything you both don’t even sleep in the same room.
Swara: Ragini you are mistaken
She holds Swara’s hand and keeps it on her head.
Ragini: Do you swear to tell the whole truth
Swara does not know what to say.
Ragini: Your silence speaks.
Swara tells her the truth… How Sanskar blackmails her… How she marries him.
Ragini: How can you make such a big sacrifice? Not once did you think about yourself? What is done is done. You cannot live with this lunatic man now. You are coming home with me.

Precap: Pragya “I hate you Abhi. We can never be together. I will never forgive you.”
Sanskar “The door of my house is shut for you Swara. Goodbye. You will soon get divorce papers.”

Credit to: XOXO

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