Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya S02E04


Scene 1

The charity function is a boisterous affair. The rich and famous of Kolkata are present there. Sanskar is dressed in a dark black suit with a red tie. He is surrounded by many people as everyone wants to be acquainted with him. Many girls are also trying to flirt with Sanskar (they are unaware of his marriage with Swara). The Maheshwaris are also present. Ragini has also come as she is soon to get married to Laksh. Sujata feels very proud of her son. 

Swara walks in at the charity function. She wears a long red gown with very high heels. Her hair is tied neatly in a bun. She is looking very elegant. Everyone is staring at her. The elderly women are whispering who she is. Sanskar and Laksh is mesmerised by her. Ragini is happy to see her and goes to meet her when Parineta stops her as DP would not appreciate it. Swara just blinks her eyes towards Ragini indicating that she understands.

Sanskar goes to escort her. Swara holds his arms and they walk together. The girls and Laksh are jealous. Sujata is irritated while Ragini is happy and thinks Swasan make a very good pair.

The head of the hospital comes to Swasan and asks “Mr Maheshwari won’t you introduce me to this beautiful lady?”
Sanskar “She is my wife Swara Maheshwari”
Swara smiles but feels weird inside. Soon everyone comes to know Sanskar is no longer a bachelor. Some people congratulate the Maheshwaris while some girls are sad as Sanskar could not be theirs.

The host of the show comes to the stage and announces “This year we will collect donations in a different manner. We will have a bid come dance competition. Men will have to bid to dance with their women. The highest bidder will start the dance while the rest will join them after three minutes. So let the process begin”

Laksh “Rs 100,000 for Ragini Gadodia”
Some other man bids Rs 300,000 while another Rs 500,000. Sujata makes Ram bid Rs 525,000 while DP bids Rs 10,00,000. Suddenly a person shouts “Rs 25,00,000 for Swara Maheshwari”. It is Sanskar. People are shocked. Sujata thinks “My son has gone mad behind this girl”. Swara is surprised too. Sanskar wins the bid. Swara does not want to dance but decides to as the money is for a good cause.

The song ‘Pyaar ki ek kahani suno’ plays. Sanskar holds Swara by the waist with his left hand while his other hand is locked in Swara’s hand. They look into each other’s eyes and start doing the tango. He leads she follows. He twists and turns her in fast motion. He keeps swinging her. They turn very fierce like fore and ice.  Everyone is lost in their dancing. They cover the entire dancefloor. They finally end in a dip (i.e Swara is almost on the ground but is supported by Sanskar’s shoulder). Both have an intense eyelock.

Everyone claps. Ragini has secretly recorded their dance to show to her mom and grand mom. Laksh and Sujata get irked and both think in their head that they will separate Swasan.

The party ends after a lot of dancing.

Swasan reach their home. 
Sanskar “You dance well”
Swara “You too. I had a good time today”
They both wish each other good night and go to their rooms. 
Swara changes her clothes and goes to write her diary. She goes to the last page of the diary where she had written that she would take revenge against Sanskar. She tears the page and throws it in the dustbin.

Scene 2

Abhi is telling a bed time story to Abha. 
Abha “Abhi uncle why don’t you stay with us? You can get your dadi along.”
Abhi “Let me ask dadi about it”
Abhi thinks even my daughter is more straightforward than her mother or me. 

Pragya is relaxing in the hall. She has made coffee for Abhi and herself. Abhi comes to the hall. 
Abhi “I missed this coffee so much” (Abhi thinks even you)
Pragya thinks “Only the coffee?”
Abhi goes to the piano which is in Pragya’s hall. He starts playing Piyu Bole from Parineeta. Pragya starts singing. They both are very happy. 

Abha watches this from the corner. She goes back to her room and prays to God to make Abhi her dad as she does not like Rajat. She thinks how will she unite Abhigya. Abhi’s phone is in her room. She gets an idea and calls Abhi’s dadi

Credit to: XOXO

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