Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya – S02E03



The operation is successful and Abha is out of danger. Pragya and Abhi are happy.
Pragya: Do you want me to tell Abha the truth?
Abhi: Not now. Let her recover first.
Pragya: How are we going to tell her?
Abhi: I don’t know. Anyway I’ll go to the doctor and get her discharge papers, you be with her.
Abha is discharged. All three are back in Kolkata. Abhi drives them back to Pragya’s home.
In the car….
Abhi thinks “How does she feel for me? How shall I communicate my feelings for her? Will it be right? Will she think I’m selfish? Will she think I’m doing this for Abha?”
Pragya thinks “Why doesn’t he say anything? Usually he never stops talking about stupid things and when he has to something so important he is quiet!”
Abhi thinks “Whole day Pragya keeps eating my head and does not think twice to voice her opinion. Today she is so quiet! I guess I will have to say something”

Pragya thinks “He is so fattu. Ok I will be only start the topic”

They both interrupt each other.

Abhi “You were saying something?”
Pragya “No. You were saying something”
Abhi “No you started”
Pragya “Yeah. The weather has changed in Kolkata”
Abhi “yeah it has become cooler”
Pragya thinks “Oh God what am I talking about! Damn!”
Abhi thinks “Weatherrrrrrrrrr”

They reach Pragya’s house. Abha is sleeping. Abhi carries her to her room. He covers her with a blanket and goes to the hall where Pragya is waiting for him.

Pragya “I was thinking to not resume office till Abha is little stronger”
Abhi “Yes you shouldn’t. Do you want me to stay over and help”
Pragya (she thinks in her mind ‘stay forever’) “No. Sunny thai is there to help. I’m sorry you will have to wait till I tell Abha who you really are”
Abhi “Relax. I’m just tensed on how she will react.”
Pragya “She is a kid hopefully she won’t create tantrums like a teenager or adult would have”
Abhi “Hopefully”
Pragya “Soon you will be with her”.
They bid adieu.

Abhi thinks “Soon I will be not just with Abha but with you too”.

Pragya goes to the window to see Abhi leave. Abhi looks up and sees Pragya looking at him. They both smile.

Pragya thinks “O God! Now he will act pricey as he will start to think that I care for him”
Abhi thinks “Now she will pull my leg”.

Scene 2

Swara is praying. Sanskar comes to the temple.
Sanskar “Wow when did you convert a portion of my house to a temple”
Swara is holding the Aarti plate and indicates to him to take the aarti. He takes the aarti.
Swara “Since I’m dressed in Indian wear why don’t you put the sindoor”
Sanskar “Okk.”
Swara “Not too thick. I have to go to office”
Sanskar “Fine. Is it even necessary?”
Swara “Yes. We might not be exactly husband and wife. But we are married and this is my tradition”
Sanskar puts the sindoor and says “Now will you touch my feet?”
Swara “You are asking too much”

She smiles and goes. Sanskar does not take his eyes off her and goes breathless. Malti comes after sometime and says to him that Swara is calling him for breakfast. He goes to the dining table. They finish their breakfast.

Sanskar “Swara I will be late today”
Swara “You don’t need to tell me. We might be married but as I told you there is no relationship between us. So don’t be the husband”
Sanskar “Fine.”
He is a little annoyed with her behaviour and leaves. Swara feels uncomfortable too.
She thinks “Why do I feel guilty when I’m rude to him? What is he to me?”

Scene 3

Swara reaches her office and goes to Abhi’s cabin to brief him on a new case.
Abhi “Didn’t you go on your honeymoon?”
Swara “No. My husband is a little busy with work”
Abhi “Oh what a fool he is! Send him to me I will give him love lessons!”
Swara “Yeah sure you will surprised to meet him. Anyway wanted to brief you on a case”
Abhi “Before that I wanted a favour from you. Can you please go to a charity function tonight? We as a firm contribute a lot to their Trust. Neither me or Mrs Goenka can go there.”

He hands over the passes to her. She is shocked as it is the same hospital where Sanskar goes. She remembers Sanskar telling her that he will come late tonight.

Swara “Cant some other partner go there”
Abhi “Unfortunately no. They have an important law Council meeting to attend tonight. Take your husband along.”
Swara “He will already be there”
Abhi “Seems like you married a rich person as only they are called in that function. I must be knowing him. Whats his name?”
Swara “You don’t know him. Can we discuss the case?”
Abhi “Sure”

Credit to: xoxo

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