Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – S02E02


Thanks to everyone for giving S02E01 an awesome response.

Scene 1

Swara wakes up at 6am to do her office work. She goes to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. The kitchen faces the house garden. She spots Sanskar there doing push ups. He has extremely well-toned muscles. Swara is mesmerised with his physique. Sanskar feels someone is staring at him and turns his head to the right to notice Swara staring at him.
Sanskar: What happened?
Swara: Nothing. Breakfast?
Sanskar is surprised. He says “OK but after an hour. I still have time to finish my workout”
Swara agrees and takes her cup of coffee to the room. She wonders what she was thinking by asking Sanskar for breakfast.

They both sit to have breakfast. Malti tells another maid that after such a long time Sanskar is having breakfast at home. The other maid is also surprised.

Sanskar: Malti I should start having breakfast at home. It’s delicious!
Malti: Swara madam has cooked it.
Swasan feel awkward. Both finish their breakfast quickly.
Sanskar: Your office comes on my way. To save petrol costs, I suggest you come with me.
Swara: Ok. (She thinks in her mind that in spite of being so rich he is a true Marwadi)

Scene 2
Abhi reaches Pragya’s moms house in Delhi. Her mom is surprised to see him there. He tells her that he knows everything about Abha. He asks her to let him meet them. She says they are not in Delhi.
Abhi: What? I thought they had come here as your health was not good
Pragya’s mom: No beta. I’m perfectly fine. It’s Abha who is not well.
Abhi: Abha! What happened to her?
Pragya’s mom: It’s better if you go to Mumbai and find out.
Her mom gives him the address and goes crying in her room.

Scene 3
Swara is in the hospital and has just finished questioning the doctors about Mrs Shah’s baby treatment. She is about to leave when she sees Sanskar entering the hospital. She wonders what he is doing here. She quietly follows him. He goes to the head of doctor’s cabin and closes the door. Swara stands out there when a nurse asks if she needs any help. Swara asks about Sanskar to the nurse.
Nurse: He is Mr Maheshwari. Every year, at the charity party, Mr Sanskar is on the top 5 donor lists and he regularly comes to visit the patients too.
Swara: Ohh. So how huch did he donate this year?
Nurse: This year’s party is next week. I’m sure he must have come to talk to the head about that. You know its attended by the elitist families of Kolkata.
Swara: Nice. I’ll leave now.
While leaving Swara thinks what kind of person is Sanskar.

Scene 4

it’s late at night. Swara is tired and goes to the kitchen. She sees Sanskar there.

Sanskar: What’s keeping you up so late at night?
Swara: Work. What about you?
Sanskar: Work. Coffee?
Swara: Sure. I’ll help too.
Sanskar boils the water and puts the coffee powder.
Sanskar: Milk?
Swara: Hold on.
She takes the milk, heats it and then froths it.
Sanskar is surprised.
Swara: It tastes better.
Sanskar adds some chocolate sauce to their cup.
Sanskar: This will complement the coffee.
Swara: Where do you keep sugar?
Sanskar: First cabinet. Middle shelf.
She gets it and adds it to their cups. Sanskar pours the coffee to their cups. She mixes it. They both taste and say “Not bad”.

They take their cups, say Night and go to their rooms.

Swara comes smiling in her room. Then, she remembers how Sanskar blackmailed her and got married to her. She decides to take revenge. She writes her mission in her daily diary and goes to sleep.

Scene 5

Pragya is in the hospital and talking to the doctor.
Pragya: Doctor will Abha be alright now?
Doctor: I’m sorry Mrs Pragya. She is not recovering by chemo. Only a bone marrow can increase her hope of recovering.
Pragya: Yes I’m ready for the procedure.
Doctor: I’m sorry Pragya but there will be complications if we use your bone. We will need to use the father’s bones. Can you call him?
Pragya: Is it necessary?
Doctor: Yes it’s our only hope of saving Abha.
Abhi: Then let’s do it.
Doctor: Who are you?
Abhi: Abha’s father.
Doctor: This is a very painful process.
Abhi: For my child I can even sacrifice my life.
Pragya is stunned. Her eyes are filled with water. She does not know how to answer Abhi.

Abhi gets ready for the operation. Pragya is with him as she has taken permission to be in the operation theatre.
Pragya: I’m sorry for not telling you about Abha.
Abhi: It’s not your fault. I was a jerk for letting you go from my life. Any girl would do the same you did. Forget it now. Let’s start afresh. Hi I am Abhi. Naam toh suna hoga?. N let me tell you from first I have a daughter too. If you can’t accept her then you can’t be mine either.
Pragya smiles and caresses his hair.
The doctor comes and asks Abhi if he is ready. He nods. Pragya holds his hand and the operation starts.

Credit to: XOXO

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  1. its really nice. i love the she told he is rich but he is true marwadi. ANd pls request no revenge make swara and if its revenge then pls don’t make swara hurt sanskar’s feeling pls pls.. Abighya part also nice. i am sorry if my request is wrong.

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