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I know I was going to take a week’s break and resume. But, I got into the mood and felt like writing. I have preponed Season 2 and I present the first episode to you today… Hope you all will enjoy.

Scene 1

The Maheshwaris are at Ragini’s house to discuss Laksh and hers marriage preparations. Swasan enter the house. 
Ragini: Thank God Swara you came. I am having so much trouble deciding the colour of my sangeet dress. Which colour will suit me the most….
Ragini stops speaking after seeing the sindoor on Swara’s head and the mangalsutra on her neck. 
Ragini: Swara did you get married?
Both the families are shocked.
Swara: Sanskar and I got married today.
Shekhar: Why Swara? What was the hurry?
Swara remembers Sanskar blackmailing her with buying her dad’s company. She decides to not tell them the truth as she does not want them to feel guilty throughout their lives.
Swara: Sanskar and I were lovers. After the Shikhar mess we decided to get married to save ourselves from further embarrassment, 
Sujata: This all is a lie. Sanskar is
Sanskar: Mom nothing is a lie. Swara is speaking the truth.
Sumi: Swara why did you hide this from us? You should have at least tried telling me the truth.
Laksh: Swara what is this? How can you do this?
He is about to hold Swara from her shoulders when Sanskar asks him to back off.

Durgaprasad: Sanskar and Swara have bought shame to the names of the families again. I don’t expect anything from Sanskar but did not think Swara would do such a thing. 
Shekhar: Swara from today you are no longer a member of this house.

Ragini, dadi and Sumi are very sad. They ask Shekhar to forgive Swara. He doesn’t.

Swara gets extremely upset. She takes her things and leaves with Sanskar.

They reach Sanskar’s house. It’s a very fancy house yet it does not feel like a home. He shows her bedroom to her. 
Sanskar: We obviously won’t live in the same room. If you need any help call to some servant. 
Sanskar asks Malti bhai to take care of Swara’s needs. Swara looks a little surprised. Sanskar sees the look and says “I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit to me. I deserve better than that”. He goes.

Its dinner time. Swara tells Malti she is not hungry and does not come to the dining table. Sanskar gets angry hearing this. He goes to Swara’s room.

Sanskar: You surprise me every day. I didn’t know you were a child.
Swara: What do you mean?
Sanskar: Only children don’t eat when they are angry.
Swara: What I do or not is none of your business.
Sanskar: You are right. But if you don’t eat you will get sick and unnecessary waste my money on medicines and who knows you might even sue me for not taking good care of you.
Swara angrily marches her to the dining table. Sanskar smiles looking at her.

Scene 2

Swara asks Malti where her boss is. She says he leaves very early for office. She asks doesn’t he have breakfast? Malti replies in the negative.

Swara goes to LY. Abhi is thinking of Pragya. Swara goes inside his cabin. 
Swara: Abhi are you alright?
Abhi: Yes I’m.
He looks at Swara and is surprised to see her in Indian clothes. He is more surprised to see her married.
Abhi: Were you married?
Swara: No. I got married yesterday.
Abhi: Didn’t call me?
Swara: It was a very small affair.
Abhi: Congrats.
Swara: Thanks. By the way we have a new case. Our client, Mrs Shah, is planning to sue a hospital. 
Abhi: For what reasons?
Swara: Apparently the hospital did not take care of her premature baby.
Abhi: Ok let’s call her and ask her the facts.

Scene 3
Mrs Shah shows them her baby’s picture. The baby is very tiny and has a small tube near the mouth. 
Abhi asks Mrs Shah “Are they always so small and have tubes around their mouths?”
Mrs Shah: Yes. They are too delicate as they are premature. Plus for health reasons all premature babies wear the tube for few weeks.
Abhi: Do all premature babies wear it?
Mrs Shah: 99%.
Abhi remembers the time he had gone to see Abha in the hospital when she was born. She had no tubes and she was much bigger and healthier than the photo Mrs Shah had shown. He gets furious and gets ready to leave for the hospital where Abha was born.
Swara: Where are you going?
Abhi: I have some urgent work. You start researching on the case and if you have any problems call me.

Abhi reaches to the hospital. He catches the nurse who had shown him the fake records. He threatens her to take her to the police. The nurse gets scared and tells him the truth on how Pragya had bribed her. 
Abhi asks the nurse: Do you know the lady?
Nurse: Not much. I know her child. She had come for a blood test.
Abhi: If I want to do a DNA test is it possible?
Nurse: Yes since we might still have a copy of the blood reports.
Abhi: Fine let’s get it done.

Some hours later…..
The results come out. Abhi gets to know about Abha being his daughter. He thinks about when he had told Pragya about his hate for children. How he left Pragya as he did not want to ruin their relationship by giving it a name and formalizing it. He thinks what did he do? He decides to clear the misunderstanding and get both of them back. He leaves for Delhi immediately.

In Mumbai….

Abha is on the hospital bed. 
She is extremely weak. 
Abha: Ma these injections hurt me. How long do I have to take them?
Pragya: Just for some more days. Then you will get alright sweetie…
Abhi: Ma they say when someone is in trouble a hero comes to save them. Will a hero come?
Pragya: Yes a hero will come. 
Pragya wonders do heroes really exist.

Credit to: XOXO

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