Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya (Introduction)

Hi.. My story is quite different from the rest… I’ve used characters from Swaragini n KKb (only Pragya n Abhi).. The initial episodes will not have Abhigya scenes.. Here’s an introduction of the characters and little bit of the plot… This will help you to understand the later plot better (I’m not introducing Abhigya now I’ll keep that for the future)… Do feel free to share your suggestions…

Seven years back there was a 19 year old boy, Sanskar Maheshwari, who loved a girl called Kavita… The match was neither approved by Sanskar’s family nor Kavitas.. The situation turned so sour that Kavita was married to another man in the USA and Sanskar was thrown out of his house by his uncle, Durga Prasad, for bringing disrepute to the family.. Sanskars parents could not walk out with him because of money matters.. Sanskar dropped out of his college and started a very small business…The business grew large and today Sanskar is one of Kolkata’s richest and most dashing businessmen.. He has a reputation of a detail perfect and shrewd businessman and of a scandalous lover too.. He still believed in love however no girl had come in his life after Kavita who he could love. This did not stop him from being a flirt and since he was so good looking it was very difficult for any girl to not like Sanskar.

He rarely kept in touch with his family except his mom, Sujata and Laksh, his cousin..
Laksh is a happy go lucky type of guy… However, he can never take decisions for himself… He is always dependent on someone.. His dad.. His mom.. N even his girlfriend right from ninth grade, Swara..

Swara is a go getter.. She is smart n filled with confidence.. She is hot too.. She is never afraid to voice her opinion.. However, she has a big weakness – she is mad bout Laksh.
Swara is in her final year of Law and is studying in India’s best law college at Bangalore. Her college gets over in 5 days and she is returning back to Kolkata, her home.
Swara’s dad Shekhar always thought Swara was the son of the house.. He deeply missed her when she left for Bangalore. However his younger daughter Ragini always tried to fill the void..

Ragini was one of the most beautiful n innocent girls of Kolkata.. Yet she was most down to earth and the pride of her mom and and dadi maa.. She helped her dad in his cloth and handicrafts business.

Ragini and her family were unaware of Swara and Laksh’s relationship. Swara never shared it with Ragini as she thought that one day she might tell everything to dadima who being very traditional would then ask Swara to quit her studies and get married to Laksh.

Lot of families admired Ragini and came with marriage proposals for her. The Gadodias always refused because they thought that Swara being elder to Ragini should get married first. Swara was reluctant to get married and always refused.

However, this time a proposal so big came that the Gadodia family could dare not refuse it. The proposal was from the Maheshwari family to get Ragini and Laksh married. Both families agreed on it. The engagement date was set, it would be ten days later on Swara’s birthday. No one was to tell Swara about the same as they wanted to give Swara a surprise.. Little did they know that this would not be a surprise but the biggest shock of her life…………

Precap: Swara returns to Kolkata.. Shekhar talks to Swara about a new business customer (Sanskar) who is rejecting his products in huge quantities. Swara decides to speak to the man. She goes in his factory and is shocked to see him beating up his employee…

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  1. Awesome awesome dear! and specially different from others!! Keep it up

  2. This is just awesome and swaragini and kumkum Bhagya r my fav serials
    Urz is the best among all others
    Ur vocabulary is commendable

  3. Amazing…plz continue…update nxt prt soon

  4. Woww… it’s so different and refreshing… continue yaar 🙂

  5. nic and diff from others. its swasan r swalak

  6. Thank you for your positive response… Its very encouraging

  7. I love kkb..nd i hate swaragini

  8. wow.. awesome keep it up..

  9. hey nice episode !!
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  11. Soon start wit abhigya

    1. From the 4th or 5th episode.. Im working on their plot and want to create a good one so everyone enjoys..

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