Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – Epi 3


Day 3: At the Gadodia House

Scene 1: Swara’s room

Swara is wondering why Laksh is not picking up her phone call. Ragini comes in the room. She asks Swara why she is so worried. She says Laksh is not picking up her call. Ragini says he is busy. Swara is confused and asks Rags how she knows. Rags is about to tell her about the engagement when she remembers dadima telling her to keep the engagement a surprise for Swara. She says she had spoken to him yesterday he is planning a surprise for your bday.

Swara smiles and thinks Laksh is mad about me. Then, they both to the dining area for breakfast.

Scene 2: At the breakfast table

Dadi is convincing Swara to get married. Dada tells Swara to take her time and not to listen to dadi. Dadi asks dada why is he saying so. Dada says “Marriage is a very pious relationship. Can’t be forced. My parents forced me to get married to you and see what has become of me”. Dadi makes an annoyed face and all are laughing. Shekhar gets a phone call. His face turns from happy to gloomy. He tells them that their big order for which he and Ragini had missed Swara’s graduation got rejected. Ragini starts crying as she had worked very hard for the assignment. Shekhar says the rejection will result in a huge financial loss for them. Everyone is sad.

Swara tells her dad that she will speak to the client and ask him to reconsider his decision. Shekhar tells her it wont be easy. The owner, Mr Sanskar Maheshwari, is a tough nut to crack. Swara says dad during my internship I’ve worked with criminals. She tells everyone not to worry and she will manage convincing him to accept the products.

After some time….

Swara has worn a long maxi dress. The dress highlights her thin waist. Ragini sees her and says “Gorgeous”. Dadima wonders from where will find a modern Marwadi family for Swara. Swara bids adieu and heads for Sanskar’s factory.

Scene 3: Sanskar’s Factory

Swara is greeted by the manager at the gate and asks if she could speak to Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. The manager takes her to the factory. The factory is huge and has countless machines and around 1,000 employees are working. Swara is amazed. She has never seen such a huge factory. Suddenly, someone cries. Swara looks behind to see a man bashing up a normal worker. He is hitting and punching the man. Swara runs to stop the fight. The man tells Swara not to interfere, its his company’s matter. Swara asks the manager to call Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. The manager replies that he is Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. Sanskar stops beating up the employee and tells the employee to never show his face in the factory. The man cries and goes.

Swara asks Sanskar how he can be so ruthless. Sanskar asks her who is she and tells her not to give moral science lectures. Swara introduces herself and asks him why he rejected the products which her family company made. Sanskar “Do you know I sell these products to the UK and other western nations. The people out there are very particular and I cannot compromise on quality or design. The products which came from Mr Gadodia’s company were mediocre. I had heard a lot about their work so decided to give them a chance. I’m disappointed.”

Swara replies “I had come to convince you. But after seeing your behaviour today I’m happy my family’s business is not associated with your company. I can’t believe the products are mediocre because I know the person who made them (she thinks of Ragini). Anyway I don’t want to waste any more of my time with you. I’m going. Goodbye.”

Sanskar looks at her going and thinks how arrogant she is. He asks the manager to go after her as it’s unsafe for a girl to walk in the factory alone.

On the way the manager tells Swara things are not always what they seem to be. He has been working with Mr Maheshwari for 5 years and he is the best employer he has come across. Swara asks why he beat that worker then. The manager says I can’t tell you the reason because its an internal affair but Mr Maheshwari was justified for doing that.

Precap: Swara confronts Laksh about his engagement with Ragini and gives him a tight slap. Laksh leaves. Swara in anger throws a vase at the curtain. Sanskar comes out of the curtain and screems ouch… Abhigya entry

Credit to: XOXO

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