Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – Epi 2 – Bye Bangalore Hello Kolkata

(Thanks everyone for the interest you all have taken to read my story. I know there are a lot of people who are wondering where are Abhigya? Abhigya will most probably come in the 4th or 5th episode. Guys the story will give equal weightage to both the pairs, Swasan And Abhigya.. However, I cannot introduce Abhigya in the present two episodes cause then the story will go little off track and I want to give justice to Abhigya’s story too.. I hope Abhigya fans will understand and don’t worry their story will be awesome too).

Recap: Laksh and Ragini are going to get engaged on Swara’s birthday. Swara is unaware of this alliance.

Scene 1: National Law University, Bangalore

Its graduation day at the University. All students are wearing their black robes. However, every student is facing mixed emotions. They are happy because they will begin a new chapter of their lives. They are sad because they have to say goodbye to all their friends. Friends with whom they’ve cried and laughed. Friends with whom they’ve fought and loved. No office late nights can be equated to the late nights they’ve spent with their friends in the hostel room completing their projects while eating Maggi and sipping coffee. After all, aren’t friends the family we choose?

All parents have come to see their children graduating. Sumi, dadi, dadaji and dida have come to cheer for Swara. They are so proud of her. Dadi is looking around. Dada asks dadi to stop searching guys for Swara and to focus on the principal’s speech. Dida laughs and says Parvati you will never change.
All students are called on the stage for a class photograph. When the photographer says cheese all jump and throw their hats up in the sky. Later on they start saying goodbye to their friends.

Romi (one of Swara’s closest friends in college) comes to her and tells her he will miss her s*xy legs. Swara laughs and says she will miss him telling her everyday I love you and asking her to be his girlfriend proposals.

Romi says “Ok Swara, I’ll give you one last chance. Please be my girl friend, I love you more than the water in the ocean”.
Swara says “Always a no Romi, but don’t worry your line will work on Delhi girls”. They both laugh and hug. All friends start hugging each other and soon all are crying.

[Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai (Friends Friendship is very beautiful)
Yeh nah ho toh kya fir bolo yeh zindagi hai (If it does not exist well then what is life)
Koi toh ho raazdaar (there should be someone to share your secrets with)
Begaraz tera ho yaar (who will without any expectations be your friend)
Koi to ho raazdaar (Someone who will always keep your secrets safe)

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCfvYo3ILG0) plays in the background].

Scene 2: At the Bangalore Airport

All the family members tell Swara that they are very proud of her like always. Swara asks why didn’t dad and Ragini come to see her graduating. Sumi tells her they are busy with a very big order and the client (none other than our Sanskar) is throwing lot of tantrums regarding the deadlines. She asks Swara to not worry she has recorded every minute of the graduation ceremony. Swara smiles and says “Bye Bangalore Hello Kolkata”.

Scene 3: In the airplane

Sanskar is sitting in the seat directly ahead of Swara’s. He is very angry at his secretary for not booking a business class air ticket. He says in his mind “I hate economy class of airplanes. God knows which unhygienic creature must have sat here. As soon as I reach Kolkata I will fire my good for nothing secretary”.
Dadi and Dida are talking very loudly in the airplane. Sanskar gets irritated and loudly shouts (without turning back) Shhhhhhhh. Swara smiles and in her actions tells them to put a finger on their lips.

Later, a very s*xy airhostess starts serving food in the plane. Sanskar starts flirting with her. Dadi loudly tells the airhostess that airlines is not a garden please serve us food. The airhostess gives an annoyed look to Dadi and tells Sanskar “This is my mobile number.” Sanskar gives his mobile number too. Sanskar grins and says in his mind “What a foolish chick. She thinks I will call her. She does not know that Sanskar Maheshwari does not call girls, they call him”.

Swara wonders what is happening nowadays. How can people exchange numbers when they haven’t even spoken for ten minutes? Swara thanks God for sending Lucky in her life who knows the meaning of love.

Then she starts thinking about yesterday.

Flashback – The principal of the college calls her to his cabin and asks her what is she doing with her life? He is very annoyed that Swara did not take up any job inspite of being one of the best students. He tells her “Do you know the firm in Mumbai where you did your internship called and told me you were one of the brightest interns they had ever seen and are ready to offer you a very large salary”. She says “Sir I want to shift to Kolkata and take a break”. In her mind she thinks “Sir the only reason I can’t take a job is because I don’t know if Lucky’s family will agree.” she thinks that as soon as she reaches Kolkata she will ask Lucky to take the relationship one step ahead to marriage and will ask his parents if she can do a job. Flashback ends.

Scene 3: At the Kolkata Airport

Swara comes out and is surprised to see Shekhar and Ragini waiting for her. She hugs Shekhar. She then looks at Ragini. Ragini looks on. The family are wondering what is happening. Then suddenly both the girls start jumping and screeming AAAAAA and hug. The family smiles. (Swaragini title track plays in the background).

Swara says lets take a cab and go home. Shekhar says I thought we will go in your new car and shows a Swift car. Swara is too excited and says “My Family Rocks”. Sanskar sees the whole scene (he could not see Swara’s face only her back is visible to him) and wonders how can someone be happy in a Swift? He then grins and says in his mind “Middleclass”. Soon his driver comes with his BMW and he leaves.

Precap: Shekhar and Ragini are very sad that the order for which they missed Swara’s graduation is rejected. Swara tells them not to worry and have trust in their lawyer daughter. She later goes to meet the client (Sanskar) and sees him beating up his employee.

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