Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – Ep13


Scene 1

Abhi and Abha click funny selfies in the zoo. Pragya can’t bear the smell of raw meat and wonders when will they go back home. It suddenly starts raining. They all rush to Abhi’s car. Pragya starts sneezing. She falls asleep in his car. On reaching Pragya’s house, Abhi wakes her up and realizes that she has high fever. Abhi and Abha make soup for her and Abhi decides to stay over at Pragya’s place in case she needs anything. Pragya says it’s not needed. However, he insists and she agrees.

Scene 2

Swara wakes up. Sanskar is sitting beside her. Swara asks is he ok?
Sanskar laughs and says “Have you forgotten you were the one who was hurt not me? By the way thank you”
Swara “For what?”
Sanskar “The workers felt ashamed of hitting you. Mrs Goenka had come an hour back and she helped convince the workers of not continuing with the strike. The strike is called off”
Swara “Good. Now I shall head home”
Sanskar “It’s very late. I’ll drop you home”.
They both leave.

Sujata sees this and thinks what is happening. Suddenly, an idea pops up into her mind.
Scene 3
Sanskar and Swara are in the car. They both are very quiet. Sanskar switches on the radio. All the channels are playing love songs. They both feel awkward and Sanskar switches
off the radio.

Swara: Everyone says that first impressions are the last impressions. But every now and then I meet some people who defy that opinion. My first impression on you is quite different from what I think about you now.
Sanskar: What do you think of me now?
Swara: That you are not at all a rude person as I thought you to be.
Sanskar: Lol. Please don’t think I’m soft either. I can be very harsh and I’m a shrewd businessman.
Swara: Really? Then why did you burn your hand for me?
Sanskar: Please… I didn’t burn it for you but for saving myself. Even though you were distracted and the burnt kheer was your fault I could sense you would blame me for that. So to save my ass I pushed the pan. I was polite to you because you were my lawyer. Nothing more. Tomorrow I will call Abhi and tell him to not involve you in any of my legal matters.
Swara does not know what to say. They reach her house. She goes.

Sanskar looks at Swara go and thinks ‘Swara I’m very sorry for being so rude to you. But I saw you bleed today because of me. I can’t let you get harmed anymore because of me. Sorry but you can’t be a part of my life anymore.’

Scene 4

Its 2am. Abhi is hungry and goes in the kitchen to eat something. He looks for bread. He hears some noises under the small dining table which is inside the kitchen. He gets suspicious and takes a knife. He feels very nervous. He looks under and sees Abha. He feels relieved.
Abhi: What are you doing here so late?
Abha: I feel very hungry in the middle of the night. What are you doing here?
Abhi: I feel the same too every night. Do you know where Pragya keeps the bread?
Abha: It’s with me take it.
She hands over the bread to him.
Abhi: I don’t think you have any peanut butter
Abha hands over it to him.
He smiles at her.
They both put lots of peanut butter on their bread. Then they both lick their fingers. Later while having bread both hold the bread in the same.

They finish their snacks and go to their respective rooms.

Abhi thinks Abha and he share so many common things. He remembers his childhood when he used to have bread and peanut butter in the middle of the night and dadi used to catch him. He remembers Dadi telling him that he caught this habit from his father. He thinks of Abha. He thinks of how she held her bread. Just the same way he did. He thinks ‘Can Abha be my daughter? No way. Pragya would never lie to me about this’. He thinks that Abha’s birthday is in January and also of the time when he had slept with Pragya. It was nine months ago in April. He remembers her telling him that she is a premature born baby. He says I know Pragya would not lie about any of this. However, he thinks of visiting the hospital in which Abha was born to satisfy his curiousity.

Next morning – Gadodia House

Dadi: Swara get ready in traditional clothes.
Swara: Why dadi?
Dadi: Shikhar and his family is coming to see you
Swara: But why?
Dadi: I want you to get married to him. They are a very reputed family in Mumbai. Shikhar is a lawyer too. He will understand your world. Sujata ji knows them personally. Now please go get ready. You had said yes for marriage remember?

Swara reluctantly goes and wonders what to do?

Abhi reaches the hospital where Abha was born.

Precap: Most likely season finale. Spoiler: Swasan to get married.

Credit to: xoxo

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