Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – Ep 9- Do I Know Everything?

Scene 1
Swara enters the conference room where Abhi is conducting interviews.

Abhi: So Miss Savita are you tensed?
Swara: Huh. I’m not Savita Rao.
Abhi: What? Then who are you and what are you doing here?
Swara tells him the whole story… How she is avoiding Laksh and what Laksh did…
Abhi: I hate it when girls sacrifice their career for boys. If someone truly loves you he will never stop you from pursuing your dreams. I never let Pr.. (He thinks in his mind ‘What am I saying?). I mean I would never do that to any girl. Anyway Swara now you please go this interview is not for some dumb girl who has wasted her time for a boy and must have done some small academic course. Its for someone who has slogged it off in law school.
Swara: Excuse me who are you calling dumb? I’m very smart. I’ve studied law and that too in the best college of India. So stop being so judgemental.
Abhi: Really? Let me ask you some questions..

Abhi starts asking Swara questions pertaining to law. Swara calmly answers everything correctly. Abhi is surprised too. He offers Swara the job. Swara does not know what to do.
Abhi tells her to close her eyes and listen to her heart. She thinks of the time when she was in law school and her internship days. She was so excited. She loved the law. She then thinks of Laksh saying she is very modern. She rejects the job offer and goes.
Pragya comes inside and asks Abhi how did he like Savita. Abhi starts laughing.
Pragya: What is wrong with you? Why are you laughing so much?
Abhi: That girl was Swara not Savita. I’m laughing cause it is the first time in 8 years when you don’t know something. I think you cant use that dialogue ‘I’m Pragya and I know everything’ anymore. Yes. Yes. Yes. How I’ve waited for this day.
Pragya: Shut up. I know her story though (She remembers Romi calling her and telling her Swara’s story).

Abhi: It does not matter. What matters is you didn’t know something.
Abhi is too happy. He takes out his camera and starts taking Pragya and his selfie.
Pragya: What are you doing?
Abhi: (Taunting her) Capturing the moment when you don’t know something.
Pragya: Ok baba I didn’t know she was Swara. Now can you stop?
Abhi: On one condition: we go out for coffee.
Pragya: Ok cool. So it is Swara who you are offering the job?
Abhi: She rejected it.
Pragya: She will accept it soon.
Abhi: Let’s see.

Scene 2: Swara goes to the restaurant.
Sumi: Swara where were you? We were so tensed.
Sujata: She must have gone to see the hotel. She has no shame to keep the elders waiting.
Laksh: How irresponsible Swara.
Swara: Can everyone please keep quiet. I had gone to give a job interview which was happening in the adjacent hall. I got the job and accepted it. I wanted to give you all a surprise. (In her mind she thinks what have I done?) It’s one of India’s best law firm.
Everyone congratulate Swara.
Durgaprasad: Swara you have made your parents proud. I’m happy to know a girl like you.
Laksh is jealous. Sujata is thinking God save the guy who she gets married to (little does she know it will be her son Sanskar).
They all have ice cream and leave.

At the hotel lobby Swara spots Abhigya and runs to them.
Swara: Can I get my job back?
Abhi: What if you come tomorrow and say you are quitting? Are you a professional?
Swara: I won’t quit.
Abhi: Fine. See you tomorrow at LY.

Swara leaves. Pragya comes close to Abhi and whispers in his ears “Pragya still knows everything”.

Scene 3: Abhi drops Pragya home and leaves.

Rajat is waiting for Pragya.
Rajat: So how was the date with Abhi?
Pragya: Shut up.
Rajat: Why should I? I don’t like to see you with him.
Pragya: He is my best friend and it’s none of your business to tell me what to do. What happened to the time I trusted you and got married to you. What happened when you were sleeping with other girls in spite of being married to me? What happened when you were caught for corruption charges and were sent to jail.. You got me and your daughter’s image tarnished in society. Oh wait you still are in jail just out on bail…
Rajat: I agree I made mistakes. But every time Abhi makes mistakes you give him chances. Why not me?
Pragya: Abhi is different.
Rajat: How so? If so why didn’t you ever tell him that Abha is his daughter? Now why are you so quiet? You didn’t tell him because he hated children and would have not accepted Abha. You didn’t want Abha to be fatherless… So you came to me and now you act like you don’t know me.
Pragya: I trusted you. You broke it not once again and again.

Meanwhile Abhi sees that Pragya has left her cell phone in his car. He goes to her house to give it back to her.

Things get very heated up between Pragya and Rajat. Rajat gets very angry on Pragya. He raises his hand to slap her when Abhi comes and holds it. Abhi gives him a punch on his face. Pragya asks Rajat to go and never show his face to her. Rajat tells Pragya I will be back.

Pragya starts crying and hugs Abhi. He consoles her and says nothing will happen to her till he is alive. Abha comes running to Pragya and says that she saw daddy leaving and he spoke very rudely to her. She starts crying…
Abhi: Abha I’m very hungry. Lets have dinner.
Abha: Sunny thai has gone to meet her relative. There is nothing to eat in the house.
Abhi: I will cook. Will you help me?
Abha: Yes of course.

Both of them are cooking pasta. Pragya smiles seeing them bond. She sees Abha a carbon copy of Abhi.
When Abha goes to keep forks on the dining table Pragya asks Abhi “I thought you hated children.”’
Abhi: Abha changed everything.

Later on Abhi tells Abha a bed time story. However, the story is too boring that Abhi falls asleep while Abha is awake. Abha says “Abhi uncle you look so cute while sleeping”. She covers him with a blanket, switches the lights off and goes to sleep.

Pragya is watching everything from the bedroom door. She thinks did she do right by not telling Abhi about Abha. She thinks “Do I Know Everything?”

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