Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya – Ep 8

Thank-you guys for the positive response. I’ve never written stories before so I didn’t know if you all are liking the two pair concept. However, the doubts have been cleared and now without taking much of your time I shall continue…

Recap: Pragya is married and has a daughter. Swara decides to not go for the interview and agrees to get married.

Scene 1: Gadodia House
Ragini is sitting on the sofa and admiring her engagement ring. She is very happy and continuously blushing. Swara looks on. Swara sees Sumi watering the tulsi plant outside the house and goes to her.
Swara: Maa do you think Laksh is the right choice for Ragini? Does he even love her? Are they compatible?
Sumi: Swara at first I used to think Laksh was not the perfect match for Ragini. I thought Laksh was a much laid back person. I think he still is. But, beta when you were in Bangalore, I saw Ragini pushing him and helping him in his family business. I’ve seen Laksh listening to her and respecting her. Ragini is the push that Laksh needs in his life. I noticed that and so did Laksh’s parents and that why we decided to get them married. As for love, it can happen after marriage too and I’m sure it will.

Swara looks up in the sky and says God please make everything right.
Dadi is very happy on hearing Swara’s decision. She tells Shekhar about it. Shekhar tells everyone since the mood is good in the house let’s all go for lunch at ITC. Swara thinks about Romi’s message and thinks seems like I’m destined to go to ITC.

Scene 2: Pragya’s House

Pragya is having breakfast with Abha. Rajat (her husband) (imagine the guy from Shastri Sisters) walks in.
Abha: Daddy where were you last night? You went away after dinner…
Rajat: I had gone to sleep at your dadi’s place. She is alone na…
Pragya: Abha you are getting late for school. Run quickly to Sunny thai and tell her to make your hair and pack your bag.
Abha runs out of the hall.

Pragya: Rajat how did you come out of jail so soon?
Rajat: I got bail for 5 days. I made excuse of mom’s health.
Pragya is disgusted by his lies.
Pragya: Please don’t come to my house without informing me. I’ve allowed you to meet Abha as you are her dad but that does not mean you take us for granted.
Rajat: I have something important to talk to you.
Pragya: I’m busy. We will talk later. Bye.
Rajat: Today evening?
Pragya: Ok
Pragya goes to drop Abha to school and then for work.

Scene 3: Outside Sanskar’s factory
Workers are having a meeting.
Worker 1: “Workers from other factories are going on strike as they want higher wages from their employees. We should go on strike too”
Worker 2: “But Sanskar sir pays us good wages. How can we revolt against him?”
Worker 3: “Didn’t you see the way he bashed up that other guy”
Worker 4: “That was justified.”

All workers agree not to go on strike when another worker says “Listen guys if we do not go on strike the workers from other factories will start torturing us as they are majority. Also we all live in common areas so it will be difficult for us or our families to avoid them. We will have to go on strike too.”

All workers agree that by the end of the week they will go on strike against Sanskar.

Scene 4: Swara and family go to ITC. While heading to the restaurant, she sees a hall and a board is kept outside reading “Interviews to hire an Associate for LY”. She sees many candidates waiting and spots a smart women (dressed in a tight top and knee length skirt and pencil heels) who is coordinating everything. She thinks this maybe Pragya. She remembers Romi describing Pragya as very seductive and how motivated he was to go to LY courtesy hot Pragya. Swara smiles and heads to the restaurant.

Adjacent to Swara’s table, a young couple are sitting. They have ordered noodles. Swara goes back in time. Flashback starts… Laksh and Swara have come on a date to a Chinese restaurant. They order noodles. They are having noodles in the same plate. At the end a very long strand of noodles is left.

Swara says “Who will have this?”
Laksh “Both of us”
Swara “Huh?”
Laksh “You have from this end I’ll have from this”.
Swara and Laksh both have the ends of the strand of noodle in their mouths. They start having and come to the middle of the noodle. Their lips are close. Swara has the last bite and Laksh quickly kisses her. Flashback ends.

Swara has tears in her eyes. Ragini pats Swara and asks what happened. Swara says something went in her eye. She goes to the washroom.

While going to the washroom, she sees Laksh’s family approaching the restaurant. She says ‘O God! I think baba must have invited them. What do I do now? I don’t want to see Laksh or his family.’

She sees the banquet hall where LY’s interviews are held. She quickly runs there.

Pragya: Savita Rao its your turn to go for the interview. Please go.
No one answers.
Pragya: Savita Rao?
Swara: Yes I’m Savita Rao.
Pragya looks at her.

Precap: Swara’s interview. Will she crack the interview? Abhi is too happy and Pragya is angry at him. What does Rajat want to discuss? Dadi has found a guy for Swara- Shikhar (from MATSH/ Naggin)

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  1. Am confused yar Pragya married rajat and having daughter bt why did she marry if she loves abhi…
    Sry yar i liked ur stry bt pls clear my doubt

    1. She married someone else because Abhi did not commit and her parents did emotional atyachar

  2. U r mixing all d serisls pls write any one or 2

    1. Rajat is only there for 2 or 3 episodes max

    2. I’m just using these characters as readers can imagine how they look like

  3. Oh our shekar god cool dude he is

  4. hey..very nice..plz clear all confusions regarding abhigya..poor swara..the way u show flashback of swalak, it is obvious for swara to fall for lak.. hw can he ditch her..now its time for swasan the made for each other couple..??. plz upload next epi soon..

  5. Good…. Interesting… Swara clear the interview n join in abhigya s office….sanskar ll come there to abhigya to get advise for factory problem… He will see swara there… Swara ll solve the factor problem…it ll good impression on swara to san… Meanwhile swara get engaged wit shekhar

  6. I just lvd ur ff but didn’t understand one thing..
    Keep writing buddy n clarify this soon.

  7. Nice but I am little confused

  8. It is really interesting… Waiting for your next update… Update it soon..

  9. Nice story..

  10. This is boring.want some sawsan and abhigya romantic scenes

  11. wow.wow wow.. just superb bst carry on and update soon..

  12. I hate pragya being married to someone els

  13. N in the previous episodes u meant lyk abhigya slept .. Spent their biggest together .. Wat is dis .. They don’t love yet nw as u said .. BT y dese.. Dunnp wt to say

  14. I think abha maybe abhi n pragya daughter
    So may be her parents emotionally forced to marry rajat.. I just thinking..
    Bt pls clr all doubt so soon update nxt part

  15. Awesome dear!! Keep it up, but please dont engage swara to any other person, except sanskar please

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