Uff Teri Ada – Swasan N Abhigya Ep 12


Sorry for the late update. This episode is very small. However, I was not sure on when I would be able to complete it so thought of posting at least a part of it. Apologies again for the short and late episode.

It’s a pleasant day in Kolkata. Swara is walking her way to the office. She spots Sanskar on the other end of the wide road. He spots her. She asks in actions how his hand is. He conveys through actions not good and makes a sad baby like face. She says you are acting like a kid. He acts to cry like a kid. She laughs. He smiles. A bus comes in between them. They both wonder if the other will be there after the bus has gone. They are happy to see the other waiting at the other end after the bus passed by. She smiles and waves goodbye, he does the same.

Sujata is in her car and sees the incident. She gets annoyed and thinks of talking to Sanskar about staying away from Swara.

At the office

Abhi (on the phone with Pragya): Where are you?
Pragya: At home. Sunny thai has gone out of town. There is no one to take care of Abha.
Abhi: Get her to office.
Pragya: Thanks but no thanks.
Abhi: I will handle her or will tell some associate to take care.
Pragya: No.
Abhi: I’m a fish you are water. I can’t survive without you.
Pragya: Really bad line Abhi. Won’t even work on your one day girlfriends. What is happening to your sense of humour?
Abhi: Please come to work.
Pragya: Ok.

Abha comes to office and runs to Abhi’s cabin. She gives him a hug and starts jumping on his sofas. She starts with her demands: Barbie dolls, orange juice, chips, sandwiches, noodles, etc… Abhi thinks Abha has gone on her mother when it comes to making demands. She is also tougher to handle than Pragya. Abhi’s head starts spinning. He goes out of his cabin.

Abhi’s office phone rings. Abha picks it up. 
Abha: Hello. Abhi uncle’s office.
Sanskar is on the other line. He wonders since when did Abhi start entertaining children. He thinks must be some girls who he is trying to impress. 
Sanskar: Can I speak to Abhi?
Abha: No. He is talking to my mom.
Sanskar: Ok can you tell him that I called.
Abha: Ok.
Sanskar: My name is..
Before he can say who he is Abha cuts the call. 

Abhi comes in with Pragya. 
Abha: Abhi uncle can we go to the zoo?
Abhi: Lets go in the evening. Right now I’m busy.
Abha: Zoo shuts in the evening. Can’t you do such a small thing for me?
Abha gets dramatic. 
Abhi: Pragya what is this?
Pragya: You said you would be able to handle her.
Abhi: Fine. Lets leave.

Sanskar is unable to reach Abhi on his cell phone. He decides to call Swara.
Sanskar: Swara its Sanskar.
Swara: Hi
Sanskar: Was trying to reach Abhi. I wanted to discuss some issues relating to the strike. Could you or Abhi come to the factory?
Swara: Abhi has gone out. I will come.

Sujata reaches Sanskar’s factory. 
Sujata: Sanskar beta stay away from Swara.
Sanskar: Mom please stop it.
Sujata: You don’t know these modern girls. 
Sanskar: Enough Mom

Just then the manager comes and says Swara has come to pay a visit. Sujata is shocked. Sanskar asks to not say something stupid.

Swara and Sanskar start discussing legal matters. Sanskar can’t focus on what Swara is saying. He is just staring at her. 
Swara: Sanskar what happened? You look lost!
Sanskar: Huh! No I’m just thinking (he thinks this time I saved myself)
Sujata, who is watching all of this, prays to God to keep Swara away from his son.

Meanwhile, the strike intensifies and the manager says all the workers have marched to the factory in protest. Sanskar wonders what to do. 
Swara: I will go and speak to them.
Sanskar: Swara it is not safe.
Swara: They wont do anything to a woman.

Swara goes to the balcony to speak with them. She starts explaining that this strike will not benefit anyone. Sanskar joins in too. Seeing Sanskar the workers get violent and start screaming. One worker throws a stone at him however the stone hits Swara on her head and she falls unconscious. Sanskar carries her inside to his office. 

Sujata thinks new drama has started.

Precap: Abhi suspects Abha to be his daughter

Credit to: XOXO

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