Uff Teri Ada – Swasan n Abhigya -Ep 10

Its Swara’s first day at work. Pragya introduces her to the team and allots her a desk. Abhi asks Swara to come quickly to his cabin.

Abhi: We have a new case to work on. The workers in many factories of West Bengal are going on a strike against their employees. One such employee is our client, Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. We will need to look in the matter and try to convince his workers to stop the strike.
Swara thinks ‘O God! I don’t want to meet Sanskar”
Swara: Why are the workers on a strike?
Abhi: They claim to get low wages and work in unhealthy conditions.
Swara thinks about Sanskar beating up the employee.
Swara: I think they are speaking the truth. I can’t defend Mr Maheshwari.
Abhi: I know Sanskar and the way he works. The workers are lying. I don’t know what history you have with him but we have to defend him irrespective of whether he is right or wrong. We are lawyers not social workers. 
Swara reluctantly agrees and storms out of Abhi’s cabin in anger.

Meanwhile, when Swara and Abhi are discussing, Sanskar comes to LY.
Sanskar: Wassup Pragya!
Pragya: Look who’s having legal troubles!
Sanskar looks at Abhi’s cabin and notices Swara (as Abhi’s cabin has only glass walls). He wonders what she is doing here. He can’t hear their conversation but understands they are arguing about something. He smiles looking at her and thinks Swara looks really cute when she is angry. He can’t take her eyes off her. (Swara does not notice him when she leaves as she is too busy reading her papers.)
Pragya, who is working on her laptop, wonders why Sanskar is not answering her. She looks at him to see him staring at Swara. Pragya thinks ‘I can’t believe Sanskar is staring at a girl for so long. There is something certainly going on his mind’. 
Pragya “Ahem Ahem”
Sanskar does not respond as he is busy staring at Swara. Pragya thinks ‘This is something serious’. 
Pragya says ‘Ahem Ahem’ louder. Sanskar realizes Pragya is calling him.
Sanskar: What happened?
Pragya: The girl you are staring at is Swara. I can introduce you to her.
Sanskar: I’m not staring at her. I was looking at the painting in Abhi’s office.
Pragya: Really? What’s in the painting?
Sanskar: Huh!
Sanskar goes clueless and Pragya starts laughing.
Pragya: She is working with Abhi on your case. You will get to see more of her.
Sanskar is happy in his mind but pretends like he doesn’t care and says ‘Whatever’ to Pragya. He goes to meet Abhi.

Abhi: Have you slept with Swara and ditched her?
Sanskar is having coffee and starts coughing badly hearing Abhi’s question.
Sanskar: Are you mad? She is not my type of girl.
Abhi: Ok. She just became very rebellious hearing your name. 

Sanskar thinks about rejecting Swara’s dad’s products and her seeing him beating up his employee. He thinks to clear the misunderstanding with her. He calls his manager and asks him to take out the products of Gadodia’s which he had rejected. He tells the him that he needs to take them out somewhere.

It is 8.30pm. Sujata and Annapurna have come for dinner to the Gadodia house. 
Annapurna: I can’t see Swara. Where is she?
Sumi: She is not back from work. 
Sujata: So late?
Dadi comes to the hall. She asks Annapurna and Sujata if they know any good bachelor for Swara. 
Sujata: Parvatiji you are going have a tough time finding a guy for Swara. She is so modern and comes home so late…

Swara walks in then and says reaching home at 8.30 is considered very early for her profession. It was her first day so she left little early.
Sujata: You are so different from your sister Ragini. She is so traditional. I wonder which guy will want you as a wife.
Annapurna tells her to keep quiet.
Swara: Annapurna aunty its ok. If a guy cannot let me pursue my career then he is not worth spending my life with. I want someone who will believe in me and support me to pursue my dream. I know I have modern values but that does not mean they are bad. I can do all the household chores which another girl can and I don’t see why a man should have a problem helping me in doing household chores if I’m very busy.
Sujata: I don’t think there are any guys like who you seek.
Just then someone at the door speaks “There are such types of guys who encourage woman to be independent and support them in their decisions. They might be difficult to find as they are gems but they exist. 
Everyone turn behind to see the person who spoke. It’s Sanskar. Sujata and Annapurna have tears in their eyes as they have not seen Sanskar since a very long time. Swara wonders what Sanskar is doing here.
Sumi: Who are you?
Sujata: He is my son, Sanskar.
Swara is shocked. 

Precap: Sanskar burns his hand for Swara…

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