Uff Teri Ada – S02E12


Sanskar: Sanskar Kapoor – naam toh suna hi hoga. Aur agar nahi suna toh ab sun lo, yaad bhi kar lo kyon ki ab tumse mulakat hoti hi rahegi
Swara: I’m rehearsing here don’t disturb me.
Sanskar: You are Mishti right? I’ve not come to disturb you but to help you. I play the drums and help singers catch the beat of a song.
Swara: I don’t need any help.
Sanskar: Please. Have you seen your tune its totally not in sync with your singing.
Swara: Please…
Sanskar: Shhh… You just like arguing unnecessarily?

Sanskar goes and sits behind the drums. He starts playing and singing.

Sanskar: Tera mera rishta hai kaisa Ek pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hain jeete Tujhko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina Har saans pe naam tera..

Swara starts singing along.

Both of them: Kyunki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho Zindagi ab tum hi ho Chain bhi mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
They both smile at each other and sound perfect.

Sanskar: Not bad you’ll get better.
Swara: I was awesome.

Sanskar smiles and goes away. Swara just stares at him.

Scene 2

Abhi and Pragya are sitting in their respective houses with blank sheets of paper.

Pragya (thinking to herself): Usually I keep criticizing Abhi on his face. But why can’t I think of any today.

Abhi (to himself): Abhi dude whats happening? For the first time you are not able to think? I’m sure Pragya has some bad qualities.

Pragya: This is too tough. I don’t think Dashing Prince will remember about the list and even if he does I’ll change the topic.

Charming Mia: Wassup Dashing Prince?
Abhi: Nothing much. Just making my list of bad qualities in her.
Pragya thinks Oh No! He remembers!
Pragya: So how many points do you have?
Abhi: Loads.

Abhi thinks O God what did I say. I don’t have any single point!

Pragya: So what is your first point?
Abhi: She is extremely talkative. Eats my brains always!
Pragya: Arre! Women are talkative by nature and atleast they express themselves.
Abhi: Express my foot! And see like you she will argue and justify herself. I hate women nagging.
Pragya: You are being unfair.
Abhi: Not at all! Anyway what’s your first point?
Pragya: He was very childish. Could not do anything by himself. He could not even make a cup of coffee. Sometimes he used to call me in the middle of the night just to choose his clothes for meetings!

Abhi thinks O God even I used to do that!

Abhi: He must be having to do important things that’s why he didn’t focus on the small things.
Pragya: Please! His house was always in a mess! One socks here the other there! Towel lying on the bed! Uff very unorganised.

Abhi looks around his room and feels embarrassed.

Abhi: Creative people are messy!
Pragya: Ha! Stop being his lawyer!
Abhi: Ok baba. Next quality please. I’ll tell you she was very silly!
Pragya: Like how?
Abhi: She used to look for her sunglasses when they are right on top of her head or she carries an extra-large purse and inspite of it she cant find anything in it even her phone. She used to tell me to call her so she comes to know where it is! Why carry such a large purse then!
Pragya: See large purses are very helpful.
Abhi: Please they are a waste of money. The larger the purse the more expensive they are and anytime I would make some silly mistake she wants a purse or new shoes as gifts! No sorry will do!
Pragya: Yeah so if you make mistakes you have to apologise. Unless your money is used you men don’t get what we go through.
Abhi: So what’s your next quality?
Pragya: He would always dominate me and yet say that he is dominated.
Abhi: Please by talking to you I know you are the dominating type of girl.
Pragya: Pleaseee (she thinks to herself ‘Maybe’). I’ll tell you he would never share what he felt with me and do whatever he felt like never think of me!
Abhi: The guy must have never thought like that! See his view point too. Guys don’t know much about how to display love to a girl!
Pragya: Please stop being so ‘bola-bala’. None of you’ll are like that and what happens when it comes to flirting with other girls?
Abhi: He is practicing how to talk to you!
Pragya: What an excuse! Lollll
Abhi: Oh God! You girls just don’t want to listen!
Pragya: Whatsoever! Anyway now I have to go bye!
Abhi: Bye

They both have a smile on their faces.

Scene 3

Sanskar is leaving the music studio when he sees Swara leaving it too.
Sanskar: Mishti do you want a lift?
Swara: No I’ll go on my own. I’m an independent woman.
Sanskar: Your name should have been theeki zuban not Mishti and if a guy drops a girl home it does not show that a girl is dependent. A girl becomes independent when she can stand on her two feet. Anyway bye.
Swara says to herself ‘What a guy! Does not even insist on dropping me home!’

Swara tries catching a rick but all rick’s keep telling her no.

Sanskar comes again to the studio as he forgot his wallet. He collects it and sees Swara standing there!

anskar: Mishti I think you will reach home faster if you walk.
Swara: I think its good to be inter-dependent.
Sanskar: Yeah it always helps. Anyway I got to go.
Swara: Wont you drop me?
Sanskar: Uhmm.. Fine on one condition.
Swara: What?
Sanskar: You take me out for paani puri.
Swara: Cool

Credit to: XOXO

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