Uff Teri Ada – S02E11


Recap: Swara faints in Sanskar’s arms.
Scene 1

Sanskar and Raglak are trying to wake up Swara.

One of the employees of the music house calls the orphanage caretaker while another calls the doctor.

The doctor comes there and asks what happened.
Sanskar: She was muttering Ragini Ragini and then she fainted.
Ragini: I can’t understand. She did not even recognize me. Her sister whom she loved more than anything else in the world.

Orphanage caretaker: Doctor a year back she met with an accident in which she lost her memory.

Sanskar and Raglak are shocked.

Doctor: We need to take her to the hospital immediately and do a brain scan.
They all rush and take Swara to the hospital.

Scene 2

Charming Mia sees Dashing Prince online.

Pragya: So where did you disappear yesterday?
Abhi: Network issues.
Pragya: Thought so. What are you up to?
Abhi: Just had a stressful day at work.
Pragya: Are you happy with the work you do?
Abhi: I don’t know. Sometimes I just wonder about my life. What if I was braver in life? What if I had made different choices? Would life be different?
Pragya: Well you made those choices and you will continue to make choices. You know in my previous job I knew the work I did was below my potential. My true calling lay in some other work. However, today when I think of it I’ve come to realize I have made some very good friends and I have good memories to cherish throughout my life. Everyone makes mistakes but I’ve noticed even in our worst choices good things do happen. So relax just remember to be true to yourself.

Abhi thinks after a very long time he has had a soulful conversation. He use to have them with Pragya.

Abhi: Yes I always believe in being myself. Tell me something…
Pragya: Ask
Abhi: What if I was an old man? Fat grumpy old man with a moustache? Would you still be talking to me?
Pragya: I don’t think you are that person. I think you are more of a kid. What if I am a 55 year old woman? Would you still be talking to me?
Abhi: Are you?
Pragya: Lol. No I’m not.
Abhi: And I’m not a kid.

Scene 3

Everyone in the hospital is tensed. Sanskar is anxiously walking near the ICU.

Ragini: I should call everyone at home and tell them the truth.
Laksh: No Ragini you cannot do that. We must wait for the doctor to tell us the exact condition of Swara.
Ragini: But they have a right to know.
Laksh: Yes they do and they will know too. But just wait for the medical reports.
Ragini: OK.

Raglak see Sanskar very tensed and go to him.

Laksh: Bhai relax don’t lose hope. Bhabhi will be fine.
Sanskar: This has all happened because of me. If I had not asked her to leave the house then she would not have met with such a terrible accident.
Ragini: Sanskar it’s not your fault.
Sanskar: How much more pain will I give to Swara. She does not remember her own sister!
Ragini: But we remember her right? We will get her memory back don’t worry.
Orphanage caretaker: Don’t worry beta your wife will be all right. God is with her.

The doctor comes to them and asks them to come in his cabin. All four of them follow him.
Sanskar: Is she okay doctor?
Doctor: The case is very complicated. You see after the accident her brain suffered some temporary damage as a result of which she lost her memory. The damage was temporary and can be restored using medicines and making her remember the past naturally. She met Ragini and felt she knew her. As a result of which she took lot of stress. Stress can go against her and make her condition worse. I’m sure if she sees you again she will again start taking stress.
Laksh: So what to do doctor? Can’t we just tell her who she is?
Doctor: No you cannot do that. You need to let her think and naturally get her memory back.
Ragini: But how will she think if she does not meet any of us who are connected to her.
Doctor: That’s why I call this a complicated case. You need a person who is connected to her past yet whom she does not know a lot about. You see if her parents or you(Ragini) stay with her then she will keep stressing as she has spent a lot of time with you’ll and has many memories with you’ll. Her condition will only worsen if she stresses. So we need a person who she knows for a very short time to make her naturally think.

Ragini starts crying and says “Where will we find such a person from?”
Sanskar: You don’t need to find someone. I will be with her. She has hardly spent time with me and its my promise to you that I will get her memory back. Won’t give up ever.

Ragini cheers up.
Laksh: Bhai I think you are right.
Sanskar: Ragini don’t tell anyone about Swara’s condition. Everyone will want to meet her and you know we can’t take the risk.
Ragini: Yes I will not.
Sanskar (to the orphanage caretaker): Aunty can you let Swara stay with you’ll for some more time? We need her to recover naturally.
OC: Of course. She is like my daughter.

Scene 4

Abhi: You know charming Mia I love someone very badly but we are not together.
Pragya: I understand. There are a lot of ‘Adhuri Prem Kahani’s’ in this world. I know how you feel.
Abhi: How to let go of that person and move on?
Pragya: I’m think to do the same but just cant. I don’t even know if I should forget that person and start moving on?
Abhi: Same here. Lets do one thing by tomorrow let’s make a list of what are the bad qualities in our lovers. Maybe that will help us take the first step of moving on.
Pragya: Ok let’s try it.

Scene 5

Swara is practicing in the recording studio. She is singing Tum hi ho from Aashiqui 2.
Sanskar comes in.
Sanskar: Not bad but you can do better.
Swara: Excuse me! Who are you?
Sanskar: Sanskar Kapoor – naam toh suna hi hoga. Aur agar nahi suna toh ab sun lo.

Credit to: XOXO

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