Uff Teri Ada – S02E09 – XMAS Gift


I hope you all understood in the previous episode. If you have any doubts, please post your questions, I’ll gladly answer them.
Scene 1 – NYC

Abha (she is talking to Abhi’s dadi on skype): Dadi how will I find out if Abhi uncle is my dad?
Dadi: I don’t know dear. It’s very difficult as you and Abhi both are in different locations and no hospital will entertain you there as you are a kid.
Abha: Dadi haven’t you met my mom?
Dadi: Yes I have.
Abha: Don’t you think Abhi uncle and mom can be a couple.
Dadi: I always thought they have a spark. But how will they get together? They could not become one in Kolkata now both are in different countries miles apart.
Abha and dadi are both thinking how to get Abhigya together.
Abha: I have an idea. Ive seen this work in movies don’t know about real life.
Dadi: What beta?
Abha: Online dating. We will make both their accounts and get them to use it and we will also convince them to keep different names so that they don’t realize they are speaking to each another.
Dadi: This is going to be tough but worth a try.
They both smile, show a thumbs up, decide an alias for Abhigya’s online account and wave goodbye.

Scene 2 – Mumbai

Swara is very nervous about her audition. She sings ‘Raabta’ from Agent Vinod. The production house tells her that they will tell communicate their decision to her by tomorrow.

She is passing by when she hears one of the directors of the music company cribbing about a law suit.
Swara: Its nothing to worry about. Just see it from another angle and refer to section 430 of the Companies Act, it will help your company a lot.
The director and his lawyer are staring at her.
Lawyer: Yeah she is right. Good idea thanks.
Director: Thank you for your help. I think I should appoint you as my lawyer.

Swara wonders what happened to her. She thinks how she is quoting the law. She gets scared and runs away.

Scene 3 – Kolkata

Dadi: Abhi do you have any girl friend?
Abhi: Dadi what are you saying? I and gfs!
Dadi: Don’t pretend to be so innocent. I’m not a fool.
Abhi: Dadi I’m not in any serious relationship.
Dadi: I want to see you married.
Abhi: Marriage is not for me.
Dadi: Why not? Let’s find a girl for you?
Abhi: I believe in dating a girl and then marrying her?
Dadi: Why don’t you try online dating?
Abhi: Dadi what are you saying?
Dadi: You know Mrs Kapoor’s grandchild also found his wife through online dating?
Abhi: Dadiii?
Dadi: Nothing doing. We are creating your account.

They create Abhi’s account and his name on the site is Dashing Prince.

Meanwhile Abha also convinces Pragya to create an online dating account and name is Charming Mia.

Dadi tells Abhi that Charming Mia seems interesting.
Abhi: Who keeps their account name Charming Mia? Please…
Dadi: At least lets try.
She types a Hi message to her.
Abhi: Dadi what did you do?
Dadi: Chat now. I’m going. Bye.

Abha also leaves Pragya to chat with Dashing Prince.

Pragya: Hey!
Abhi: I don’t know what to say.
Pragya: Well you started this conversation.
Abhi: Yeah right. I’m new to this online dating.
Pragya: Me too. So where are you from?
Abhi: India.
Pragya: Oh.
Abhi: What happened?
Pragya: Nothing.
Abhi: Where are you from?
Pragya: Originally from India but now I stay in NYC. Listen I’m not looking for a bf here so if you are looking for a gf you are wasting your time by chatting with me.
Abhi: I’m also not looking for a gf. Funny circumstances brought me here.
Pragya: Cool. So do you love someone?
Abhi thinks of Pragya.
Abhi: Yeah but unfortunately we are not together.
Pragya: Oh
Abhi: Let’s just put it this way ‘Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein dil subha sham. Par tumhe lik nahi pau mein uska naam’.
Pragya: Hey that’s one of my favourite songs. Kishore da is awesome.
Abhi: I agree.
They start chatting about Indian retro music when Pragya realizes she has to go.
Pragya: I need to take my daughter to Times Square for Xmas celebrations. Gtg.
Abhi: Sure. See you tom same time?
Pragya: Sure.

Scene 4

Swara gets a call from the production house informing her that she will get one song to sing in the album. The album will have various new artists and will be released on youtube.
Swara is very happy that she has been selected. The company tells her that she has to come as soon as possible as they want to introduce all their singers to the press. She gets excited and goes.

Sanskar is in house’s music room. He is singing ‘Mein jo ji raha hoon hum wajah tum ho’ and is playing the drums along. He thinks of Swara while singing, their dance at the charity function, when she sings the bhajan and later tells him to put sindoor, their gardening session, etc. He plays with more aggression.

Ragini and Laksh come there.
Ragini: And you say you don’t love her.
Sanskar: I’m singing this song as I like it.
Laksh: Yet there is so much passion in your voice.

Sanskar asks Laksh and Ragini to join him for coffee at the living room.

Malti and the other maid are watching an entertainment news channel. The production company is introducing their upcoming stars.

Sanskar ask them to continue watching the program as I’ts their break time. Sanskar and Raglak are not facing the TV and decide to go to the kitchen. They can hear the voice from the TV but can’t see it.

Media host: And now we have a very young and bubbly girl Mishti. Mishti why don’t you sing a small song for us.
Misti/ Swara starts singing ‘Aaj mein upar’. Ragini stops after hearing the song. She has tears in her eyes and runs to the hall to see the TV. Sanlak run after her. Malti and the other maid are also shocked. They all see Swara singing the song. They have tears in their eyes.

Ragini “My favorite Xmas gift. Thankyou Santa”

Credit to: XOXO

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  1. Hey xoxo,
    merry christmas to you and family.
    hope u are doing well.

    I have a doudt dear in last but one episode, abhi got to know that abha is his own daughter, but next episode u wrote he does not know the truth, its confusing dear.

    1. See abhi knowing that Abha is his daughter was all pragya’s imagination… she wished that Abhi would come to know the truth n she thought of a way.. but it was only her imagination n she later made a story

  2. And merry Christmas ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  3. Xoxo nice and MERRY CHRISTMAS

  4. Dear still it’s not cleared that abhigya part but present track is convinced for us so it doesn’t matter think so.. Then coming to sanswa today episode was awesome really it’s a santa best gift.. I think u take still better time for abhigya so atleast make a meet of sanswa for some happy & frndly relationship coz u anyhow not going to make them a couple by a meet na that’s y am asking for frndshp..
    Am grt fan of abhigya still little bit give a clarity about rajnath right na his about whereabouts him & what happened to him, before abhigya separate they got a news of sanswa marriage through newspaper right wat about that..
    Dadi make like pragya & dadi, abha r in contact means wat abt abhigya?
    Anyhow abhi is not interested in marriage r babies but not for dadi sake he is chatting wow it’s not sinking.. but really Ur awesome dear really every hour I check for Ur update…

    1. Dear refer to my reply for abhigya’s part… rajat was involved in a bribery case n he got arrested by police.. he was out for some days on bail he is still in jail…also Pragya got to know that he was sleeping with other women so she broke her relationship…abhi feels he is not a marriage type person n he is just doing this dating thing for Dadi.. but soon he may start liking who know even start loving charming mia

  5. Wish u happy merry Christmas dear xoxo

  6. wow super. .
    pls soon unite the pair’s ..
    merry Christmas to u..

  7. happy Christmas…. I want swasan united soon plz dear

  8. its awesome.. but I am bit confuse..as u say in ur last epi abhi doesn’t knw abt abha as her daughter but previous epi(before that epi).. u said he got to knw abt abha and giving bone marrow.. what is this?? plz clear abt this

    1. Bone narrow was also pragya’s imagination.. Nothing happened like this in her real life

  9. Hey pls! Unite them fast.. They look great together.. And your plot is awesome… ?

  10. Go to kumkum bhagya written update episode… There yo can previous episode of this episode… There all confusion ll get clear…

  11. Ohooo it was an awesome update yaar

  12. That bone marrow is all a story written by pragya.. after leaving from mumbai she went to newyork & started new life with writing story & published also.. in that story only abhi released his daughter & want together with pragya but it’s al wish of pragya..

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    1. New York city

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