Uff Teri Ada – Ep 14 – Season Finale


Scene 1:
Sanskar: Swara marry me.
Swara: What if I say no?
Sanskar: You know the consequences.
Swara: Fine I’ll marry you.
They get married.

Scene 2
Abhi: Pragya is it necessary to go?
Pragya: I don’t have a choice. I have to leave this city and go back to Delhi. Mom’s health is deteriorating every day. Bye Abhi. Take care.
She goes away from his life forever.

5 days back……

Scene 3

Abhi reaches the hospital. He asks the nurse for birth records of the time when Abha was born.
Nurse: Sir this is confidential information. We can’t give it to you.
Abhi: There is a court case. If you do not cooperate I will have to tell the court. (Abhi is lying to get the records).
The nurse gets scared and hands over the records.
Abhi checks the premature baby records. He can’t find Abha’s name in it. Abhi says in his mind I knew it. Suddenly on the last page of the records he finds Abha’s name on it. He gets sad knowing Abha is not his child. He leaves the hospital with tears in his eyes.

Flashback is shown.
Pragya gets a call from the doctor of the same hospital where Abhi had gone too.
Doctor: We will need to run some tests on her. It’s better if you come as soon as possible.
Pragya: Ok.
Pragya reaches the hospital and sees Abhi entering it. She hides herself and follows Abhi. She hears Abhi asking for the birth records. She uses the backdoor and bribes the nurse to put Abha’s name in the premature baby list. She is relieved after Abhi believes that Abha is not his daughter.

Scene 4
Swara agrees to get married to Shikhar on dadi’s insistence. She comes to Sanskar’s factory to invite him to her engagement function.
Swara: I will like it if you come.
Sanskar: I’m not sure if I will be able to make it. I have an important meeting to attend. (He lies to her about the meeting. He does not want to attend the engagement as somewhere deep in his heart he has started feeling for Swara and cannot see her with anyone else)
Swara: Didn’t you ever want to get married?
Sanskar: I started liking a girl. But she got engaged to another (He thinks of her when he says it)
Swara bids him goodbye and goes.

Its Swara’s engagement day. Sujata and her family are also invited. Sujata sees Shikhar and asks him to meet her alone in the storeroom. She tells Swara loves another guy (Sujata is just making up a story). She says she will never be able to be a loving wife to you. You will ruin your life if you marry her n all… Shikhar gets angry and storms out.

Shikhar takes Swara to the side.
Shikhar: Swara why are you getting married to me?
Swara: I think you are a nice guy.
Shikhar: Do you love me?
Swara: No.
Shikhar: Did you love a guy before?
Swara is quiet. Swara thinks about Laksh.
Shikhar: I think I know the answer.
Shikhar goes to the hall and says he cannot marry Swara. They don’t love each other.
Shikhar: I once loved a girl called Ishani. It was only a one sided love. I realized such love never works in a relationship. I cant do this again. I’m leaving for Mumbai. Sorry Swara and other members of Gadodia family for hurting your feelings.
Dadi tries convincing Shikhar but he doesn’t listen.
Shikhar and his family leave. Sanskar sees them leaving.

Sujata: Really bad. Swara now who will marry you? Your life is ruined. Nothing can happen of modern girls. Tch tch..

Swara goes to her room. Ragini runs after her. Shekhar ask all the guests to go back to their houses. Sanskar and the other Maheshwari’s leave.

Dadi: Swara what did you do?
Swara: I didn’t do anything.
Shekhar: Forget it ma. Leave Swara alone for some time.

They all leave Swara alone for some time. Swara feels happy that Shikhar rejected her. Yet she is sad because her family has to face a very big embarrassment.

Sujata and Sanskar are sitting in Sanskar’s house.
Sanskar: Why do I feel you were behind all of this Swara drama n mess?
Sujata is happy and admits everything to him. Sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar: How can you be happy mom? You ruined a girl’s life! You know in India how people start perceiving a girl when her engagement breaks.
Sujata: How do I care? I always hated that girl. She used to think she is very modern and smart…
Sanskar: Enough Mom.
Sanskar storms out of the room and thinks he will have to do something.

Abhi: Pragya why are you clearing your desk? Are you taking a mini action?
Pragya: I’m leaving Kolkata and going away forever.
Abhi: Today is not 1st April.
Pragya: I know and I’m not joking. My mom’s health is not good. I have to look after her.
Abhi: Kolkata has good health care options. You can get her here.
Pragya: No she likes it in Delhi. Also it will be difficult for her to adjust in a new city.
Abhi is very sad so is Pragya.
Abhi: You won’t be able to live without me.
Pragya: I know but I have to go. I will miss you. Take care.
Abhi feels like puking. He is too sad and walks away angrily. Pragya is crying. She says to herself ‘I’m sorry Abhi. I don’t want to leave but I have to do this for Abha’.

Sanskar calls Swara to her factory.
Sanskar: I wanted to give you these papers.
Swara: What is this?
Sanskar: See it for yourself.
Swara reads it. She is shocked.

Sanskar: I’m taking over your fathers and Laksh’s fathers company. It will be a hostile takeover.
Swara: You cant do this. Its their dream. What will happen to their livelihood?
Sanskar: I don’t care. I’m a businessman.
Swara: I will go to court.
Sanskar: You know you will not succeed. I’m doing it all legally.
Swara: This is unfair. Why do you want to do this?
Sanskar: Business expansion.
Swara: Is there any way to get out?
Sanskar: Not really. Except one. I always wanted a trophy wife like you.
Swara: What do you mean?
Sanskar: Swara marry me.

Pragya and Abha are entering the airport. Abhi shouts out.
Abhi: Will you not even say goodbye.
Pragya and Abha hug Abhi.
Abhi: Pragya is it necessary to go?
Pragya: I don’t have a choice. I have to leave this city and go back to Delhi. Mom’s health is deteriorating every day. Bye Abhi. Take care.
She goes away from his life forever.

Abhi looks on and says to himself ‘I will always love you Pragya. All the way to infinity and beyond’. Swara and Sanskar do a small marriage at the temple. No one is aware of it. Pragya and Abha wave goodbye to Kolkata from their air plane window.

Season 1 ends.

I hope you all liked season 1. Suggestions are always welcomed. I’m taking a break for a week as I want to get some new ideas for the story. I love you all. Hope to see you all on 6 December 2015.

“The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye…until we meet again”
― Jimi Hendrix

Credit to: xoxo

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