Uff Teri Ada – Abhigya n Swasan – Epi 4 – Abhigya entry


Dedicated to all Abhigya fans… Swasan fans do read too as their stories will be interlinked.

Some relationships cant be given a name. Abhigya’s is one of those…….

Scene 1: At LY (Legally Yours) Associates [LY is the best law firm in Kolkata]

Pragya is walking on the floor. She is dressed in a red sari (like she usually is these days) and is looking smoking hot. The young guy associates are staring at her. She tells them to stop staring and resume their work. They run.

She turns back and sees Abhi staring at her. 
She asks “What”. 
Abhi replies “You are looking hot”. 
Pragya “When don’t I look hot”.
Abhi smiles. 
Pragya “Now stop smiling. Mrs Goenka (imagine Sakshi Goenka from Ek Thi Hasina) is calling you. She seems to be angry”. 
Abhi “She can never get angry at me for more than ten minutes. I am very charming”.
He winks at Pragya and goes to see Mrs Goenka. Pragya smiles.

Abhi is a one of the best lawyers in Kolkata. Pragya is his secretary for 9 years. Over the years they have grown from just having an employee-employer relationship to being best friends. Abhi cant survive without Pragya, she is his lifeline. 
Mrs Goenka is the managing partner at LY.

Abhi reaches Mrs Goenka’s cabin and asks why she called him. 
Mrs Goenka: “How did you perform in the last one year?”
Abhi “As usual Awesome”
Mrs Goenka “Congratulations! You got promoted to senior partner. It’s a very prestigious position. Live up to it”
Abhi thanks her and leaves the room. He is very happy and runs to tell Pragya.

Pragya “Congratulations”
Abhi “You were saying she is angrily waiting for me”
Pragya “I was pulling your leg”
Abhi “How do you know I got promoted?”
Pragya “I’m Pragya and I know everything. How I know everything none of your business”
Abhi “I have to call dadi and tell her about this. Then I have to tell her to make my favourite dishes. This moment is more special for Dadi than me”
Pragya “I have already told her.”

Abhi “What would have I done without you? Anyway let’s celebrate!”
Pragya “No I have to arrange for interviews. Now you will need to hire an associate who will work under you as you are senior partner now”
Abhi “I hate taking interviews and I don’t need anyone”
Mrs Goenka comes there and tells Abhi you need to hire some young associate. Abhi reluctantly agrees and asks Pragya to schedule the interviews for day after tomorrow he is busy with a case tomorrow. Pragya agrees and goes to her desk.

Abhi goes to his balcony which is attached to his cabin. It overlooks the Howrah Bridge. It’s a spacious balcony and has huge sofas with some flowers which Pragya had put. He pours some scotch in his glass. Sanskar comes in and says “make it two”. He congratulates Abhi and says he is very happy for his friend. Abhi asks how you came to know so soon. Sanskar replies “I know Pragya and she knows everything”. They laugh.

[Abhi and Sanskar started off as having a lawyer-client relationship. Abhi helped and still helps Sanskar finding legal ways to do some of his illegal business. Over the years, they grew to share similar tastes in many things and eventually became close friends]

They say cheers and start having their drink. 

Abhi is looking at the Howrah. He thinks this promotion has no meaning for me, it has been twelve years and I have not yet completed my mission for which I became a lawyer. He starts remembering his past.

Flashback starts… Abhi is in college and one of the most handsome guys. He sings and plays the guitar. All girls are mad about him. 

It is 15 November 2003. Abhi tells his parents he is auditioning for a very big album. He wants them to come and see his audition. They gladly agree and wish him all the best. Its evening and its time for Abhi’s performance. He searches for his parents but they are not there. He starts to perform and wins the audition. He is about to call his mom when he gets dadi’s call and asks him to come home immediately. Abhi’s parents get killed in a road accident. The person who’s car banged his parents car was drunk driving. He got away easily because he bribed the police. Abhi blames himself for his parents death. He thinks his parents would have never died if he did not call them for the audition. Dadi tells him that it was not his fault just destiny. Abhi vows to never play the guitar again and become a lawyer to avenge his parent’s death.

Flashback ends. Abhi thinks he has to start finding the driver who has gone missing and get justice for his parents.

Sanskar is thinking about Swara. He wonders what was so special about that girl that I can’t stop thinking about her. He says her thoughts will go as soon as he sees some other hot girl.

Sanskar turns to Abhi and asks “Why don’t you ask Pragya out? It is very evident you both feel something for each other”
Abhi “I cannot spoil the relation I have with her by asking her out. A relation will ruin everything”.

Pragya is standing outside and listening to it. She remembers the past.. the way both of them met..their friendhip…when Abhi asked her out and kissed her…and then forgot about her.

She goes out of the cabin with tears in her eyes.

Precap: Pragya remembers the past… RagLak engagement..Swara slaps Laksh for betraying her and later Swara angrily throws a vase at the curtain.. Sanskar comes out of the curtain and shouts Ouchh.

Credit to: XOXO

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