Uff Teri Ada – Abhigya N Swasan – Ep 7


Guys I’m not sure if I should continue with this fan fiction.. I don’t know if peopke are liking it or not.. Please tell me if I should continue or not…

Recap: Pragya remembers her past with Abhi…. Swara is going to the hall to stop the engagement.. Sanskar asks her not to do so..

Scene 1: Maheshwari Mansion
Swara runs towards her mom. Sanskar is hiding behind the pillar and looking at Swara.
Swara: Ma I need to tell you something.
Swara sees Ragini talking to Laksh. Ragini is dressed in a crimson lehnga. She is looking beautiful. Swara notices Ragini is very happy. She thinks how can she snatch away her sister’s happiness? She is confused.
Sumi: What happened Swara?
Swara: Ma I know Ragini and Laksh are getting engaged. But I can’t see the engagement as I’m not feeling well. I’m going home.
Sumi: Beta…
Swara: Ma you all please be here with Ragini she needs everyone’s support and blessings. I will catch a cab. If I stay here I might fall sicker.
Sumi: Ok head straight home and take medicine as soon as you reach.

Sanskar sees her go. He follows her.
Sanskar: Swara wait. I will drop you home.
Swara: No thanks.
Sanskar: Listen I’m not a charitable person. But see your condition. Your eyes are red from all the crying you’ve been doing in the study room. Please let me drop you home. It’s not safe to travel by public transport in this condition.
Swara: Ok.
Swara sits in Sanskar’s car. She is trying to control her tears. Sanskar takes out his handkerchief and gives it to her.
Sanskar: Swara I know you are pretending to be strong. But you should cry and let it all out. It will make you lighter and unlike you I don’t judge people very quickly.
Swara is too sad and tired to reply back to him.
She starts crying.
Sanskar thinks ‘Swara I don’t know you much. But from whatever I know of you and Lucky you both are very different. You both would never make a good match. I cant even tell this all to you as you would think I’m taunting you. It’s best to keep quiet for now’.
Sanskar does not utter a word. Swara is surprised too. He drops her home and goes.

Scene 2: Pragya is going home in a cab. She gets a call. She picks up the call. Pragya wipes her tears.
Pragya: Hello
A young girl is on the other girl and speaks: Mama where are you? Daddy and I have been waiting for you since so long.
Pragya: Abha mama is reaching home in 5 mins.
Abha: Ok mama. Love you.
Pragya: Love you too.

Pragya thinks I have to stop thinking abut Abhi. He is my past. My present are my daughter and husband.

Scene 3: Swara is crying in her room for hours. Pragya is also sad in her room.

The song Preet is playing In the background.

Jo main janti, ki preet kare dukh hoye
Toh nagar dhindora peet ti,
Kehti preet na kariyo koi

Scene 4: It’s been four hours since Swara locked herself in her room and she has not stopped crying. Swara remembers the time when she is in 9th grade and goes to the library. She wants a book and its kept on the higher shelves. She climbs a stool as she is short. She gets the book but as the book is heavy she loses her balance and is about to fall when suddenly she realizes Lucky is holding her in his arms. It was the first time when she fell in love.

She remembers the time when he proposed to her. She was practicing with her school football team when she heard someone singing ‘Pehla Nasha’. She turns to see Lucky singing for her. Lucky goes down on his knees and proposes to her. She replies ‘Yes’. Everyone starts clapping.

All these memories make her sadder. She gets up and wipes her tears. She calls Romi (from YHM).

Romi: Swara what happened? Is everything alright you are calling me at 4am.
Swara: Romi my world has come to an end.
Swara tells him everything.
Swara: Romi I do not know what to do now!
Romi: I know. You need to get a job and focus on your career. I heard LY is recruiting. I did my internship from there. You will love work with Abhi Sir he’s a great lawyer.
Swara: Is it not too late?
Romi: Pragya will help us. I will speak to her.
Swara: I don’t think so I can do a job. I don’t believe in myself anymore.
Romi: Shut up. Now go get some sleep and wait for my text message.

At 8 am Swara gets a text message from Romi ‘The interviews are going to be conducted today from 12pm onwards in hotel ITC. Pragya will be there too. If you are interested go for it. I hope you go. I want to see happy Swara back.’

Swara thinks she will not go for the interview. She has to become traditional like Laksh would have want her to become. She thinks she has to teach Lucky a lesson. She goes to Dadi’s room and tells her she is ready to marry anyone she chooses for her. Dadi is very happy.

To be continued…………..

Credit to: xoxo

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