Uff Teri Ada – Abhigya N Swasan – EP 6 – Past and Present continued


If you have not read the 5th episode I kindly request you to read it as this episode is a continuation of the previous episode and you might not be able to understand it completely.

Scene 1: Outside Pragya’s House (It’s a continuation of flashback)

Abhi comes and knocks Pragya’s door (Pragya stays alone in her apartment). 
Abhi “I’m no longer your boss now. Want to spend some time together?”
Pragya smiles at him and replies “I was wondering what was taking you so long? I’ve already lit up the candles and made some continental food. Come in”.

Scene 2: Maheshwari Mansion

Swara and Lucky are in the study room. The room is huge and they are standing in one corner. Sanskar comes in. He sees Swara and Laksh. They do not notice Sanskar. He thinks wrong timing and decides to go. Suddenly he sees Durga Prasad walking near the passage. Sanskar thinks ‘O God! Now what shall I do?’ Sanskar again goes to the study room and hides behind the curtain which is near the door.

Swara: Laksh where have you been? Not once have you come to see me? And why are you wearing such heavy clothes? What is happening?
Laksh is quiet and wondering what to say.
Swara: Laksh I feel we should get married. We have been dating school days and know each other very well. I think it is time we took the next step. 
Laksh is looking at Swara. He does not know what to say. 
Swara: Laksh say something.
Laksh: Swara we can’t get married.
Swara: But why? Don’t you love me?

Laksh: Of course I love you. But the kind of love I have for you is not enough to make a successful marriage. We are two different people who have different believes, likes, dislikes and perspectives. We are opposites. You are outspoken I’m quiet. You are adventurous I like to live in my comfort zone. You are hot I’m cold. Even my family will never agree for such a modern girl. Our marriage will never survive.
Tears are rolling down Swara’s eyes.  
Swara: I will change myself for you.
Laksh: No Swara. This is your basic nature. This is who you are. I’m not saying that you are bad or something like that. It’s just that we are very different and there is one more thing you need to know. I’m getting engaged to Ragini today. Your family did not tell you as they wanted to give you a surprise. 
Swara: Laksh what are you saying? You don’t even love Ragini.. she is my sister.. how can you do this? You led me to believe you will marry me…
Laksh: No Swara I didn’t..
Swara: Yes you did..I hate you Laksh!
Swara gives a tight slap to Laksh for betraying her. Laksh leaves angrily. After she sees Laksh go, she sees a Laughing Buddha statue on the study table. She takes it and throws it on the door. However, it hits the curtain near the door and Sanskar comes out screaming Ouchh…

Scene 3: Pragya’s house (It’s a continuation of flashback)

Abhi and Pragya finish their dinner. 
Abhi: You are looking good.
Pragya: Come to the point.
Abhi: I want to kiss you.
Pragya: What are you waiting for?

Both come close. Their hearts are racing. They kiss. They’ve kissed other men/ women before. Yet this one feels different. This one feels special. They go breathless. They kiss again and things go beyond a kiss…

Next day Pragya gets a call from LY. She goes there and sees that Abhi has accepted a job from LY and made her his secretary. She wonders why Abhi did this when he knows I don’t date my boss. Abhi never mentions last night. She decides she will just be his secretary. Nothing else. Over the years they become best friends. 

Flashback ends.

Pragya gets up, takes a cab and goes home.

Scene 4: Study room of Maheshwari mansion

Swara is shocked to see Sanskar.
Swara: What the hell! What are you doing here? How can you be so shameless! You should have made your presence known!
Sanskar: In the middle of your love scene? That would have been icing on the cake. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.
Swara “I have to stop this engagement”. 
Sanskar “Don’t try. You will just humiliate yourself”

Swara runs to the party hall.

Precap: Swara meets Abhigya…

Credit to: XOXO

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  1. Oho so swalak are lovers…..

  2. I like the ff; though abhigya’s part is same as that of Harvey and Donna from SUITS; still enjoyed it 🙂

    1. Yeah I love that pair so thought of introducing it….. plan to indianiz it little

  3. its interesting.. waiting for swasan romance

  4. When will you update the next episode……it has been 10days till now you didn’t update…….your fans are eagerly waiting…….update it fast please please please please please please

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