Uff Teri Ada – Abhigya N Swasan – Ep 5 – Past and Present


I’m sorry about the display pictures that are being posted. These are chosen and posted by tellyupdates even though I post different pictures every day. I’ve requested them to see to the matter and on the weekend I will try making a picture of all the 4 in one so it can be used as the dp for all episodes to follow.

Episode 5 and 6 will be in continuation. I want to give equal weightage to Abhigya and Swasan in each episode till their stories interlink. So I’ve divided these two episodes into parts of Swasan and Abhigya. They might even be a little long. I hope you all don’t mind it and like both the episodes.

Recap: Abhi gets promoted.

Scene 1: At Abhi’s balcony

Abhi asks Sanskar: “What are you doing this evening? Dadi has prepared a feast. Join us. She will love if you visited.”
Sanskar replies: “I’m sorry I can’t come. I have Lucky’s engagement to go to.”
Abhi is surprised. He says “I can’t believe you are going to meet your family after so many years! What caused this sudden change and how are you going to face your uncle Durga Prasad?”
Sanskar “Are you mad? I’m never going to see them. I’m just going because Lucky is insisting. I will watch it secretly. Even mom will not know that I was in Maheshwari mansion”. 
Sanskar bids adieu to Abhi and leaves.

Scene 2: Pragya goes crying in the washroom. She cannot let anyone see her cry. She washes her face but she still can’t control her tears. She says in her mind she needs to be alone and leaves to go somewhere where no one can see her. Abhi sees her leaving. He runs to her and asks “where are you going?” Pragya does not turn back to him else he will notice that she was crying. 
Pragya “I have to go somewhere out. It’s important”
Abhi “Are you not coming for the dinner?”
Pragya “No. It’s your family dinner”.
Abhi “You are family too”.
Pragya closes her eyes to control her tears. She says she needs to go and leaves. Abhi wonders what happened to her.

Scene 3: Gadodia House
It is Ragini and Laksh’s engagement. It is also Swara’s birthday. All are getting ready to go to Maheshwari mansion. Swara has worn a long black gown and has kept her hair open. As usual she is looking gorgeous.
Swara “Maa where is Ragini?” 
Sumi “She has some work. She will come directly to Maheshwari mansion.
Ragini has been sent to the beauty parlour to get ready for her engagement. As it is Ragini’s engagement she has to wear heavy traditional clothes and if Swara would see her in that she would know something is fishy. 

The Gadodia’s have reached Maheshwari mansion. Swara is surprised to see the house decorated so beautifully. There are flowers everywhere. Some musicians are playing traditional melodies. She wonders what is Lucky up to. Her eyes start searching for Lucky. She has to talk him. She sees Lucky talking to his dad. Lucky is dressed in a heavy off white golden sherwani. He is looking like a typical prince. She runs to him. Durga Prasad goes to talk to other guests.

Swara “Lucky! I missed you.”
Lucky “Hi Swara. I missed you too.”
Swara “I want to talk to you. Its urgent”
Lucky “Ok I’m going to the study room of my house. You come there too. If we go together people can spot us and think something is fishy”.
Swara “Ok”.

Lucky leaves. After two minutes Swara leaves too.

Sanskar reaches Maheshwari mansion too. He hides behind a pillar so that no one can see him. He spots Swara going to the study room and thinks what she is doing here. He decides to go and talk to her to clear the misunderstanding of beating up the employee incident.

Scene 4: Pragya is sitting near the Howrah Bridge. The sun is setting and it looks splendid. She can’t get Abhi’s thoughts out of her mind. She starts remembering the day when she first met Abhi…

Flashback starts… Abhi is in a restaurant of a five star hotel. He has just waived his boss goodbye. Pragya is wearing a knee length dress. She comes to him and says “I bet you will leave him in some days”.
Abhi “Excuse me who are you?”
They introduce each other. Abhi invites her for a drink. She goes with him. 
Abhi asks “So what do you want from me”
Pragya “I want to be your secretary”
Abhi “I already have one and why did you say I will quit my job?”
Pragya “You don’t have the best secretary and you will leave that man because he is corrupt”
Abhi “How do you know he is corrupt?”
Pragya “I’m Pragya and I know everything. How I know none of your business”
Abhi “Will you always tell me that answer when I ask you how you know something?”
Pragya “Yes because I know you are not interested in how I get to know things”
Abhi nods. Abhi says “I cannot guarantee you a job but you are beautiful I can sleep with you”
Pragya “I do not sleep with my boss”.

Next morning he sees Pragya in his office. Abhi’s boss tells him that he has got a new secretary. Abhi is surprised. He goes and asks Pragya “What did you do to my old secretary?”
Pragya “I got her shifted to another department”
Abhi “How?”
Pragya “Do you care?”
Abhi “No”

Pragya gives Abhi a cup of coffee. Abhi says he does not have chocolate powder, vanilla and cream in his coffee but he will have that coffee as she got it for him and asks her not to get it next time. Pragya thinks guys never know what they like. Abhi takes a sip and says “Yum. This is the best coffee I’ve ever had”. [From that day onwards Pragya always gets that coffee for him].

After two weeks Abhi finds out about his corrupt boss and quits. Pragya quits the job too. Its night. Abhi comes and knocks Pragya’s door (Pragya stays alone in her apartment). 
Abhi “I’m no longer your boss now. Want to spend some time together?”

To be continued……

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