Udaan: Twisted Love Chapter 1

Hiii guys, am titli bringing u this new ff..
Chapter 1

It starts from the day suraj was marked bandhua..
Suraj,”hey you kn.. if u r so brave fight like a man from the front.. why are u backstabbing.. what do u think? I ll bow down before you.. never.. u have lost the respect.. respect is earned.. not threatened…”
Chakor,”suraj, leave him.. I ll not let u happen anything.. is it paining suraj?” And she blows suraj’s hands..
Suraj,”why r u doing this chakor.. go from here.. save ur and the villagers life.. it had to happen chakor.. aftrall I did so much wrong with them on that kn’s saying.. I deserve this..”
Kn,”enough of ur lovey dovey talks.. take suraj to the cowshed.. and tie him there, and make he shouldn’t get any food.. come ragini and ranjana..”
Suraj was taken away.. chakor couldn’t see him going.. she ran after him and hugged him tight.. suraj freed himself, and embraced chakor..

Chakor,”don’t fear suraj.. humko man ki sakti dena, manvijay kare..”
Suraj,” I don’t fear anyone, coz I know whosoever is against me, my wife, my chakor is there with me always..”
Shikhu hold chakor to take her away but suraj came infront..
Suraj,” u moron, dare not touch chakor.. else I ll kill u..”
Shikhu,” ohho suraj babu.. see..” shikhu touched chakor again and again and mocked suraj.. and suraj’s patience broke and shikhu was beaten hard.. noone could stop him..
Chakor,” u have my swear, leave him suraj..”
Suraj stopped in the midway and looked at chakor.. they had an emotional eyelock..

I don’t know when I ll post, I ll try to post soon.. but am busy now a days.. so lets see..
Hope u all like my ff.. pls let me know if I should continue or not!!!! Sorry for any mistakes..

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  1. nice start n emotional too . u should carry on . waiting 4 nxt post soon n try to be regular plz

  2. Sukorlover

    Interesting part

  3. Gd start. Of course do continue.

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