“You should be happy I love you or no one would dare dare do this to me ” Suraj said visibly annoyed.
“I know ” Chakor replied giggling as she gathered a few more strands of hair to make a ponytail.
“And done” Chakor declared as she admired the hairdo she just pulled off.
“Wanna see how you look” she asked placing the hand mirror in front of him
“I look like an idiot” he replied looking at his reflection His hair filled with colourful clips and bands.
“I think you look cute” Chakor said in a high pitch voice pulling his cheeks and rewarding him with a peck on his cheek.
“Only a peck on the cheek. Huh!” Suraj asked naughtily his eyes gleaming as he pulled Chakor on to his lap her face facing his.
“what else do you expect Mr.Suraj Rajvanshi” She asked wrapping her hands around his neck.
“Hmmm… let me see”Suraj pretended to think tapping his chin in fake concentration.
“I was thinking”
“You were thinking” Chakor cut him through half way
“Maybe” and before she could think he landed his lips on hers.After a good 5 minutes they broke apart in need of air and freed themselves giggling for nothing in exact but just because moments of togetherness always brought the two of them immense joy.
“Lets go tosleep” Chakor said yawning as she turned off the lights.
Suraj found chakor cuddle closer to him and he kissed her head cuddling her more closer if possible and let sleep take him over.


The light entered the room disturbing Chakor and Suraj who were enjoying a great sleep.
“Good Morning” Chakor sleepily said rubbing her eyes.
“Good Morning Billi, I love you ” Suraj mumbeled yawning.
“Awww… I love you too, now let me go” she said trying to pull away from him just to find him tighten his grip the more she tried to free herself .
“Suraj let me go” Chakor said pretending to be annoyed.
“Ok! then now you are free” Suraj said loosening his grip looking down sadly.
“Drama Queen”Chakor laughed looking at his expression and pecked his lips
“Now happy” she asked giggling
“Very” He smiled back.
Chakor left behind a smiling Suraj to freshen up for the day.
“Ouch, Suraj yelped feeling something prick his head. He massaged his head pulling out a few bands and clips only then remembering the happenings of last night.
“This girl is crazy” He thought pulling out the bands and clips.
“Awww what happened to babys hair” Chakor asked ruffling his already messed up hair with strands of pair poking in different directions
“I will tell you what happened” he smiled pulling her to the bed tickling her.
Chakor held suraj hand as they walked inside the party. Suraj held Chakor’s waist possessively as he saw some guys stare at her.Half an hour through the party Chakor found a few friends and left to talk with them.

‘Suraj bhaiya” a girl of 22 years came rushing to Suraj.
“Chakor…she” the girl stammered
“What happened to Chakor,Gayu” Suraj panicked
“She may or may not have got confused between coke and beer and…” A laugh cut her through.
“Suwaj,my jaan” Chakor skipped towards Suraj laughing and pulling his cheeks.
“Suwaj,Suwaj look I can count till 5. 1,2,3,4,5 aren’t i a genius” she asked giggling again.
Suraj gave Gayu the death glare and left the venue with chakor..
“Princess we need to gome home come get into the car” Suraj saod turning to find Chakor missing. He turned around to find Chakor talk to a random guy.
“Chakor” He tapped her to see her eyes filled with tears.
“What happened Angel why are you crying” Suraj asked worried.
“Suwaj jaan look at him, he’s vevvy bad he shays that I cannot lide his bikey” Chakor innocently complained.
“Look jaan lets go home now and tomorrow I will buy you a new,shiny bikey” Suraj tried to bargain. Chakor got thinking and finally gave in.
In the car Chakor loudly sang random songs and giggled at irregular intervals.
“Suwaj” Chakor tapped him
“I lub you awot” Chakor said stretching her hands
“I love you too” He genuinely replied
“we’ve come home, get down”Suraj said opening the car door
‘Can you cavvy me pwees”Chakor pleaded opening her arms to be carried for which Suraj nodded.

“Chakor don’t run, come and sleep like a good girl” Suraj pleaded panting
“Cwatch me if you can” Chakor laughed running around the room.
Finally Suraj caught her and carried her to the bed.Chakor stood up again and dragged Suraj to the balcony.
“Swit here” She ordered and Suraj sat on the chair and she sat on his lap.
“Suwaj do you know swumthing, today at the party sumwun twied to fwirt with me”Chakor said and Suraj frowned thinking of a 100 ways to break that guys bones.
“And what happened” He asked curiously
“I twold him that i will tell my suwaj that he’s annoying me and tat you wiw dishoom dishoom with him and bweak his bones” Chakor concluded leaving Suraj laugh at her antics. A few minutes later she fell asleep on his lap resulting in having suraj to carry her to bed.
He places her on the bed and got up to find Chakor hold his hand tight.
“Pwees don’t gwo’ dwon’t weave me awone” She said.
“shhh…baby I’d never leave you” Suraj assured placing her head on his chest and hugging her tight.
“I lub you Suwaj” Chakor sleepily mumbled
“I love you too sweetheart” Suraj replied kissing her forehead hoping to spend the rest of his life giving her all the happiness she deserves… …


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