udaan pyaar ki-sukor fanfiction 6

Chakor and Suraj reached Kashmir.The hotel sent a car to pick them from the airport.They got a very beautiful hotel with all its windows facing the Dal lake.They were very happy at this.When the entered the hotel,they were greeted by a bouquet with a slip, written on it,”To Mr and Mrs Rajvanshi.”
Suraj smiled seeing this.Chakor asked him,”why are you smiling?”
Suraj,”no no nothing,Mrs Rajvanshi”
Chakor blushed and tried to ignore him.This was the first time when their name was taken in such a way .

Chakor wanted to thank Aditya so she went to make a call and asked Suraj to reach their room.Suraj picked their bag and took the keys and headed towards their room.He entered the room and was surprised.Meanwhile chakor entered from behind .She too stood amazed after seeing the room.
The room was very beautifully decorated with candles and flowers.The bed was decorated with rose petals and the petals were arranged in the form of a heart with” chakor and Suraj” written in it.And the biggest thing was a portrait of both on the wall behind the bed.

They both suffered a mixed feeling of shock and embarrassment.They could not face each other.After much effort suraj was able to speak.
Suraj:I think we should make a call to the hotel staff to remove this.
Chakor:haan………….(she made a call)
The staff member came and informed them the these things were told to put up by chakor’s sister imli.and she said it to let the things at there place for seven days even if they are ordered to do so.Both were helpless.

Chakor went to the washroom to change and then Suraj.They both wanted to take rest for some time.And after that they headed towards the Dal lake for boating.They clicked many selfies and each other’s photos.They enjoyed a lot.The cool breeze hit their faces and they felt like being on the heaven.Soon, the reverie was disturbed by the guide who introduced them to a lovers point.There was a myth that whoever has got a true love in life,on searching in the gets a red lily for the very first try.
On hearing,Suraj giggled and said,”then I will find a crocodile inside.”Chakor looked at him and tried to make out what he just said.After much deliberation,she found a derogatory comments which was on her.She hit Suraj on his chest and he was just about to fall but somehow balanced.

Chakor ,”so now I will search in the water only to find a terrible monster inside.”with a annoyed face she tried to find something in water simultaneously gazing angrily at Suraj.She searched searched and searched and felt something in her hand.She took it out only expecting to find a dried bark of tree.But……………..
She found a gorgeous red lily.Both amazed.A uncomfortable silence surrounded the atmosphere which was soon ubrupted by the guide who said,”so ma’am,sir lives u a lot and also he is your true love.”
Sukor looked at each other.No words.Love and them, seems like impossible(I m possible).There attraction for each other was very strong like that of sun for earth too strong yet it leaves immense space between them.They respected each other.Chakor respected him for the change he underwent and Suraj respected her for the very change she made in him.Still they had many unsaid things which trolled in their respective minds each second their eyes faced each other.

There was complete silence when they went back to the hotel.The time at present was 6:10pm.Chakor was planning to do something new because the guide told them that they were free now to do anything they want as their trekking plan is set for the other morning.
She was getting bored.Suraj saw her and asked,”should we go out somewhere.”
Chakor,”where shall we go??”
Suraj,”I would prefer a pub!”in a smirking tone.Chakor was taken aback but she tried to act normal saying ,”haan haan pub is not a big thing” thinking that he won’t take her to a pub.

Suraj,”ok then.get ready.”chakor shocked but she has to act according to what she said right now.However she had a valid reason for avoiding,”Suraj will u prefer to go with me in Anarkali suit.i don’t have any casuals for pub……………………u know.”
Suraj smirked and said,”no problem, it’s 6:30.we will go and buy something for u.pub is a late night destination.we’ll do that.”
Chakor backed away by his twinching attitude forcing her to go to a ‘pub’ with ‘him’ and that too in ‘Kashmir’.But she was helpless.She can’t say no just because of that blo*dy ego of hers.

They bought a dress for Chakor.Suraj was less interested in showing his interest but he was curious about what she’ll buy.Finally she bought a black dress upto knee(we can’t imagine her to go above that?),full sleeves glimmering in the bright light with small beads of white around the neck,wrist and waist.She didn’t wanted Suraj to see that but she can’t run away from this.

At the hotel,Suraj got ready wearing a white t shirt and a black blazer with a blue jeans.Now what he was excited was to see chakor in her new dress . Finally Chakor came out of the washroom and when Suraj turned towards her,he was stunned.His eyes couldn’t accept the fact that his junglee Billi looks so hot in this Western attire.His jaw dropped.She looked adorable with this black dress on her fair skin.The dress was upto knee but still she was pulling it down to make it a gown.However,she stopped when she saw Suraj staring at her.Now her white skin was turning to red.

Suraj in a husky voice,”truly beautiful!!”Chakor smiled.Suraj saw her smiling and realized what he just said.Chakor too said,”you are too not looking bad!”.Both smiled and left for the pub. This was truly a different sight of the city meant for youngster.First ,Suraj was going there alone so he asked the guide about its whereabout.But when he saw Chakor getting bored,he asked her also to accompany him and this seemed to him as his best decision. Chakor now seemed comfortable.Suraj decided not to drink as he had promised chakor.

They reached there.There were many others.Chakor saw many girls wearing even more indecent dresses dancing with guys,she asked Suraj,”do u come to see these girls here”
Suraj teasing her,”yup, and wish I could marry one of these s*xy girls”
Chakor in return,”as if I will allow you.mind it,you are MY husband”
They both went and sat near the drinks corner but still sitting far away from each other.Suddenly a girl came and asked Suraj to dance with her.e could not refuse her and also he wanted to tease his wifey.They danced.Chakor first tried to sit calm but slowly she was annoyed at that girl who was getting very close to him.She ordered a drink unaware of the fact that it was alcohol.She drank 5 then 10 then15 shots seeing Suraj enjoying with that girl.

Suraj on the other hand,too felt uncomfortable when that girl was again and again forcing herself on him.Suddenly,he moved back and saw Chakor missing from her place.He asked the Waiter who told him that she asked for a bottle after drinking several small shots and went away.Suraj ran outside and saw Chakor walking on the road with her hands wide open.She was looking at the sky and could not walk properly.Suraj ran to her when she said,”tum aagaye”
Suraj:why u came out.
Chakor:I thought u are busy and would hate being disturbed.
Suraj:u should have called me if u wanted to return to hotel.
Chakor pouted and then started walking.She was now and then falling and Suraj was every time giving her support.

Suraj:haan kya hua bolo chakor.
Chakor:you know I am feeling as if I am flying free from from all my worries.
Suraj smiled at her thinking it’s the affect of alcohol.
They reached the hotel with silence and Su
They reached the hotel with silence and Suraj holding her hand to provide her support.He made her sit on the bed and went down to remove her heels.Chakor kept her hand on his shoulders when Suraj looked up to see that her eyes watery.He asked her reason for this.She said,”suuuraaaj,I don’t have anything nothing on which I can claim my ownership.my parents,my sister,the villagers for whom I did everything ,I lost everything they threw me out from their lives when they were finished using me.See this,I came out from their lives so suddenly without informing them about my whereabouts.n I know that if I would have asked for their permission they would not have allowed me to run away with u.but this time I decided to go selfish…”
Suraj stopped her and said,”no,u did not.u ran with me just to save me not for yourself.”

Chakor,”no no no no .I ran with u just to save myself from others and be under your care…………(Suraj looked on)…………..I never knew that the guy who made my life a hell,I am falling for that person.”
Suraj was stunned at this.What does she meant by falling for me.Does she loves me.
Chakor continued,”Suraj u know, today when I saw u with that girl, again the fear of losing u bestowed upon me.we both are fake husband and wife…………………..Are we????.A day will come when u too will leave me and what then for I will live…………………for me.never.”Then she started laughing.Suraj eyes were also watery now.She only reveals her pain when she is drunk.He wondered how she can maintain her charm even with a plenty of pain in her heart.
It became difficult for him to utter a single word.However he managed,”Chakor u never told me that u will feel bad when we will part our ways.”
Chakor,”leave it .How u will feel?”
Suraj,”I too will suffer when I will leave you.” Almost sobbing.
Chakor,”then we’ll live together forever.”with a huge smile on her face.She thought something and asked for Suraj’s phone.she intended to make a vedio as a proof of her promise.
However,Suraj did not seemed to like her ‘falling for the guy she hated all her life ‘.But she insisted.They made a vedio where chakor held Suraj’s hand and promised him never to leave him and asked back for the same.

She went asleep holding Suraj’s hand.Suraj sat near her deeply engrossed in his thoughts.He thought ,’how I can destroy her life.she is so precious to me………………………….wait!if she will start loving me,she will firce her life even more than what she has done for me till today.And the fire in which I am destined to burn,she too will burn.i won’t allow this to happen.i will have to do something.

Precap:Suraj behavior was very ignorant towards Chakor.on the other hand,kn found out that the two are in Kashmir and reached there .

Author’s note :hi guys, hope u liked the chapter . Actually I am going for an excursion for ten days.So no update till next ten days.But I promise to update daily when I’ll return.

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