udaan pyaar ki-sukor fanfiction 5

Chakor was preparing dinner.Suraj didn’t remember when he last had the food prepared by her but was excited to have.He can’t stop his extincts to irritate her.He said,”so who is going to die after the dinner.”
Chakor hitting him back the same,”suuuuraaaj,u are so innocent.obviously you.”
Suraj,”by the way,u must be knowing cooking.”
Chakor pouting,”u are doubting.i will make such a food that u will eat your fingers too.”

Suraj liked her cute smile,her cute pout.He use to admire her innocent beauty which was rather only on her outer part.She sometimes caught him staring at her and he would just try to somehow decrease the intensity of his embarrassment.He would love to see her glancing winklessly the moon.There was now a mutual understanding between the two in the house as well as in their room.They started sharing the bed with a line of pillows between them and both lying on each corner because there was not a comfortable couch in the room.They used to talk about there childhood experiences and problem they both created for each other.And those experiences seemed so silly,that they would burst laughing.Now they had spent almost 4 days together in their new world confined only among the two.
This time too Suraj was admiring her when he noticed her hair lock irritating her in her work.She pulled it back using her hand but unsuccessful.finally our hero entered the scene and used his fingers to pull it back.The soft touch of his finger startled chakor but she tried to hide her expression.Suddenly,the bell rang and the moment of reverie was broken.Suraj went to the door and saw that Aditya had sent a parcel for both written,

To,Suraj and chakor for beginning a new life on this Valentine day.
Suraj now tried to remember the date and it was 13th Feb.Chakor came out and saw the parcel.She opened it only to find two tickets to Kashmir for 7days and a letter.Suraj read out the letter loud.
Hi,both of you.
I hope you both are fine.Actually I would have called u and asked this but gifting this letter seemed more decent.i sent u both the tickets to Kashmir.I know what kind of relationship u both were in but now I can see love in both of u.In chakor,in the form of tension and in Suraj,in the form of care.So I wanted to be the first one to cherish the relation and hence this.also I wanted u to go away from here for some time as kn’s men are all around.bye.n
Happy honeymoon.

Both started at each other for a fraction of second and then a sudden jolt from both the sides,”HONEYMOON,…………………………………..NO WAY.”
And then both felt how awkward the moment was.Both tried to avoid looking into each other’s eyes.
Suraj somehow managed,”chakor, what to do.”
Chakor,”suraj I know this would be the weirdest honeymoon ever.but Aditya also did to ensure our safety.”
Suraj in a rather mischevious tone,”haaan,that to with u.i would have taken girja Mausi.She was better.”
Chakor highly irritated,”I am so unwanted that u prefer girja Mausi over me.you mean………”
She ran behind Suraj as he jumped over the sofa and behind the dining table,into the bedroom on the couch.finally,he was caught.She caught hold of his t shirt and he fell over the couch with chakor above him.They both were silent for few seconds and a eyelock followed.Chakor then back to herself pretended as if angry.Suraj thought that she was seriously angry and ran behind her persuading, holding his ears, saying sorry.Chakor enjoyed this and therefore continued to show her anger.
She served the food on the dining table and kept on ignoring him.She was enjoying his face filled with guilt.They both used to sit side by side but today she shifted to the farthest corner.She giggled in her heart.He brought his plate and sat next to her.She was about to leave when he grabbed her hand.She looked at him but was laughing in a loud tone when she saw Suraj’s pitiful face.This kind of face was not shown her even when he was deprived of food by kn.
She said,”ok fine.but don’t dare again to compare me with anyone.i hate it.”
He said,”sorry ,I won’t.But please don’t be angry with me in such a way ,I feel like stabbed.”
Her expression changed and she felt sorry for her behavior.
He continued,”………………I don’t know what is it but I have always longed for care and love.when I am getting it now,I am equally afraid of loosing it.”
Chakor smiled and continued having food.There was an uncomfortable silence.The words by Suraj were roaming all over her mind specially,”love”.is he able to find love in my eyes.
Chakor finally ur mind kicked in correct direction.

Kamal Narayan completely devastated.His chuha and chipkali had run away .He felt like hitting everything and everyone but his old age restricted him .His whole life seemed to him of no worth.That bandhua chipkali again fooled him.
He ordered Ragini to find them in each smallest corner of azadganj but she found not a single sign of them.This time after seeing vivan,imli and family reaction,they were sure that the family is completely unaware of their existence.All things seemed to ruin for them when one of Kn’s men informed him that they have been seen on the highway to Lucknow. From that point,they were searching like hell for our sukor in Lucknow.They were noticed by Aditya.This is why he informed Sukor to move to Kashmir.Aditya too was moving to Delhi for some professional work.
Chakor was packing things,she took her all beautiful suits.Suddenly a thought struck in her mind. When I first met him,the very first time after10 years ,if anyone would have said to me that he is the same guy with whom I will be going for a honeymoon.i would have burst there laughing.the time has changed and he too.i think I too have changed.I used to avoid looking at him and now it’s pleasure for my eyes to glance him.wait! What rubbish I am thinking of myself.oh my god! Chakor get well soon.?
Suraj entered the room when he saw her completely engrossed in thoughts.He came just behind her and shouted,”hooooo!”.
Chakor was amazed at suddenly being brought out from her thoughts.
Suraj with a wink”u were imagining the honeymoon?right?……………………………..Yup honeymoon with a handsome hunk like me.”
Chakor,”yup I was.honeymoon with a man with a empty brain.”
Suraj mockingly,”I think we don’t need brain there.”
Chakor completely empty on what to reply blushes and turns red.She walks away.
They take a flight next to Jammu airport and reach there.the beauty of the nature is completely eye-catching.They forget that they are two and deeply immersed in there own separate world.

Precap: sukor’s honeymoo

Author’s note:I am busy these days with exams . Therefore,I would write further only depending on the response.Thanku for your love and appreciation.?

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