udaan pyaar ki-sukor fanfiction 4

Recap:Suraj and chakor are away from kn’s trap and kn helpless due to the media.

Chakor and Suraj leave the driver near his village and Suraj starts driving.he says,”I will have to drive whole night .That’s OK.But with you!……..

………………………………It’s really tiring.
Chakor (irritated),”think about me.i will have to spend whole night with you and your empty brain.”
Suraj smiles and says,”u will never leave me alone.”
Chakor,”if I would have left you alone then would have not been here.”
Suraj,”yes I know.”

Chakor smiles and for some time thinks of all events that happened since Suraj became bandhua.His starvation,her struggle to save him and etc.She asks Suraj,”Suraj,what if I would have been at your place.Would u have done the same I did.”
Suraj suddenly stopped the car.Chakor says,”I am sorry,I think I said something wrong.”
Suraj,”No, u are not wrong.i think I would not have done all to u what u did for me.i am a very bad person.Despite being in a marriage which was forcefully imposed on u,u did all what a wife does and even more than that.But me ………………………….No! I am not like you.”

Chakor looking at him,”Suraj remember what u did when kn’s men were insulting me in front of all.u broke all those chains and saved me from them.This is the only thing that a husband has to do for his wife n u did it for me.now u are changed,and like me.And this Suraj !I like him alot…………….(suddenly realizes bwhat she said)………………..By the way,let’s go now.”

Suraj looks at her smiles and then tries to start the car.To his surprise, the car gave way.it was not working.Chakor was amazingly looking at him and says,”what did you do? It’s not working……………….Oh my god,how we will move ahead…………,…………… Kn’s men would be searching us.”
Suraj,”don’t panic,I will check.”

He goes and checks the car but is unable to point out the problem.Chakor comes out and starts shouting on him.Both fight.
Suddenly they hear a noise of men coming from the other side.Both of them go and hide themselves behind the bushes.To there surprise,they were kn’s men.Those men saw the and suspected that chakor and sooraj are here only.A man was about to catch hold of them.He was standing just beside the bush.sooraj held chakor tightly.Chakor’s face was hiding in his jacket.The man goes away.Chakor still in that position,Suraj looks at her.
Chakor,”are they gone”

Suraj,”I wish they never go.”
Suraj back to himself,”yes ,gone”
Chakor retreats back.Suddenly she sees that her mangalsutra is attached to Suraj’s jacket chain.She tries to remove it and moves back.Suraj is somewhere much affected by this small incident and it becomes difficult for him to control himself.However,he says to himself that what is now happening to me.why her presence makes me so relieved.and the fear of parting with her even scares me.i have hated her since I was a small child.But now I can’t imagine my life without her.

Chakor turns back and sees Suraj standing there,”are u mad u want to be caught or what.”
Suraj,”no” and goes behind her.Kn’s men were standing near there car so the safer option for them was to move inside the jungle.After walking a long distance,they found a shed made of straws and logs.They both went thereand sat.
Suraj,”now I am going to sleep,I am tired.”

Chakor,”how can u sleep in this jungle.any wild animal can come and it is so cold here.”

Suraj,”I am a lion and I don’t need to be afraid of other animals.And it’s not so cold”
He lies down and chakor also lies at some distance but is unable to sleep due to cold.She looks at Suraj who was lying silently and turns with her back towards him.
Suraj sees her shivering.He removes his jacket and goes towards her, wraps it around her and smiles.Chakor opens her eyes and looks at him and says,”thanks.”Both smile and then sleep.

Next morning,Suraj repairs the car and both reach Lucknow in a flat which Aditya bought for them.There new home was very beautiful.After getting fresh both started to set the furniture accordingly.There too there fight began.
Chakor,” bed should face the window.”
Suraj,”bed should face the TV”
Both were arguing when Aditya called them and said that one of kn’s men have watched u both going on Lucknow route.be careful.
The argument stops and both start planning on how to save themselves.Suddenly chakor says,”we both unite only at times of dangers”
And both start laughing.

Precap: it’s Valentine day.and Aditya had sent a surprise for both of them.Both look on each other after seeing the surprise.

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