udaan pyaar ki-sukor fanfiction 2

Precap: chakor managed food for suraj.she was talking to him when she said,”…………U are my life………….”
Suraj looks on.

Suraj says,” I think I heared something wrong.”
Chakor,”don’t use your empty brain and start with your food else bhaiyaji will come.”
Suraj,”he is sleeping and by the way I can hear things correctly.”
He starts having food but is unable to eat due to all the chain around him.Chakor sees this and takes the food and makes him eat.Suraj felt so relieved that soon he was fast asleep.Chakor goes.

Next morning everyone wakes up after a deep sleep.bhaiyaji sees Chakor praying to God and thanking.He thinks that she can thanks God even when God isn’t doing anything good for her.these bandhua are mad.and goes away.
Later on, he brings a fighter in the haveli and introduces him to everyone.His name was sherkhan.Chakor comes there and sees him.She is sure that bhaiyaji has plotted something wrong for Suraj.
He takes everyone in the ground and orders the goons to bring Suraj.Suraj is brought there.

Bhaiyaji says,”it has been a long time since I’ve seen any live sport.So today I have planned a game that Suraj and Sherkhan would show us live.But…………………… What is the award for winning??………………………………….Got it……So the award is chakor.”
Everyone is shocked.He says ,”so the award is our precious chakor.the one who wins would get chakor.’

Suraj shouts on him and says,”Don’t dare touch chakor else I will end u all.”
Bhaiyaji says,”no one will touch her but for that u will have to win her.”
Chakor asks Suraj not to fight else you will be killed.you don’t have enough energy in order to fight. You are weak.
Suraj says,”I am never too weak to not fight for my self esteem.if they’ll hurt you they’ll break me forever.and I can’t let that happen.”
The fight starts.it was a fierce fight.both of them were bleeding alot.But finally Suraj won the fight.

Chakor comes running and hugs him.All are stunned at this.Bhaiyaji thinks How can he win, he is hungry from 7 days.i think there is something wrong.i will have to find that.
Suraj is taken to the Cowshed . Chakor goes to him and applies ointment on his wounds.tears were welling down her cheeks.Suraj was looking at her.He said,”why are you crying.i think your tear tank needs a plumber.”

She says,”don’t talk rubbish.u always do what your mind says.and never listen to me.what was the need to do all this.let bhaiyaji do whatever he wants to.why do you fight for me when you yourself is in such condition.”
Suraj says,”I did the same what you are doing.by the way you should be happy,your “life” has won.”
Chakor looks on.
She annoyingly says,”u are not my life.”
Suraj,” when did I say that I am your life.”

Chakor goes away.
Suraj thinks ,” I don’t know what are you in my life.when you were not there I had everything,but my heart always starved.today I am starving but my heart is so filled with life.its because of you.only you.”
He goes asleep.
Chakor in her room cries for Suraj.She says,”I can’t see you in such condition, I will have to do something for you.but there is no way.
Wait there is someone who could help me.”

Precap:Suraj and chakor running away from kn’s trap.

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