Udaan pyaar ki fan fiction 3

Recap: chakor was crying when suddenly a idea strikes in her mind.

Chakor calls Aditya,her old friend and asks him for help.
She tells him,”A great deal of things have happened since I last met u.i am married to Suraj which was due to a mistake.Vivan was married to imli.everything was setting at its place when kn made Suraj bandhua.he made his life hell.”
Aditya,”there was so much happening to you and you never told me.u are spending your life with your enemy’s son.”
Chakor,”no no Suraj is not like kn .He has changed a lot.”
Aditya,”chakor you are asking me to my father’s murderer’s son.why are you forgetting that kn only killed your grandmother and sister.and I know you are living with Suraj just for the sake of marriage,u have no love for him.”
Chakor thinks it would be better to tell him that I love Suraj else he won’t help me.
Chakor,”no no I love him.”

After much talk Aditya agrees to help her and says that I will soon make a plan and inform u.
On the other side, bhaiyaji agrees to give Suraj food one time a day as he wanted him to be alive but the condition was that Suraj would have to work for him.
After much argument between Suraj and chakor, he finally agreed.
Aditya called chakor that he has made a plan to help her and Suraj.and the plan would start the very moment.
Soon after, bhaiyaji gets a call from some media persons who wanted to make a documentary on his life.kn was elated at the thought that he is now successful in making his image good.And would soon get a chance to restart his political career.He agrees.
Media persons were to arrive on the following day.prepareations were made in the haveli as well as in the village.He tried to portray azadganj very prosperous.And the best part was that Suraj was freed.Although he was to be kept under eyes but still he was free to roam around in the haveli.Chakor was very happy at this.
To give Suraj a surprise, she decorated his room and bought him jackets of his fav colours.
Suraj entered the room and observes everything carefully.He was very happy on seeing his things after so much time.Chakor comes.Suraj gives her a tight hug and thanks her.
He asks,”now tell me how did all this happen?”

Chakor,”what will u do with that,go and change I have brought a new jacket for u.”
Suraj goes and comes wearing the jacket.He was looking absolutely stunning.Chakor days,”yes u look better in the clothes which I bring for you.”
Suraj,”excuse me, many girls use to run behind me just because of my personality.”
Chakor,”those girls would be from some other planet.”
Suraj,”by the way, tell me how u did all this?”
Chakor,”Aditya helped me.”
Suraj ,”was he ready to help me?”
Chakor,” no but I told him that I love you.”
Suraj stares and then both started laughing.

The Media persons arrived to haveli.they were welcomed by bhaiyaji.Aditya was also among them disguised as a assistant cameraman.He somehow managed to reach chakor’s room.therehe met Suraj and chakor.
He said,”there is only one way to save Suraj from torture they he should run away.”
Chakor,”no no last time when he ran his most loyal man ditched him.now I can’t take the risk.”
Aditya,”Suraj would go with u because there is no one who could be trusted.”
Suraj,”but what about my mother and her family.”
Aditya,”don’t worry for that I will do something for them.but tomorrow you both will have to leave azadganj.and I have made arrangements for you both to stay in Lucknow.”
Chakor,”but how tomorrow???”
Aditya,”tomorrow we have conducted an interview for bhaiyaji and taking advantage of the crowd in the haveli,you both will run away.
Next day, everything happens according to the plan and both chakor and sooraj are sent away.
Bhaiyaji is devastated at the news of there run away.But because of the media in haveli ,he is not able to take sudden action.And both Suraj and chakor are away from his reach.

Precap: chakor and Suraj are trying to adjust in there new house when Aditya informs them that kn has reached Lucknow.

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  2. Amazing episode
    Hope that Suraj and chakor come up with a master plan and teach know a good lesson…
    Waiting for your next update….

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    I am planning to write a new fanfiction which would be different from udaan story.i willake the plot soon.

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