Udaan – A New Story – Part 1

Udaan – A New Story
“I love him Imli, but no I can’t do this.”
“Till when di? Till when will you keep on thinking for others. This village and its people are hopeless, you can’t help someone who themselves are idiots. They want to be slaves let them be, you don’t ruin your life for them.”
“But Imli what abut Maa and Papa… “
“Don’t worry I have sent them away from here and no one knows where they are. They’ll be safe di.”
Chakor hugs Imli, “I hope what we are doing isn’t wrong.”
“Love can never be wrong didi.” She whispers into her ear as a tear trips down her cheek. They separate, “It’s time for your flight di, this time it’s your Love that will take a new flight.”
Chakor nods smiling through her tears, “You’re the bestest sister ever, and I know your love will heal his every wound.”
As chakor leaves for the airport, “I know I’m not doing right di but it’s for you. You’ve always done everything for this village and our family, now it’s my turn your little sisters turn to show that Suraj Rajvanshi what slaves can do when it comes to their family.”

So guys this is a new story, Hope you guys like it. The pairings are by now clear I guess. This story will show some romance and love that the real one missed but the fight and Udaan too at the same time. One more thing it’s totally different from the ongoing track.

Coment if you want this to continue Thanks for reading 🙂

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    Hey its very nice. Is it imli Suraj and vivan imli? But it was awesome plz do continue all the very best???

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