Udaan….flying high to touch the sky (episode 1)


Part 1
in a school in lucknow, there is much chaos going on. In classes having 40-60 students, teachers are teaching only 10-25 students….well not teaching…just sitting in the class
But y?? Y r the classes empty?
Well the answer is displayed on the notice board.
The notice says that today is the selection day of students for exibition camp. There are 3 categories, art&literature, sports and science.

In the school ground, we see a face familiar, he is the sports teacher, yeah, its ARJUN, arjun khanna (chakor’s teacher). He whistels and some girls start running….round 1…round 2….3…and the 4th round is compeleted and the winner,is declared,,
its CHAKOR bhuvandas. Chakor is of 15, grown up as a teen.she is super elated…
Chakor goes towards arjun and arjun hands her a water bottle.

Chakor: Baki selections ho gyi? (rest selections done??)
Arjun: No, abhi nhi….(no, not yet)
Chakor: K,, i’ll see
cHakor runs and comes to a halt
at the door od a filled hall…..She looks inside and at the same time selectees are named. ROSHNI singhania (chakor’s old classmate and friend) for painting, RAGINI rajvanshi (KN’s daughter) for story writing, ……Roshni and ragini come outside

Chakor: Congooo
Ragini: Tumhara?? (yours??)
Chajor: Done
Roshni: A Nd adi änd vivaan?
Chakor: Pata nhi…lets see (don’t know…lets see)

They 3 go upstairs. They look inside a room and selected pairs are announced….VIVAAN rajvanshi (KN’s nephew) and ADITYA rawat (chakor’s friend) for physics….Adi and vivaan come out…..they all r super duper happy…
Hey guys….the first epi is almost same…so ArGya, abha, peehu, suraj, kangan, chakor, adi, vivaan nd ragini stay in same house so they call each other…..

Chakor and kangan
called bua by peehu

vivaan and suraj
called mamu by peehu

called chachu by peehu

called maasi by peehu

called bhabhi by chakor, aditya and kangan,,,,,didi by suraj, vivaan and ragini,,,,,mumma by peehu

called jiju by suraj, ragini and vivaan,,,,,bhaiya by kangan, chakor and aditya,,,,,papa by peehu

called masi by chakor and bhagya,,,,,badi mumma by peehu,,,,,mummy by aditya,,,,,aunty by rest others(not arjun)

children call suraj nd kangan as bhaiya nd didi

peehu call their friends as bhaiya nd didi

no confusion now

Credit to: dia

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  1. Wow gud dear keep going…….and h r u dia?

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  3. Ya i m anu dr…….do u know whr is shabbu?i miss her lot……..

  4. very nice

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    yr really missd u nd shabbu a lot

    i dnt kno her whereabouts

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  7. Well studies r going nyc

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