Udaan….flying high to touch the sky (episode 5)

Guys m sorry as this is summary type. M seriously busy.
Life is what u make it
only u can own it, only u can control it
Abha reaches hospital. She sees children there going onsode the ward. She peeps into the room. ISHWAR IS IN COMA. The children takes blessings from him and they tell him that they are selected for the camp. Abha comes inside. Children tell her about their selection. She hugs everyone. In her mind, she asks ishwar to get up and see their happiness.

In KN’s place, KN asks his men to take the body away and feed it to stray dogs. Ranjana comes there and asks him to calm down. He leaves and. She smiles wickedly.

A man is shown shooting KN’s pic. He is revealed to be manohar.
Being far away does’nt matter
connecting the hearts does

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