Udaan….flying high to touch the sky (episode 2)

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The happy gang is super happy….but just then…

Teacher: Students, all selections are over so go straight back to your classes
Students: Yes ma’am
Ragini: Yup meri english class hai…sir mujhse boht khush ho jaenge (yup i have english class…sir would be impressed by me)
Aditya: Meri free class hai (i have free class)
Chakor: Mar gaye hum (we are dead)
Vivaan: Humari maths (ours maths)
Roshni: Get ready to face death
Ragini and aditya: Best of luck

Ragini and aditya leave….Chakor, vivaan and roshni head to their class with scared faces…fingers crossed….bhagwan bharose…they come closer to their class, closer to death….but as they are about to open the door…


bell rings…the run and hide…teacher goes in opposite direction…..they are saved…thank god….
A college is shown…then a classroom….then the last bench….
(sequence: G1, G2, B1, B2)

Well teacher is teaching and has asked students to make the notes oblivious to the fact that the last benchers are having pizza party….
Among them only G2 is writing notes…..nd G1 is making the video…boys are not at all bothered…but

Teacher: Suraj rajvanshi, stand up

B1 SURAJ(KN’s son) stands up. G2 exchanges her and suraj’s notebook. G1, G2, B2 keep their pizzas in their bags. B2 keeps suraj’s also.

Teacher: Can u tell me what i just said about business process outsourcing
Suraj(looking at the notebook): Sir BPO means getting business related….
Teacher: Prince singhania

B2 PRINCE(roshni’s bro) gets up

Teacher: Where are the notes i asked you to write?
Prince: S s sir
Suraj: Sir ye prince ki notebook hai (sir this is prince’s notebook)
Prince: No sir ye suraj ki hai (no sir its suraj’s)
Teacher: Stop it….kangan khanna

G2 KANGAN(arjun’s sis) stands

Teacher: Where are your notes?
Suraj and prince: Sir notebook kangan ki hai (sir notebook is kangan’s)
Kangan: No sir
Teacher: Tiya somani?

G1 tiya gets up

tiya: Sir m class ki video bana rahi thi…baad m inko whatsapp kar lungi (sir i was making a video of class…later on i’ll whatsapp them)
Teacher: GET OUT U 4

With guilty faces they pack their bags and go out of the class….but as soon as the door shuts, bursts of laughter come from their mouths….
Guys plz cmnt…its a request…i

Credit to: dia


  1. Anu

    Very intersting epd……….plz add argya scence plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and ur stry really amazing dr…..

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