udaan chakor a new beginning (Part 2)


I am back after five years, not the same chakor, i have become the one of the best runners in world and represented india in olympics

today i am going back to my village sorry the place which took my everything but i cannot hate it also as it gave running my passion and tina, my best friend. Tina is married and running an academy with me which trains children about sports. I don’t want to go back to azadgaj but i am going because i there is a sports academy finally build there and i have to ingurate it as requested by the minister.as i finished packing my back, i got message from tina to be strong and brave. She always understands me better than anyone,maybe that’s why we are best friends from enemies.

chakor woke up , took her bag to go to airport and face her past , to fly a new hight, new journey , new height but before leaving she saw mumbai one last time and promised to never let her new relationship die because of her past especially the relationship with two people one is her new friend and other is her friend when she was not matured , seen her childness, been with her with life’s thickest times, mostly trusted her ,protected her

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  1. I love ur ff…..why r u not posting next part…..plz post it asap….plz…plz…plz…
    I love Chakor’s bold character here…please continue…… looking forward for next episode………….

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