udaan chakor a new beginning (Part 1)


Guys i am not udaan fan but i love chakor character,she is very indepent and example for girls. This ff is not for any vikor or sukor fans.

Chakor pov
i have lost everything,suraj revenge got finished , my love vivaan did not trust me nor my sister imli, they just believed suraj’s words, do they thing i will become so cheap to fulfill my motives, i will not make fun of marriage rituals atleast, why will marry a fan like suraj who made my sister preganent, tears welled my eyes thinking about vivaan’s and imli’s harsh words.
Someone patted chakor’s back,chakor turned to see her mother and father , before chakor speaks something her mother slapped her and said ” i never thought u will fall this low to fulfil ur intentions u spoiled ur sister’s life, once the whole village was praising u and we were proud of u, now i am ashamed to see u, i break all relationships with u” . Chakor’s mother left a shattered chakor.again someone patted chakor’s shoulder , chakor turned back to see tina,before tina speak chakor said ” now u are there to scold me , calling me cheap and take out all ur anger”.tina just replied ” i came to thank u for saving me from u worst men, one is suraj and another vivaan,suraj is first only cheap but this cheap, i never thought but vivaan never expected him not believe u, he acted as he trusted u ,see when time came

he is not worthy of me or u to fight for” chakor was shocked of it when tina said this ,when my people including her parents were not believing her enemy who thinks her as cheap understands her better ,she spoke ” u believe me ”, to which tina replied ” ofcourse i believe u cannot marry such cheap person like suraj to fulfill ur revenge, i am not foolish like others to believe that cheap person, anyway i came to offer u something for helping me out of marriage ,see before u ask me what type of offer ? It is offer of getting trained in USA from the best coaches for marathons, the institute of usa were pleased by ur running skills and records and are offering a full scholarship in their institute for ur further training and studies and about staying, my friend is there u can stay with her, it is five years training, here is ur scholarship letter and flight tickets for tomorrow”.before tina finish her sentence chakor hugged her and cried out ” atleast someone believes me” tina hugged her back and said ” we are not enemies chakor and i was just jealous of u for ur talents and love u have for others, as a friend i advice u to not waste ur time on people who does not understand u nor value u, u deserve to fly chakor and show the world ur fly become a example for all the girls, please take this chance, i do not want to hear ur answer now, i want to see ur answer, i hope the next time i meet i see a chakor whom all girls will regard their example and inspiration who does not waste her time in useless people bye” tina left a confused chakor alone.

Sitting alone , chakor cried for sometime remembering her moments with her family and vivaan but stopped crying remembering tina’s words, she took her certificates and her belonging with the flight ticket with determination to fly higher and to become a strong chakor .

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  1. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Hey its good kasHaf really interesting and unite chavaan soon plse

  2. Really interesting….. the real udaan serial should b lik ur story. In serial they first shown a very strong chakor who only think about her goal but now they are showing different chakor. They changed the track on love and marriage. It’s very disgusting. They at least should change the track now like ur story. I like your story keep on developing the story in good track.

  3. Ur ff is vry nice. Keep writing friend..

  4. Your ff is so nice. It is the original track

  5. Really nice ! Kash serial mein bhi kuch aisa hi hojaye!!!!!

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