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The Episode starts with Suraj playing the dhol and being drunk. He goes to Vivaan and asks him to come for dance with him, afterall Vivaan got all happiness. Vivaan and Suraj dance on bajne de dhadak dhadak….. Everyone smile. Imli talks to Chakor about Vivaan. Chakor asks her not to worry, Vivaan loves your child and can’t think of leaving you. Imli says but he loves you and he should be with you. Chakor says yes, but don’t think of me, Vivaan is your husband, I have no right on him, I can’t break your happiness to fulfill my dreams.

Imli says but he is your childhood love, think of your and Vivaan’s happiness. Chakor says no, just do as I say, just tell Vivaan once that you love him, his answer will clear all your doubts, I m sure, I know him very well, he loves you and your child a

lot, he does not know you love him or not, so he did not say anything, just tell him your feelings. Imli says no, I can’t do this. Chakor asks why, just tell him.

Kasturi and Bhuvan take Chakor home. They stop Chakor outside and ask her to wait. Vivaan leaves. Chakor gets sad thinking Vivaan wanted to say something to her. Kasturi and Bhuvan get aarti plate and apologize to Chakor for not understanding her. They do Chakor’s aarti and welcome her. Chakor cries.

Chakor enters the house and leaves her handmarks on the wall. She cries and recalls old moments. Udaan hai….plays……………. Bhuvan and Chakor think of her childhood moment and make similar faces. Bhuvan hugs her. Chakor asks Kasturi to sing a lullaby for her and rests in her lap to sleep. Kasturi sings Chale Chakori….. Chakor sleeps. Kasturi hugs her.

At night, Chakor goes to shade and sees Vivaan sitting there. She smiles. He says Chakor …. Saware….plays……….. She recalls Imli’s words and cries. She leaves. He says don’t go away from me, I did mistake, but we are standing on same point now, tell me where shall I go.

Chakor runs to the Ganesh pandal and attends the aarti. She thinks I never came to take your help before and fought all war alone, with belief that you are with me till I m with truth, today I don’t understand what to do, one side is my love and other side is Imli’s happiness, Imli loves Vivaan, but is he thinking we both can get together, should I go back to haveli and stay as Suraj’s wife, I have come here to take big decision of my life, just guide me.

Chakor comes back to haveli. Ranjana and Tejaswini get surprised seeing her. Ranjana asks why did you come back and taunts her. Tejaswini says I m glad that you are back. Chakor says I have come back for the people whom I love, not to become Suraj’s bandhua again. Imli sees Chakor and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kuch samj ni ah raha ab tu bs lamba hi kr rhyy ha serial….now jst waiting for KN.

  2. Chakor back at haveli ?and i think she will act to come closer to suraj so that vivaan think that they are in love ??and may be suraj also help her in samd bcoz he also wants imli to move on completely than sukor will fall 4 each other? and togetjer fight with KN? and that imli screen presence ?and her insecurity makes me hate her more??

  3. Ughhh…Boring episode from 2 days…no sukor scenes yaar…missing their together scenes….But happy that chakor went back to haveli as sooraj’s wife….when will KN come to haveli…anyways waiting for monday to see sooraj reaction when he will see chokor in haveli…..

  4. I know it..Ab vivan ur imli ko aksath karne ke lie chakor havili jaegi ur suraj ke sath love story suru…oh muje ab sukor ki nok jhok dekhni hea…

  5. Yeah missing sukor nok jhok

  6. wowwww……everything happens sooooo fast…..chakor comes back to haveli and stay as suraj’s wifeeee……am heartfullyyy excited to see….thattt.mostly sukor will happen am I ryttt guyzzzzz……bt some of u r still vikoriannssss…..I don’t know yyyyy….cammon guyzzz…….those who r supporting vikor pleaseee…. stop it…it’s enoughhhhh…and just go for sukorrrr…..uuuuu….vikorianzzzzz..

  7. Hmmm its Angel her insecurity makes me hate her too….excited 4 their luv story….

  8. Sukor…it’s final…chakor knows suraj will help her as he loves imli n her unborn child, n I think she will show that she has accepted suraj as his husband…so vivaan shud accept imli as his wife!! Though, if shoot happens too easily it ‘ll b boring…I want to see them taking a little more time understanding their love! ??

  9. But the spoilers say there will be vikor scenes after imli would have a miscarriage,and imli will move on hope so with suraj,which I don’t want.

    1. Great…

    2. kaash yeh hi ho ….tumhare muh me ghee shakar

      1. VIKOR luks the BEST…@!

  10. Chakor always think about others happiness I just want chakor happiness whether it is with vivaan or suraj

  11. imli is so selfish…Chakor sacrified vivaan just for imli and imli cant even do it..sooo selfish

  12. Chakor-Vivaan

    NO..Yar..Chakor said i don’t want to be suraj’s bandhua..That means she want to be with Vivaan, srsly, just acept vikor..Vikor will happen…

    1. Chakor only said that she don’t want to be ‘Suraj’s bandwa ‘ but she didn’t said that she don’t want to be ‘Suraj’s wife’…so how can u say it will be Vikor ??? It can be Sukor also rite? ???

  13. Chill guyz. …it’s Sukor only. …na Imraj ko ladki hogi aur na yi vikor ko ladka hoga??? kyunki sabse pehle SUKOR love story shuru hogi. ..KN aa raha hai tho uska saamna karne ke liye sukor ko saath hona yi hai ab ?

  14. Sukor both make a dinner plan for vivan and imli they will act like a happy couple this will make them fall for each other

  15. I think ab chakor suraj se help lege imvan ko milane ke lia jab dono ek ho jaigge tab kn aega ur suraj chakor se help legi..ur esa karte hue they fall in love…ur jab sab thik hokar alag ho na chagghe tab dil mil chuke hogge..oh kab aega moments…sukor lovely moments. .

  16. Ya Nupur i’m also eagerly waiting 4 sukor luv story 2 start….Imli ka kya kehna…kabhi sooraj toh ab vivaan…sach mein yaar agar iski shaadi chagan ke sath bhi karwaade toh uske liye bhi woh kisise insecure hogi….waise salute u chakor, behen ho toh tumhari jaise mahaan ho….

  17. Yup sukor will be final suraj help chakor in uniting imvaan so suraj will act as happly couple

  18. “Happy Eid” to all my friends….

    1. Sme to u SIA…

  19. Same 2 u sia

    1. Ankur did u read the next telly update…

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