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The Episode starts with Arjun and Singh not getting the kids. Amma ji and all kids run. Soham and Chakor come to them, and say about police ACP working for gang. Singh asks Arjun to call Chakor. Arjun calls Soham. Amma ji asks Soham not to take the call. Soham throws the sim. Arjun says they are not taking call and calls again. Arjun says its not reachable. Singh gets angry and Arjun finds it weird. Singh calls Vaibhavi and says he will find the kids, he will get Chakor.

Amma ji says goons and police are after us, where will I go with the kids. Amma asks the kids to be here and not go anywhere, and goes to some man. Singh asks the staff to find the kids and Chakor. Arjun thanks him. Singh says he also had to answer someone, he wants the kids, their commando dog will find the kids. They take the

dog to the house and make him smell the bags.

Lakhan asks everyone to keep kids inside home, else the crocodile will eat the kid, like it has eaten Chagan. Kishori cries. Imli brings some kada for Lakhan. Lakhan asks her to go home. Imli says she won’t go and asks him to drink. He raises his hand and stops. He cries and says I got punished for my sins, I have troubled everyone. Billu says he is feeling hungry. Soham asks them to control, Amma will come soon. They get shocked seeing the dog barking and finding them. They ask Chakor what will happen now. Chakor says don’t worry, she will get friendly with the dog. Soham says this is police dog, he can’t be friendly, just as police is not friendly. Chakor says then what to do now. Tamasha says I heard police dog hurts a lot. Soham asks Lord to help. They see a magic van going. Soham smiles and asks Tamasha to stop the truck, he will bring the kids and make them get inside the truck.

Tamasha stops the truck. Soham tells Chakor about JJ magician, he has come after long time.Tamasha dances with JJ. JJ asks why are we dancing. Tamasha says even I don’t know, I was shocked seeing your truck. JJ gifts a stole to Tamasha as a gift. Soham makes the kids sit inside the truck. He asks Tamasha to come soon and sees police dog coming. Lakhan asks Imli to go. Imli pacifies him. Lakhan cries and apologizes to her.

The police comes to check the truck. JJ stops them and says its magicians van, what will they get in it. Singh and Arjun come there. JJ shows magic. Singh asks them to let this joker go. JJ says I m magician, everyone knows me. Arjun looks on. Chakor wishes Arjun saves them.

Chakor talks to JJ and says she is Choka. JJ says he will know her history by his magic. Tamasha says Choka will become Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plz don’t drag

  2. Mojisola Bamtefa

    Please don’t try to make Chakors life a ridicule. Lets end all this dragging thing. Chakor has managed to solve lots of problems. Try not to make her a god as it will make it unbelievable. Too much power to a child is not of this world. A good spirit but also human

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