Udaan 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhaiya ji attacks Vivaan

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The Episode starts with Suraj apologizing to Chakor for believing Imli and not her. He apologizes to baby as well. She says we have forgiven you, we will forget this phase soon. They hug. Bhaiya ji looks for Vivaan. He sees Vivaan in kitchen. He gets shocked seeing him fine. He says you got fine. He shouts to call his men. Vivaan says I called police and said you are going to kill Chakor. Bhaiya ji points gun and says police will find you dead here. Vivaan hits a vase on his head. Bhaiya ji faints.

Vivaan picks gun and says when one has to shoot, one should shoot than talking. He asks men where are Imli and Suraj. Goon says they went outside the city. Suraj says why did Imli do this, why does she want to separate us, I will not leave her. She says there will be big reason, she loves both of us. He

asks her to come with him. He forwards hand and smiles. Vivaan thanks inspector and tells about Imli attacking him. He gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji as inspector. Bhaiya ji sings dost dost na raha…..Vivaan sees the gun. Goon catches him. Vivaan beats the goons. Bhaiya ji says you always forget who I m, I m the king, I rule on police.

Vivaan says you have provoked Imli against me, else she can’t think of harming me. Bhaiya ji says you are innocent, Imli is very clever, she is ten steps ahead of me, she did what I couldn’t, she separated Chakor and Suraj. Vivaan says you are lying, I don’t believe you. Bhaiya ji says if Imli was here, she would have shot you dead, I can’t do this, as she asked me not to hurt you, I can’t upset her because I need her. Vivaan shouts leave me. Bhaiya ji hits on his head. Vivaan faints. Chakor says its not time that I return to Aazaadgunj, some people need my help, I can’t leave them midway. He says they will find someone else to help, come with me. She sees Ranvijay coming upstairs. Chakor hides with Suraj.

She gets Imli’s call and answers. Suraj says keep phone down, why are you not coming with me. Imli hears this and gets shocked. Suraj tells how much he prayed to get Chakor back, he has kept a Karwachauth fast for her, he thought to break fast when she meets him. Chakor smiles. He asks her to come along, else he will die. She thinks of Ranvijay’s words. Chakor says I kept fast for your long life and happiness, I can just say your life is in danger. Suraj kisses her.

Mahiya…..plays…. Suraj says just come with me. Chakor kisses him and says I have to go, take care, I will meet you soon, its my promise. She takes her phone. Suraj says I won’t let you go. She says try to understand, Aazaadgunj is safe for you, I promise I will meet you soon, just wait for me, for baby’s sake, I will call you, wait for my call. She gets away. Ranvijay sees her and asks did murderer catch you, how did you reach here. She sees Suraj behind and says I want to go home, you can question me at home. She says I have to give statement as well, come. They leave. Suraj thinks of Imli’s words. Bhaiya ji asks doctor to send Vivaan in coma again. Doctor says yes, but why do you want so.

Bhaiya ji threatens doctor and says send Vivaan in coma forever, I told Imli that Vivaan is out of coma, now she will come and beg you to make him fine, you won’t make him fine, hurry up. Doctor injects Vivaan. Imli comes and says I knew Vivaan will get conscious, Lord heard me. Bhaiya ji calls her selfish and says Vivaan didn’t get conscious, I lied to call you back. She argues. She asks what’s doctor doing here. He says Vivaan did vomit, I was scared and called doctor. She says you did wrong, you played with my emotions. She asks doctor when will Vivaan get conscious. Doctor says I don’t think he will get conscious, pray to Lord. He goes. Bhaiya ji says everything will get fine and goes. Imli says why do I feel Vivaan got conscious. She cries and asks him to get up, talk to her, its Karwachauth and she prayed for his long life. She makes a mannat. She says its all because of Chakor.

Chakor says I went there to meet Imli, I kept karwachauth, Imli couldn’t reach. Ranvijay asks her to play carom, murderer tired him but had to get caught. He asks Kavya what happened to her. He says Chakor fooled my guards well, they didn’t know when she went. Kavya gets tensed. He looks at her. He asks Kavya whose partner is she, his or Chakor? He asks Chakor who was the guy who saved her life. Chakor says I don’t know. He says I think everyone is tired, we will play tomorrow. He congratulates Chakor for giving statement against murderer, great. He leaves humming a song. His mum says he is singing, its not a good sign, be careful Chakor, he didn’t vent his anger on you.

Suraj asks Imli why did she lie to Chakor that he tried to kill her. Guard stops Chakor. Ranvijay comes and shuts door. He says anyone can come here by wish, but can’t go without wish, you will never leave from this house. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wonder when Vivaan’s coma problem will.be solved was and when KamalNarayan and Imli ‘s evilness will.be solved

  2. Im not pleased with how imli actions are getting blamed on kn like i sed before kn will get all the blame and chakor imli dont love u cant u see what she did!she is jealous of u! And vivaan too saw her madness he also blaming kn…chakor should have left with suraj imean during kn return kn couldn’t capture suraj until chakor told suraj to flee azaadganj and he got caught to protect suraj chakor should stay with him and i feel imli will lie futher cuz she is with rv so its very lame for cvs to blame what she did all on kn cuz for kn rv is an enemy?i feel mu will be created as now olvs indicate rv falls in love with chakor and becomes obsessed on her i dont like this plot? but thier was a pic on ig of suraj hiding in a big chest is he gonna hide to meet chakor…and rv doesn’t even allow chakor to have a phone…

    1. TOI spoilers says Suraj wants to go and free Chakor and Chakor will try to call Suraj. RV’s behavior today wasn’t that of an obsessive lover, it was only one reporter who mentioned this, the rest didn’t say this, so I think it is false. RV won’t turn into obsessive lover and there is no new MU. I think Suraj will help Chakor and RV’s family escape and RV will follow them.

  3. I wonder when Vivaan’s coma problem will be solved and Imli Kamal Narayan be exposed

  4. Sukorian

    ok epi loved the beginning sukor were so adorable. Vivaan act on KN was great but then epi fall it wasnt much it was so expected even the last were RV said u cant leave without permission n has to stay here

  5. Did vivaan lose his memory whilst in coma did he forget how his imlidevi tied him up in the closet and planned chakor death… i can’t believe kn is getting thr blame for all of this wen its all imldevi fault she in the hospital tampered with his medication so that he can slip into coma and faked the whole accident and chakor still believes that this is imli love wen she is working with rv which will also be blamed on kn this show is heading towards wrong direction and its totally messed up knowing this stupid plot imli will cause another mu and chakor should have left wen she had the chance and it was totally not needed for rv to fall in love with chakor thier bond was respectable like a bro n sis bond i mean wth they making fall for a pregnant woman the plot is stupid

    1. Remember last week when one stupid reporter said Imli faked DNA tests of Chakor’s baby and it was false, this week another stupid reporter said RV turned obsessive lover, it doesn’t mean it will happen. We know Suraj will sneak into RV’s house, we know Chakor will smuggle a phone to talk to Suraj, there is no new MU.
      I agree about blaming everything on KN, Vivaan forgot what happened to him and Imli is shown to be caring for Vivaan.

      1. Im not happy according to toi imli will manipulate suraj i don’t like the way she will get of the hook knowing suraj he won’t spare imli but chakor will and eventually suraj will drop the grudge? i seen toi i think next week we will see rv and suraj come face to face i think suraj will sneak in the trunk to come inside rv house…i still wanna see how rv and imli are connected that is true cuz imli in olv said she is working with rv undercover this is what pisses me of cuz vivaan knew she was wrong and instead blamed kn and imli did all this to him and chakor she futhered the mu! But somehow in the revelation she will be seen innocent etc? and blame kn for everything this will be the same as ravaan vivasn was equally involved drugging kn but ragini got all the blame and imli made ragini escape cvs trying to create sympathy for her character to try turn her positive again but that will never work for this cheap individual! Atleast suraj will inform everyone chakor innocence! Cuz she got accused of all sorts mainly becoz of the fact of her sister spreading lies i cang believe suraj will fall for her stupid trap! I mean she lied and swore a fake oath of her mom etc and suraj also seen her closenss with kn iv had it with this character! She us pure evil! Trps boasted becoz of her getting less screen space i rather see more of rv than seeing her!?

  6. Not enough Sukor, but Suraj’s dialogue was awesome. KN was great in police uniform. RV is creepy and kind of crazy, all his family are scared of him. I don’t know why Imli is sad for Vivaan she was the one who started drugging him. Has Vivaan forgotten that his wife beat him and locked him in the cupboard.

    Anyways, I think Suraj will come for Chakor’s rescue by the end of the week.

  7. Azaadganj is not safe for chakor and banaras is not safe for suraj!Poor sukor!

    1. Sukorian

      well said ?

  8. Sukor scenes were the best. Poor Vivaan he’s unconscious once again. When will imli get caught? RV is really creepy.

  9. Aleya.marzan

    no comments.
    just extremely happy
    if sukor is together then no fear
    sukor just rocked

  10. Bit disappointed should have had the whole epsiode dedicated to sukor we should have seen sukor break each other’s fasts and embrace each other for thr whole epsiode…cant wait till friday as suraj will go bk banaras to meet chakor and try help her and rv family escape from him but imli is with rv i think she will inform rv everything

  11. Vivaan acknowledged imli tried to kill him but he forgot to add she wanted to kill chakor badly…i want justice for chakor getting stabbed and dumped in the river i dont want this matter forgotten! Kn dont give a crap about no1 what he did to suraj was the worst and he went with a gun to shoot ragini wen he found out the drug thing kept bhagya locked away from thr family and today attacking vivaan makes no sense for rv to go after suraj as this will not affect kn at all it would have been better if rv went after kn it would make more sense! As kn wanted sukor both dead! The toi spoliers r out and tommrow imli manipulates suraj agian ik she will say kn forced her to etc cuz he lied to her idk but i feel imli hearing sukor was a bad thing i feel somthing will happen which will leave its mark in this rv track he will sucessed in ruining somthing for sukor and i think it will be the child unfortantly i think rv will attack suraj but chakor takes the stance

  12. Its true on valid site rv will become obsessed and fall in love with chakor and will forcefully wanna marry her chakor refuses but rv says he will kill his family if she doesn’t chakor agrees suraj tries calling chakor but she don’t pick up imli lures around suraj ..and wen suraj confronts imli she doesn’t speak up leaving suraj angry with her he will deal with het later imli fumes seeing thier reunion and knowing about thier child…new plot…so obvs suraj will feel betrayed and imli will say she was telling truth etc…rv wanna marry a married pregnant helpless girl is sick?dragged and stupid now

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