Udaan 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kasturi and everyone being shocked seeing Chakor lying on the ground after bomb blast. Nayantara says nothing will happen to our Chakor, she will get up and run. Aditya says the flag has burst in her hand. Bhaiya ji comes to Chakor. The villagers see him on tv and get shocked. A lady says he has killed our Chakor. They all cry in shock. Kasturi faints and falls. They all worry for Kasturi. Aditya says Kasturi did not die, she just fainted, don’t worry Imli, good people do not die, they are killed, like my dad died, now Chakor died.

The jailer asks everyone to move back. Bhaiya ji recalls Chakor’s birth and her stay at haveli. He thinks how she has got him arrested before and was giving statement against him again. He says atlast I got freed from Chakor, its big day for

me, I m happy. Rocky, Soham, Sunny and Tamasha come there and look for Chakor. Rocky sees Chakor and runs to her. They all cry. Rocky asks Chakor to get up, he has come. Chakor is taken in the ambulance. Rocky cries. Udaan hai…………….plays………… Bhaiya ji starts leaving. The jailer stops him and asks what did he do, he has killed so many people to kill a girl, what type of devil are you.

Bhaiya ji smiles and says he has given him 50 lakhs to him, even he is a devil. He says if anyone asks me, I will tell everyone that I gave you 50 lakhs to do all this. He says its good happy day for me and leaves. Nayantara wakes up Kasturi. Kasturi beats her for killing Chakor and everyone stop her. Bhuvan calms her. Kasturi says I will kill Nayantara, she is Bhaiya ji’s sister and asks everyone to be away from her. She cries.

Ranjana sees Vivaan in shock and asks Manohar to see. Manohar asks him to say what happened to him. Vivaan is in big shock of Chakor’s death. Manohar asks what happened in village and shouts. Tejaswini asks them to take Vivaan to doctor, his voice went by shock. Manohar says yes, and takews Vivaan. Imli cries. Abha consoles her. Imli says Chakor died and my mum got mad. Abha says Aditya and I are here. Abha hugs her and Aditya. The jailer comes to meet Chakor and they smile.

FB shows how he has planned to kill Chakor with Bhaiya ji and fooled him. Chakor was practicing a lot and jailer tells her something imp. He asks why Bhaiya ji wants to kill her, whats the big reason, whats enmity. She says its long story. He asks her to say. She shows the bandhua stamp and says its all because of this story, all people in my village has this stamp, and tells him everything. The man informs jailer about Bhaiya ji planning to kill Chakor. The jailer made Chakor disappear and planned all this when Chakor was near the bomb. Chakor tells him that he looks strict but he is good, he saved her life, thanks.

The jailer tells Chakor that he has been strict to her to make her strong, no need to say thanks, I knew you will take long flight, then Bhaiya ji came with money to kill you, I agreed to him to save him, else he would have hired someone else. She says she will get his pic in paper and tell media. He says no need, you are free now. She says I can breath, it means I m alive. He says yes, media and public knows you are dead now, Bhaiya ji believes so, I have spread this news so that you can be alive, if you come out as Chakor, Bhaiya ji will get you killed, if you want to be alive, go in village with new identity, don’t tell anyone you are Chakor, you can be safe and take revenge from Bhaiya ji. He says if you tell anyone, everyone who helped you can die, all the best, go and live your new life. She thanks and hugs him, yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays………….

Kasturi throws stone at haveli and asks Bhaiya ji to come out. Bhaiya ji asks whats happening. Kasturi says you killed Chakor and throws stone to hit him. His forehead gets wounded and he gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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