Udaan 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor teaches lesson to Bacha Pandey

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The Episode starts with villagers supporting Rajjo. Vikram apologizes to them. He takes Bacha Pandey with him. Rajjo asks Chakor to come with her. They go. Bacha asks Vikram to listen to him. Vikram says you are becoming a burden on me. Rajeshwari stops Vikram. Vikram scolds Bacha. Bacha apologizes to Rajeshwari. He goes out and says they were standing here when I came, Rajjo creates an issue when I wanted to see that ghunghat girl’s face, there is something fishy, I have to find this secret. Chakor says let the secret come out, we have to go there again. Rajjo says I will support you always. They come back to the place and try to find some way to get in. They see the medicine crates. Chakor sees the hormonal drugs. Rajjo says we can show this to villagers. Chakor says no, Vikram will prove that this is

for his good, we have to prove that these drugs are to ruin innocent girls’ lives, we shall leave now. They leave.

Bacha and goons spot them. Bacha says Vikram will shoot you down when I drag you to him, I will tell him what’s happening here. He gets shocked seeing Chakor. He says I had a doubt that there is some secret hiding behind this ghunghat, did you come here to die. Rajjo asks him to get away. Bacha says its my turn now. He asks goons to take them along. Chakor and Rajjo shout for help. Chakor asks Bacha to stay away from Rajjo. She scolds him. He asks them to shout more, no one would come here at this hour or night. Rajjo says stay away from me. Bacha says I will start with Chakor now. Chakor says don’t dare. Suraj comes there and hits Bacha. Suraj recalls Anjor’s state. Bacha asks who are you. Suraj says I will tell you, first get beaten up. Bacha fights with him. Chakor says Suraj….. Suraj breaks his hand. He beats all the goons.

Chakor and Rajjo also beat goons. Udaan hai….plays…. bacha says leave me, why are you beating me. Chakor says your death is close, you will shout like Anjor is shouting, I will do justice, I will not kill you, I will keep you alive, you will suffer the same pain. Bacha says leave me, don’t get into this. Rajjo says I knew this wolf will attack us, so I got this injection. Chakor says your fate is really bad today. She gives him the hormone drugs. Bacha screams. Chakor asks Bacha to shout and beg her. She asks how will you get saved now. He asks are you mad, I have antidote of this, I will tell everything to Vikram, then see how you get saved. He pushes Chakor and runs. Chakor says we have to stop him Suraj.

Bacha gets hit by a car. Vikram asks Bacha are you fine. He says I will call doctor for him. Vikram stops Suraj and asks who are you, why was Bacha running away seeing you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The episode was very engrossing but I still think the episode are missing the personal touch. They need to show Sukor love for each other. Hope tomorrow we get a Sukor scene: emotional-romantic-nok jhok anything that isn’t just about their revenge.
    I hope BP doesn’t die, I like him. More importantly, I hope Sukor don’t switch the medicine to get him killed, it would be cold blooded murder.

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