Udaan 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Suraj try reaching Aazaadgunj

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The Episode starts with Suraj stopping a tempo to take lift. Chakor says I can’t travel in it in pregnant state. She sends the men. Suraj apologizes as he knows nothing how to take care of pregnant woman. She says I m also ignorant. She gets walking. He asks will go village by walk. She says walking is good for me in this state, I m marathon runner and my child will also become one, look at you, you got tired. Imli asks where did they reach, don’t make any mistake this time. Suraj looks for Chakor. He panics on finding the rakhi. He shouts Chakor. She says I m here. He goes to her and says I was so scared. She cries and says why did you get scared, I m crying thinking I can’t run now, don’t know I can run again or not, I got tired by some walk. He says this happened with Imli too, mood swings, everything

will get fine after our baby comes, we shall go and get lift now. She says you will find any garbage van again, I won’t come.

He says then I shall go to jungle and get woods to make a hut. She says this is good idea. They romance. Flowers fall on them. Mahiya…..plays…… He says flower has come and now I will fix this in your hair, thanks to Pakhi, I m bit romantic, do something to show you have a heart that beats for me. She says I will also fix flower in your hair. He says love is expressed by lips. He gets close. She asks what are you doing, that too here. He says you always spoil my mood. He asks her to come, vehicle is coming. She says I won’t go. He lifts her and takes her. Truck driver says work will be done. Suraj asks someone to stop the car. Chakor smiles. He says you fight with me when I love you, when I m angry, you get love for me, I also feel to get lost in your eyes, whatever happens, even if accident happens. Truck overtakes a car and goes to hit Chakor and Suraj. They have an eyelock. They see the truck. Suraj moves her away. He shouts.

Truck goes. The old couple stop the car and asks are you fine, that truck driver was mad, they drive like blind, where are you going. Suraj says Aazaadgunj. The old man asks them to come. Suraj thanks him for the lift. Chakor says you drop us to bus stop. Lady says you are pregnant, you should be careful, we will drop you. Suraj says she talks odd things in this state. The old couple argues. Suraj and Chakor look on. Truck follows. The driver says we will try again. Suraj asks will we also fight like them. They imagine getting old and arguing. Suraj says we will fight but stay together, like them. The man drops them to bus stop. Truck passes by. They get tensed.

The lady says we will not send them in bus, we will drop them. Suraj says its fine, thanks, my wife wants to go by bus. They get down the car. Suraj asks what would have happened if they dropped us to village. Chakor says you are scolding me again. He says don’t get annoyed, I love you a lot. He hugs her. She says you don’t see place or anything, you just start, we will take tickets. She says buy two tickets, see what all happened. He says we will go in different buses. She says nice idea. Suraj buys tickets. Suraj looks for wallet. She asks don’t you have money. He signs no. She says see this is again a problem, I thought you took money from Ranvijay’s mum. He says she paid for taxi. They argue. The man asks them to go away and fight. Chakor says we have to ask someone for money. Suraj asks what, shall I beg, no way. She asks do you have any other way.

Chakor says I m hungry. He gets watermelon. She taunts him. He says don’t ever say this, I will go and earn money. Truck driver tries to hit Chakor, sitting alone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like this dialogue. He lift her in knees and also like suraj hug and he called chakor dp in many timessssss

  2. Aleya.marzan

    some parts were tooooo good .
    hate imli n kn hate u

    1. Yes i hate imli a lot.hamara man kartha hai ushe goli mar de jab yeh imli kahaani katam ho jayegi

  3. Cute episode, but too little romance. Loved when Suraj told Chakor that he’ll take of the baby and she can go back to running. Old Sukor were cute and funny.

    1. Poor Suraj, he has to deal with Chakor’s mood swings. My favorite scene was when he took care of her when she wanted to vomit, his insecurities and the way she assured him were heart touching.

  4. Hi everyone, I’m back here after so long
    Why this site is so silent, twitter,ig is on fire with sukor wedding and recently released photos


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