Udaan 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone getting happy and seeing the bandhua contracts burning. They shout they got free today and clap. Suraj smiles. Chakor goes to haveli. She sees Bhaiya ji hiding behind the bed. She asks what are you doing here. Bhaiya ji says I m hiding, is Imli around, we are playing Chor police. She says Imli is not here. He says she came to me and asked me for pistol, I gave her. She worries and says Imli came here and took pistol, if Imli really came here, where did she go. She recalls Imli’s words. She runs back to village.

Bhuvan and Kasturi go to sign new contracts. Chakor says stop, I will read contracts first. Suraj comes to her. She says I want to check contracts, I know you did not read it in excitement. Ragini asks her to read it well. Chakor says its written, if any family

does not make guns, then Vivaan and Ragini will have right to take their kids. Suraj asks what’s this Vivaan. Vivaan says I m giving them money, this is just to pressure them for work, if they refuse, what will I do, I m sure this won’t be needed. Chakor asks why did you keep this condition, if anyone is ill, will you kidnap their children. Suraj says its fine, anyone can make gun. The villagers agree to sign. Ragini praises Vivaan. They get the gun boxes.

Chakor asks them to see guns, they are paid for it, there is still time, return the cheque and boxes, Ragini says you don’t provoke them, they signed contracts, now they are our workers. Vivaan says you have to make gun factory name reach heights. Imli comes there and shoots at board. They all get shocked.

She says till I m alive, I won’t let you all do this sin, guns won’t be made here, if anyone do not listen to me, I will shoot. Vivaan jokes on him. He says you could not stop me, so you came to threaten them. He says you came late Imli, contracts are signed, villagers took advance also, now none can stop us. Vivaan and Ragini leave.

Imli asks everyone to think its big sin, I won’t let this happen. Bhuvan asks what will you do, will you kill us, Imli points gun at Bhuvan. They all get shocked. Imli asks Bhuvan not to make guns. Kasturi asks did you get mad, are you not ashamed to aim gun at your dad. Chakor asks her to leave gun. Imli shoots in air. Suraj stops Imli. Kishor says send this mad girl to mental aslum. Imli says I m not mad, you are getting trapped by Ragini. Chakor asks why are you doing this. Imli says I can’t see Vivaan going jail, its about my child’s future. She scolds the villagers. Chakor stops Imli. Lakhan says Bhuvan, your Imli got mad, the girl who can shoot her dad can do anything, send her to mental asylum. Everyone say the same.

Chakor requests them. Suraj stops everyone and says Imli is worried, I m taking her. Kasturi cries. Tejaswini says Suraj and Chakor will manage her. Imli argues with villagers. She says I won’t go anywhere, who can send me out. Bhuvan says enough Imli, if villagers want you not to stay here, you won’t stay here. Come with me, I will leave you to mental asylum. Chakor asks Bhuvan not to do this. Bhuvan asks her not to say this. Suraj looks on. Chakor stops Bhuvan and says forgive Imli, don’t take her anywhere. Imli says no. The hospital ladies catch Imli. Imli says its Vivaan’s child, I m doing this for child’s future. Kishor says she is still hiding her lover’s name, we can’t keep her here, send her away. Imli gets angry on Kishor. She gets stomach ache and cries. Chakor asks what happened. Suraj looks on. Bhuvan asks Imli to stop acting and come. Imli says I m not mad. Chakor cries and asks Imli to apologize to everyone. Kishor pushes Chakor down and scolds her.

They all ask Imli to go. Suraj shouts stop. He says Imli won’t go anywhere. Bhuvan asks him not to say anything. Suraj sees Chakor smiling. Suraj says I m related to this, I m responsible for Imli’s pain, the name Imli is hiding is my name, I m the father of Imli’s child. They all get shocked.

Chakor asks Suraj is he lying to save Imli. Suraj says no, I m saying truth. She makes him swear. He swears he will be called the child’s father. Chakor slaps Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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