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The Episode starts with Chakor and Vivaan arguing. She gets angry. Bhaiya ji hears them and laughs happily. She goes. Suraj comes home and stops his jeep. He says your heart broke, heart can get fine again, but not bones. He holds her and says you got alone now, Vivaan changed and he did not do right with you. She asks him to stop nonsense, no one did wrong with me. He says liar, I know everything about my bandhua cat. He taunts her about Vivaan and leaves laughing.

Bhaiya ji is happy and tells Ranjana that Vivaan made him very happy today. He laughs and says I think I should retire, I got old. She says you are still young. He laughs and holds her hand cracking a joke. Kasturi tells Imli that you work hard, shall I make something for you. Imli says you work harder, whats the need. Kasturi says I know,

its not needed, but my mind will get worried about Chakor. She says Chakor did not tell anything, she did not had food, she went.

Chakor sits thinking and gets sad. She looks at the moon and recalls Vivaan. Bolna mahi bolna…………..plays……… Vivaan looks at the moon and thinks Chakor is now yours. Suraj sees Bhaiya ji smiling and says I think I did something to impress you. Bhaiya ji says you will always do everything right. Suraj says this watch is of ancestors, I think I did something special that you are giving this to me. Bhaiya ji says no, I m giving this to Vivaan. Ranjana smiles. Tejaswini gets angry. Suraj says its Dada ji’s watch, I m your son, you should give this to me.

Bhaiya ji says yes, but Vivaan joined our business now, I have to encourage him, since he joined our work, we got three times profit. Suraj argues. Bhaiya ji asks him not to drag matter and goes to Vivaan. Imli finds Chakor sad. She sits with Chakor. Chakor cries. Imli hugs Chakor. She cheers up Chakor. Chakor smiles and says I m getting late, I have to go camp, thanks. She leaves. Imli cries and feels sad for Chakor.

Vivaan asks Bhaiya ji why are you giving Dada ji’s watch to me. Bhaiya ji says you deserve this. Vivaan says but Suraj wanted to get this since childhood. Bhaiya ji says Suraj got spoiled by my love, he has to understand he has a brother too. Vivaan thanks him. Bhaiya ji asks him to share his happiness with his girlfriend Tina. Vivaan says she is not my GF. Bhaiya ji says you are shy, invite her for lunch, I will be glad if you have friendship with her, you will manage our silk mill business. Vivaan gets shocked and says as you say, I will call her, when shall I call her… Bhaiya ji says anytime, but soon. Vivaan nods.

The girls practice running. Tina gets ahead of Chakor. Vivaan comes there. Chakor’s shoe lace opens and she falls down while running. Vivaan worries and stops himself, recalling her words. Rathod helps Chakor and asks are you fine. Chakor sees Vivaan there. Chakor asks Rathod is there no way to run without shoes. Rathod says its not in my hands, you have to get habitual to run wearing shoes. Tina tells her time record. Rathod says wow, I m proud of you. Tina gets surprised seeing Vivaan and goes to him. She greets Vivaan and asks when did you come, did Chakor not greet Vivaan. She asks Rathod can I go for lunch Sir, Vivaan’s family invited me for lunch.

Chakor and Tina compete. Vivaan looks on. Tina thinks how to stop Chakor. Bhaiya ji tells Suraj that Chakor should not win marathon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think vivan had a plan…he will help chakor by destroying bhaiya g work

  2. dani do u really think so? ?
    I don’t think so. ..
    But study going really well

    1. yes guyz vivan will not hate chakor they r chidhood frendz…vivan knows chakor loves her but never spoke….it would b a kind of plan lets see what happen

  3. yaa dani I also think soo .I don’t think he will go against chakor & doing bad to villager by help bhaiya ji.

    1. yes obviously they r chidhood frend…viavn knows chakor loves her but never spoke…its would b a plan lets see

  4. I am watching this serial from its starting day and it really inspires me a lot.The story is now really getting very thrilling just like movies and I am really enjoying love story of Chakor and Vivan.

  5. hz imli bcm positive now?????

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