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The Episode starts with Chakor passing by and seeing some mango trees. She smiles and climbs tree to get some mangoes. Imli says Chakor did not forget to pluck mangoes till now and recalls childhood. She asks Kaka to stop Chakor, else Bhaiya ji will not leave him. Kaka asks Chakor to get down. He identifies her. She says I did not change my habit. He says you have become star now, I will get mangoes basket for you. Chakor says no, I don’t want basket, I want just few, the fun to pluck and have it is not by having for free. She asks him to take care and goes. Imli keeps an eye on her.

Chakor sees Imli and says few people did not change her. Imli thinks its your day today, but my day will come soon. Chakor goes to haveli and says I m sure Vivaan will like the mangoes. She sees many servants and gets

inside haveli acting as servant. Girja stops her and asks her to get aarti plate to welcome Bhaiya ji. Chakor goes to Vivaan’s room and looks for him. She asks him to see what she got for him. She says he is still playing kids game. She gets glad seeing their childhood pic and says he told me he does not know me, she keeps few things there and arranges the room well. She checks some thing in the milk glass and thinks what is he mixing in milk.

She puts water in glass. Tejaswini sees her and asks what are you doing here. Chakor says I m Chakor, I came to meet Vivaan. Tejaswini says he does not want to meet you, leave from here, don’t meet him again. Chakor says I can help him, don’t know what happened to him. Tejaswini says his family is alive, he does not need bandhua girl, go else I will tell Bhaiya ji and Suraj. He drags Chakor out. Chakor leaves and Vivaan goes inside the house. She turns to see and goes. Vivaan sees his room arranged and says who came here. Ranjana comes to talk to him.

He asks why did she arrange the room. She says no, I went with Kamal ji in oath taking ceremony. She asks why did you steal letter from Suraj’s room and gave to Chakor, we can fall in trouble. He says don’t know, I just gave Chakor’s letter to her. She says they will kill you. He asks why. She says just deny if anyone asks you about letter. He asks her not to scare him and leave. She says fine, but don’t tell anyone. She leaves. He says she always spoils my mood, why will anyone kill me. He sees mangoes on the table and recalls Chakor. He smiles and says who got this here. He eats the mangoes happily.

Chakor makes food at home. Imli acts sweet to her, and says I think Maai did not make anything today. Chakor says Maai made and I finished it, I will make hot roti for you as you like. She says you have it here at our home and makes her sit.

Suraj is angry on servant and does not eat breakfast. Bhaiya ji asks what happened, it means you did not find out where Chakor kept press conference. Suraj says have patience, I will find out. He says sorry, I m disturbed. Bhaiya ji says I understand, you will do good work, calm down. Suraj thinks where is Imli. Imli eats rotis made by Chakor and asks will you come along with me. Chakor says I have work. Imli says I know, you have press conference. Chakor asks how do you know. Imli says I heard Suraj saying this. Chakor says its good, will you come with me. Imli says sure, but where is it and at what time.

Imli informs place and time to Suraj. Suraj says great Imli and asks his servant to get the men there. He smiles.

Chakor says I will practice to win nation marathon. Suraj and Imli stop Chakor’s practice by warning her and shooting at ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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