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The Episode starts with Imli recalling the night and going to commit suicide. She walks in the river and starts sinking. Chagan comes there and saves Imli. She says I don’t know how I came here. He says if I got late, you would have died. She cries and hugs him. He asks whats the matter, tell me. He gets her out of the river and sees her crying. She tells him everything. He gets shocked and asks her to wipe tears. She asks why did you get silent now. He says its not a small thing, we will tell this to Chakor, she will solve this. She asks did you get mad, Chakor will scold me knowing I m going to become mum of Suraj’s baby. He says fine, then go and tell this to Suraj. She says no, I can’t say this to Suraj. He asks her to get courage and tell Suraj.

Ranjana says Vivaan that marriage should happen

in haveli. He asks her to stay in village for few days, I will mart there. Ranjana says even I have some dreams for your marriage. Chakor says Ranjana is right, keep marriage anywhere you like, if you like haveli then fine, I agree. Ranjana thanks her and says so you started plotting against me. Tejaswini says Suraj will not give permission for keeping marriage here. Vivaan asks here to ask Suraj herself. She says why not, I will not and goes. Ranjana smiles and goes to do arrangements.

Chakor asks Vivaan where did Suraj go. Vivaan says Delhi, Imli told this to me. She says Imli did not say why Suraj went to Delhi. He says she is unwell and you know she is emotional about Suraj. She says I explained her to leave Suraj, she does not understand, I have to talk to her alone. He says I will find out why Suraj went to Delhi.

Suraj meets Tina. She asks what are you doing here, who gave you my address. He says its not tough to know rich people’s address, I came to meet your dad, I have imp work. Her dad comes there. She says my dad does not have time for cheap people like you, could you please just get lost. Suraj compliments her. She goes. Her dad says extra love spoils children, but she is Anil Raichand’s only daughter. Suraj says I heard a lot about you from Tina, I m glad meeting you. Raichand says I don’t have time for them whose fate is not along. Suraj says don’t worry, I won’t take much time of yours.

Imli eats food. Chakor comes home and sees Imli eating in hurry. She asks are you so hungry, shall I make something for you, whats the matter, you are not happy after my marriage got fixed, don’t you like my and Vivaan’s pairing. Imli says stop it, there are other things too. Chakor asks her to say what is it. Imli says leave me. Chakor asks again. Imli recalls Chagan’s words and is about to say. Kasturi comes and shows Chakor’s wedding card. Imli imagines her and Suraj’s wedding card, and Suraj in groom’s clothes. She says its very nice. Chakor says Imli also liked my marriage invitation. Imli’s imagination ends and she gets worried. Kasturi goes to do arrangements for Satyanarayana katha. Imli thinks to talk to Suraj, before talking to anyone else. Chakor asks Imli whats happening, tell me what are you hiding. Imli asks Chakor to leave her alone. She goes.

Raichand gets the papers and says I wanted this land since long and did not know the owner, do you want to sell this land to me. Suraj says I don’t need money now, I want to get my respect back. Raichand laughs and says its impossible. Suraj says its possible, if you agree for Tina and my marriage, the land cost is 100 crores, but not more than Tina for me, you are big businessman and know your profit, you think, I will leave.

Imli tells servant that she wants to talk to Suraj. She hears Chakor and says I will go and wait in Suraj’s room, don’t tell anyone that I m here. She goes. Chakor asks servant about Imli. He says Imli went for some work. Ranjana saks Chakor to come and help me, I called this decorator, tell him how to make mandap. She asks Chakor to call her Maa. Chakor smiles. Ranjana goes. Vivaan asks Chakor what are you thinking. Chakor says Imli is hiding something, I feel Suraj will create problem, so he went to Delhi. Vivaan asks her not to worry. The man shows the designs. Suraj comes and says decorations should be such that everyone just keep staring, make it grand, haveli should shine like moon, right Vivaan. Vivaan says I like your advice, how did you change. Suraj says I m very happy today, you are my younger brother, I will decorate your mandap, and you decorate mandap at my marriage time. He goes. Vivaan says good Suraj changed. Chakor says its a sign of danger, Suraj is doing something, we don’t know the reason of his sweet talk. She thinks to find Suraj’s plan.

Imli goes to Suraj and cries. He asks her what does she want to say. She tells him that she is pregnant with his child. He gets shocked and scolds her. She swears she is saying truth. He asks her to go to Lucknow and abort the baby. He warns her that no one should know about it. She gets shocked and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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