Udaan 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji scolding Arjun. Arjun tries to fool him. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to lock all the kids with Chakor, and Arjun too. Chakor hides seeing the men in the temple. The men hide hearing someone coming and go back in the tunnel. Chakor hides the tunnel end. Lakhan brings everyone there and asks them to be here. He leaves after locking them. Chakor asks how did they come here. Imli says we came to free you. Arjun says we want to know the phone secret. Vivaan says we lost. Chakor says we did not lose. She says she was thinking about the wall. Arjun says how will we go, all doors are closed. Chakor says no and shows the tunnel.

She says we can go from this and they all smile. Ishwar sees the video and gets worried as nothing comes clear in the video. Ishwar says all the hard work

got waste, I got there by such difficulty, and got the bandhua stamp done. He says court will not accept this proof, its all waste. Vishnu says if Ranjana gets the papers of bandhua, then we can get proof. Ishwar says she does not know it. Vishnu says then we have to shoot this again. Ishwar says yes, till then Bhagya has to be Devi. He calls Abha and does not connect. He says I have to go Aazaadgunj soon, our game will end if Arjun and Abha free Bhagya.

Arjun says we can catch the men red handed and expose Bhavani’s plan to Bhaiya ji. Chakor says she will go. Lakhan says Chakor alone does something, they all are together and will do something, I will go and see. Chakor and everyone go inside the tunnel. Lakhan comes and catches them. He scolds them. He says he knew this would happen. Arjun says I will explain. Lakhan holds his collar. Arjun says he can also beat him, but they should talk. Chakor gets the call from Bhavani’s men and recalls how she has exposed Ranjana. She runs out and everyone go after her. Chakor comes out and sees the loud speaker. Chakor exposes Bhavani and Abha says Bhagya is human, not any Devi. Arjun says Bhavani is a fraud, she is doing this to take money from you all. Abha says Lord is just one. The people say Bhaiya ji trusts Devi, is he fooling us and playing with our belief. Ishwar is on the way.

Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to say Bhagya is not any Devi, she will not show any miracle. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to take Devi inside. She gets thinking and goes to Bhagya. She asks Bhagya to come. Bhagya says Maa and holds her hand. Bhaiya ji says take her. They leave. Bhaiya ji says its not first time that Lord is proving to be Lord, and asks what about the devotees and their beliefs. He says when Lord wants to give anything. Lord wants to test the devotee, and after testing the devotion, he fulfills his wishes, but today they all doubted on Lord, Lord is in soul. He says we should not worry that Lord made the wall or not, I m angry that I got cheated, I felt bad that they have doubted on Devi’s power.

Chakor asks what is he saying. Abha asks them not to come in his words, they should decide the truth. Bhavani is cheating them, Bhaiya ji’s eyes did not open. Bhaiya ji asks Abha not to make devotees against Devi, Bhavani did a mistake, I agree, but Devi is Devi always. Bhaiya ji asks Abha to see the poor people, they are always happy as they have trust and belief in heart. He says its his trust that he has made his first child sit in temple. They want proof and he wants belief.

Ishwar comes there and supports Bhaiya ji and Bhagya devi. Everyone is shocked. Abha thinks what happened to Ishwar. Ishwar apologizes on Abha’s behalf and says few people understand truth late. Chakor thinks Ishwar changed again. Bhaiya ji says no, even I did mistake that I called everyone to visit Devi. He says only they will meet Devi who has belief on her, no one else.

Bhaiya ji cries and says Bhagya is not Devi, she is my daughter. Tejaswini says we should thank Chakor, who told us that Bhagya is not Devi, but our daughter. Chakor smiles.

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