Udaan 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli to revenge Chakor for announcement of election contest

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Sooraj notices an injury on Chakor’s hand and tells her to sit. He opens a box an apply antiseptic over her hand then carefully applies bandage over it. Chakor places her hand over his face asking why it hurts him when she is injured. He jerks her hand away denying any love. It’s only in return of her bandage over his bruise. He jumps down the truck and tells her to come down. Chakor smirks, then screams out of pain in her foot. She demands him to drop her home, in return of all her help. Sooraj holds her in his arms. When he has left, Chakor says he will soon recognize her in few days.
Imli was having fruits in her house. She tells her parents that she has gained powerful now. When she is furious she can’t control herself. They shouldn’t blame her if she commits some sin; so they must advice

their daughter Chakor to stay cautious. Her father assures they will speak to Chakor.
At night, Maa gets Chakor a saree as she has to contest in elections now. Chakor’s father reminds her about Imli’s deterrence. Kastori wasn’t afraid of Imli and urges Chakor to win the elections over Imli, without being fearful of anyone. Chakor smiles and hugs her. She assures her father not to worry, as she has the blessings of her parents with her. No one can hurt her anyway. During the celebrations, everyone from Azadganj dances around.
Ranvijay asks Imli why she wants to go to that village. Imli says she is upset about the celebrations. She asks about Sooraj saying he will cause all the trouble there. Chakor’s dress was tucked while dancing, she recalls the time with Sooraj. Kastori comes to take her to dancing again. Everyone stops by as Imli arrives. Their men holding wooden sticks also enter the celebration. Imli says it needs courage to contest her in elections; she herself came to congratulate them all. Ranvijay says there is going to be a different congratulations this time. Imli likes brave people, but not as much as to confront her. Bapu tells her to understand the matter, but Ranvijay pushes Bapu and grabs Chakor by arm. He announces they will do something to Chakor which she won’t like and sings “Laaga Chunri Mein daagh”. Imli announces they will display a scene from Mahabharat. Sooraj will be Dushasan here and Chakor will be Drupati. Chakor was shocked while everyone else was taken aback. Ranvijay twists Chakor’s arm so that she face Sooraj.

PRECAP: Chakor was fearful and tells Sooraj to stay away from her. He grabs her arm and snatches Chakor’s dress. Her parents cry helplessly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shame on CVs on making Chakor suffer this way. Shame on CVs on showing Suraj go ahead, slavery isn’t an excuse for cruelty and ingratitude. Why are they hell bent on ruining Sukor’s story?

  2. What the hell?!
    Why are they doing this to Sukor?!
    It’s ruining the story more
    Imli and RV are such f-ing b******
    What was the point of showing Suraj’s sudden care for Chakor if they were gonna make him do this in the first place?!
    Chakor should not forgive Suraj for this…he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness ?????

  3. Really soo disappointing,udaan is getting worse day by day….shame on CVS

  4. I think and I hope I’m right that this will be the beginning of Suraj going against the psychos, whilst imli and Ranjivay were talking I felt a bit of the old Suraj and that he felt something, maybe the urge to protect Chakor.

  5. hey guys how u all… I know that every one are not interested in this story line and some of them are abusing the creative s too. BT guys according to me its just a beginning of sukors new love story… after this incident both sukor are shattered… chakor may not mind suraj anymore.. we can’t blame suraj for his act. bcz according to him he is loyal to his masters and obey what they said to him.. BT he have feelings for chakor…that’s why he came to her home after that punishment, he aid her hand….
    so don’t be sad guys and wait for more sukor scenes and a new love story of sukor

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