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The Episode starts with a girl Muniya looking at the teddy bear which has bomb in it. Her mum comes and takes her. Muniya eyes the teddy bear while going. Chakor is greeted by Lakhan and Bhuvan. Lakhan wishes Chakor and Vivaan , a very happy birthday. Bhuvan wishes her and says we never celebrated her birthday and couldn’t give her any gift ever. He says I remember that you asked him for doll once and that’s why brought doll now. Chakor says this is the biggest gift which I got in life, and says I want your blessings. Chakor gets emotional. She asks about her mum. Bhuvan says Kasturi is sleeping at home. Bhuvan wishes happy birthday to Vivaan and says he couldn’t get any gift for him. Tejaswini asks Chakor if everything is fine. Chakor says yes. Suraj calls Chakor and thinks why she is not picking

my call. He thinks why she is not picking call even after getting my gifts. He is scared about the dream and calls her again and again. Chiku calls someone and eyes Suraj. He comes back to car and takes a U turn.

Suraj asks him to turn the car as Chakor strictly asked him not to return to Azaad gunj, and if we go back then her sacrifices will be wasted. Chiku is driving the car towards Azaad gunj. Suraj is shocked as Chiku is not listening to him. Emily sees Vivaan’s employee coming there and asks him what she is doing here. Vivaan says he invited her just like that. She greets him on his birthday and thanks him for wearing the shirt gifted by her. Vivaan tells her that Emily asked him to wear it as it is her favorite color. Girl says she will leave. Suraj asks Chiku if he has gone mad and asks him to turn the car. He says it was a dream and nothing will happen. He asks Chiku to listen to him. Chiku shouts that car will shot at Azaad gunj and takes his name. Suraj is shocked and tries to stop the car. He takes out the car keys.

Bhaiya ji reaches the venue and talks to his goon asking when will bomb blast. His man tells that bomb will explode in 25 mins. Bhaiya says I will leave from here in 15 mins. He thinks all your dreams will end in 25 mins. Everyone looks at him. Bhaiya ji asks why you are looking shocked and says I am your neighbor, employer etc. He says I came for my bahu and son today to wish them on their birthday. He asks his servants to keep the sweets. He asks Vivaan to open his mouth and takes sweets. Vivaan says I am not your son. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to take sweets. She turns her face. Tejaswini tries to check in car, but is stopped by his goons. Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that she knows about his plan to kill Chakor and others today with bomb, and asks where is it? Bhaiya ji says this woman has gone mad since her son left.

Woman asks Tejaswini to stop it else Bhaiyya will get angry. Chakor thinks if Bhaiya ji planted bomb here then he wouldn’t have come here. May be Girija heard wrong. Bhaiya ji says I will leave now and checks the time. Chakor stops him from leaving and says it is inauspicious to leave from the party. Lakhan asks him to have cake. Muniya goes to bomb teddy bear and takes it far from there. Bhaiya ji thinks to stop for sometime else people will doubt him. Lakhan asks Chagan to bring the cake. Bhaiya ji sees the bomb teddy bear missing and signs his goons. He thinks it bomb teddy bear goes in wrong hand then…..Chakor looks on.

Bhaiya ji calls his man and asks him to increase the time for more 5 mins. Chakor hears him and gets shocked. She thinks where is the bomb, I won’t let him go until I find the bomb. She asks Bhaiya ji to cut the cake.

Suraj asks Chiku why he is going against him. Chiku says I will not dance on your tune. He says my mum is unwell since a week and I couldn’t bring even medicines for her, as I am at your service here. He asks if you ever asked me about my need. Suraj says I will ask Chakor to get your mum treated, and says I refer you as my friend. He says I have danger to my life. Chiku says you are selfish and calls him cheap. He says you don’t need to live, it is very difficult for you to live now. Suraj is shocked and asks what you have done? Chiku says I needed money for my family. Suraj says I will give you money. Chiku refuses to take money and says I have done your business. Suraj asks what? Chiku laughs and says I have given your life and took money. Suraj beats him and says I will not leave you. Ragini and her goons come there. Suraj is shocked. Chiku laughs. Ragini gets down her car and smiles. She sings happy new year bade bhaiyya, but your new year will not be good. Suraj is shocked.

Chakor runs with the time bomb in her hand away from the villagers. All the villagers and Bhaiya ji runs after her. Bomb explodes. Bhuvan shouts Chakoriya….Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello friends, bad news is Suraj has become a bandhua n also there hope like good news type if chakor n Suraj goes to court n tell that he is Kamal narayan son n his own father has made him a bandhua n also there is a proof the bandua stamp on Suraj wrist or call d media n inform them about Kamal narayan. By this Bandhu track Kamal narayan does not know that he has dig his own grave or other option chakor should some how provoke Kamal narayan n she should record it as we know in his anger he will confess all his crimes .dis is the only way to save Suraj.

  2. Hello friends,this week is very stressful n painful week for sukor fans but also there is good news dat 18th january(Wednesday) is our hot n handsome hero Vijendra wedding anniversary n he n Preeti will complete 5 glorious yrs of marriage.(he had got married on 18th Jan 2012)

    1. That’s great news Sharon thanks for sharing

  3. Nice epi but shikoo how can he do this with suraj.,this cvs make any character turn evil without any reason and sense poor suraj now no one can save him,fron being bandhuaa but i m excited for future epi that how will sukor fight with kn and ragini..

  4. Oh god I hve no courage 2 see Suraj ??as bandhua .team udaan plz make the track interesting.make sukor love confession.and hw sukor fight alone with kn??????.dnt make us vry sad team udaan plz its a request.the onethng I dnt knw that the vimli love track even though boring team made a lot.their confession.dance,romace vagera….Bt sukor ???????.jst started nw oly bt ended vry soon and tragedy….wat is the opinion angel and sia.as im right or wrng

  5. True love is like playing chess, a boy always afraid of losing his queen and a girl risking everything just to protect her king. This reminds me of SUKOR.
    Oh no STALEMATE….; The game is not over yet. At the end SUKOR will definitely CHECKMATE kn; The picture drawn by Suraj through Chakor’s eye will come ALIVE!!

  6. really I’m in a big shock after watching today’s episode
    blo*dy Chiku the only wafadar of Suraj how could he betray Suraj that’s only for some money. can’t able to digest this fact

  7. I loved the episode and precep is amazing will chakor really we all know chakor will not die but now I want to see sukor romance

  8. shocking episode!!! i think that shikoo will not betray suraj!!!but he betrayed suraj for his selfish needs and calling suraj as selfish!!!
    worst thing is the one suraj and chakor trusted more is betrayer….
    if shikoo asked.suraj or chakor money they surely give him….
    oh tomorrow that ragini,kn all will torture suraj and happy seeing chakor situation…
    how we fans are going to see this week don’t know…
    atleast bring suraj and chakor then we can able to tolerate that kn,ragini torture…

    iam sure one day ragini itself make kn as bandhua or servant for to rule the aazaadgunj and haveli…
    ranjana also will do the same with ragini against kn,i want that to happen…
    guys if any body know latest spoilers means share it…

    1. ☺☺☺☺☺☺ at the end you got it

  9. Good night and AGM to all

  10. Shiku tum mafi mangne Ki layak bi nahi ho? chakor trusted u more than anyone and sent him with you lekin tum bi gaddar nikle…i was right sukor ko ek dusre ke elava koi nahi hai,they should fight this battle alone..looking forward to it with heavy heart…love u lot.s sukor?

    Angel actually vj is not fine na so CVs made shiku gaddar so that he may not get any action scenes to do otherwise he may come back and help in diffusing the bomb or fighting with goons for his re-entry in asaadgunj…after all he is the lead

    Nitya don’t worry yar..vimli are normal couple not like sukor , whatever CVs will be planning for sukor would be awesome and interesting…bcz I loved all the sukor scenes upto now and I have full faith in them in case of romance…cvs will not disappoint us
    Even vj-meera told that in this pathetic track also romance with be on air and we are going to get more sukor scenes

    In south we have a famous dialogue of rajnikanth sir in his movie narshima “na dari raha dari”(mera Rasta sab logon se alag hai)I feel this one exactly suits sukor,they have different path and they come in anyone’s pressure for doing anything they have their own thoughts and idealogy they don’t depend on anyone
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

    1. *they don’t

  11. So sad for suraj…he can’t believe wats gng on….nd each of his while calling chakor were superb….just waiting for sukor track…

  12. I think u r wrong sia nowadays Suraj always need Chakor to save him God knows when my smart Suraj will be back

    1. Ya I agree that Suraj depends on chakor bcz he has no option to save his life,if there was no media support Suraj kab ka mar chuka hoga and after retirement that night he went to face kn all alone but what happened he attacked him from back and except teju and chakor none cares for Suraj
      This track may show his heropanti as now it revolves around Suraj and Suraj only

      1. so true sia,no one cares for suraj except chakor and teju…
        even villagers doesn’t support chakor…there is no hope left in aazaadgunj for suraj and his life…even he has guts to face anything alone but because of chakor words and chakor care for him stopped suraj,else he will be murderer now….what say guys???
        kn will attack suraj back he know how is suraj….i agree with sia we should wait for suraj heropanti…

  13. Nice episode.

  14. this slave track is so boring can’t able to tolerate on and ragini also vimli scenes.please someone talk to team udaan

  15. You r right tapa even i can’t think he is doing like this. Kyon ki agar use suraj ko pakdana hi hota to vo backyard main hi use pakda deta itni dour aake kyou.i think ye sab phone ane k bad hua hai.agar chagan ye sab karta to itni hairani nahi hoti becz uske pas imli wala motive hai or vo suraj se badla le sakta tha.par agar siku ki maa ke bare main esi koi baat thi to vo imli ko to bata hi sakta tha na.one more thing gys i’m a rural from punjab.i can’t speak english very well i hope you understand what i want to say.if i’m not wrong you all are south indian right.

  16. No problem Ananya but I am north indian guys anyone can give the link about what will happen next

  17. guys now suraj to become bandhua,the story going to towards suraj and how he becoming bandhua,if he fight and escaped means niothing will happen….
    making suraj bandhua he has to suffer being in helplessness is the most….
    he only wants to chakor is fine or not…he don’t want to return because it doesn’t mean he cares for his life,he don’t want chakor and kasturi sacrifice to go in vain….so he thinking more than doing it….he is matured thats it…..surely we will see our attitude wala suraj…don’t worry guys…

  18. sorry its nothing *

  19. yes im southindian and from kerala. it was an emotional episode.. shiku we didnt expect this from him. agar uske maa ke baare mein suraj ko pata hei toh usne zaroor kuch karega.. after all he is there with suraj always.he must understand that he is changed alot. guys i think ragini blackmailed him with his mom thats why he behaved like this because when they went to patna they are very happy with each other. shiku behaved well with suraj.. jab voh phone aaya then everything changed. then the behaviour of shiku is changed.. so i think its a cookedup story that his mother is unwell..
    I feel really pitty about suraj but i hope after suraj became bandua there will be more romance between sukor..
    waiting for more sukor scene… did anyone knew what will happen next

    1. Even I’m from kerala and I’m a big SuKor fan…

    1. thanks sia for a link!!!this is before suraj become bandhua na????
      from starts from today episode udaan will be emotional

      1. Ya Janu I think this happens tomorrow or the next day

  20. This is very shocking n emotional epi. I love the expressions f suraj when he worries fr chakor. I’m really pissed f with shiku. It’s very disheartening to watch all the pain gng through sukor, hp to see sm satisfying sukor scenes

  21. really sia you make me so so so .. happy I can’t tell thanks

    1. Ur welcome

  22. You r write sreeya our opinions are matching.gys udaan nai to north south ko mila dia thats y i like it main sirf yahi serial dekh ti hon.bcoz i like to see s.i.movis with full of action n comady.

  23. aanya so u r a Punjabi I’m from Odisha n Im also very poor in english I think sia is from south India
    jab mujhe ye pata chala ki sikhu suraj ko dhoka dene wala he tub main ye soch rahatha ki wo ye sab majbur hokar kar raha hai per sach to kuchh aur hi he abb SuKor ke jindigi main ek dusre alaba aur koi nehin he

  24. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw6z4vDvDUE
    Chakor is feeding Suraj with sukor hug

    1. thanks sia!!! for the link.
      the only thing we enjoy in udaan now with suraj and chakor are together…. i think we can see the more scenes of sukor ,in this track then everything is kn,ragini torture for sukor and for sukor fans…

  25. You know this Azaadgunj people make me mad, why must Chakor be the one to constantly fight for their freedom? These people don’t want freedom then leave them in their own hell and live your own life. These people are so dumb they should just burn the haveli down with KN and his wonderful wife and Ragini in it, but no all they do is wait around for Chakor to save them, none of them would lift a finger to save Chakor. They are a bunch of ungrateful morons. In my country when the people were oppressed, they didn’t just bow their heads and follow the master, no they got angry and burnt their transgressors alive. Apart from that I doubt the document that KN had done is legal, why isn’t it challenged in a court? If they burnt down the Haveli I am sure all the contracts would be gone. I am beginning to get really disappointed in this show, SuKor is its only saving grace; no one cares about ViMli. First and foremost the villagers should grow a pair and stop depending on Chakor, she has sacrificed enough for those sub humans, I don’t think they will be happy until Chakor ends up dead constantly trying to free their asses, the one time she thought of some one other than the villagers, her own husband these wonderful villagers stood against her. Maybe the villagers should burn. I am really mad with these idiotic villagers right now.

  26. oh so cute sukor .thanks for the link sia

  27. Gys if u don’t mind i want to ask you that all of you can understand hindi very well.you r so nice people thanks 4 understand me.gys.its all bczof udaan.

  28. Yes aanya I can understand Hindi very well but why are u asking pls guys vote for Meera deosthale she is now on 4 position

  29. hey varshu how many times we can vote?

  30. hey riya we can vote only just by clicking at vote right

  31. hey guys I shifted meera from 3rd to 2nd now please do some efforts to make her won please

  32. why udaan is not nominated as best serial and why vj is not nominated as best actor do something guys..

  33. Thnx a lot fr links sia.n

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