Udaan 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj attempts to kill Chakor

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The Episode starts with Suraj taking the trishul and saying I will kill Chakor. Imli says no, this is not the right time, I promise I will give you the day when you will kill Chakor and take revenge, but not today, have patience and wait for my command. He agrees. He says I will pray that my anger doesn’t cross limits. She says I will also pray. She sends him. She says tell me the time when Chakor dies by her husband’s hands. She shouts. Chakor gets ready to meet Suraj. Pakhi says Suraj would be thinking to kill you. Chakor says you can’t stop me. Chagan says you can’t go, try to understand, Imli planned this against you, its good our spy informed us. Pakhi says Imli would have said that Bhaiya ji’s murder… Chakor says I did it.

He says if anything happens, our dreams will break,

you are our leader. Pakhi says yes, if Suraj kills you then…He stops her. Ranvijay takes Suraj to the room and asks him to recall his dad’s murder. Suraj says I can’t recall, else I will kill Chakor, I can’t do this without Imli’s permission. Ranvijay asks him to think of his dad’s pain before dying. He asks Suraj to recall everything by sitting in the room. He locks Suraj and goes. Suraj asks him to open the door. Suraj sees Bhaiya ji’s pic and hears Bhaiya ji’s voice, who asks him to take revenge and get soul peace for him. Suraj shuts his ears. Suraj sees the pics.

Imli asks what shall I do, did you go mad, I have stopped Suraj, you ruined my plan, its election time, he can kill Chakor after elections, else our name will be spoiled, we will lose. Ranvijay says don’t worry, I have locked him, even if he has gone to kill Chakor, it will be good, you won’t have any competitor. She sees Suraj gone and scolds Ranvijay.

Suraj comes to the village and sees the well. He asks the boy about Bhaiya ji’s death. The boy says everyone knows it, Chakor has killed your dad. Suraj gets shocked. He recalls. He gets flashes and gets away from the well. He thinks of Imli’s words. Chakor rests to sleep. She recalls Manju and Chagan’s words. Suraj comes there. She looks out of the window. She doesn’t see him and lies down. She sleeps. Suraj gets a knife and goes to stab Chakor. He recalls Imli’s words.

Bhuvan stops Suraj and pushes him. Chakor wakes up by the sound. Suraj shouts leave me. Kasturi and Chakor ask Suraj to stop. Bhuvan says Suraj came here to kill you, Imli has sent him. Suraj says yes, I will kill her, she has killed my dad, I will not leave her. Chakor says Imli is playing with your emotions, you don’t know complete thing. Suraj pushes Bhuvan. Bhuvan falls down. Chakor gets a stick to defend.

Suraj says you tell me, is this true, did you kill my dad. Chakor says yes, but you don’t know entire thing. He says enough, I don’t want to listen. He strikes. The stick breaks. Suraj says I will not leave you. Kasturi looks on shocked.

Ranvijay says its Maha Shivratri night, entire village will be busy, just get Chakor to the cliff, this will be Chakor’s last Shivratri. Suraj burns Chakor’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so according to precap maybe banares event will be happen again and this may help suraj regain his memory

  2. Fast paced episode but I don’t see the need to turn Suraj against Chakor, RV could’ve tried to kill and Suraj would kill her.

  3. OMG what a dramatic epi
    Waiting for Suraj’s memory still
    Why doesnt he recall the actual reason

    Happy weekend everyone
    And Didu how r u?
    I really miss u

  4. Lavanya Prabakaran

    Bored to see this episode.. I’m gonna stop watch this serial.. bubyeeeee

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