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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji bribing the villagers. He signs his man. The villagers thank him and go. Ragini argues with Bhaiya ji and calls him mad to give money to village. He scolds her for crossing limits. He says these villagers are my army and I should keep them happy, they will kill Suraj. He laughs.

Suraj says I also hate the villagers, they were getting happy seeing me. Chakor asks him to control his anger, ask yourself, what you did with them was right or wrong, they were calming their anger, they will take revenge if you hurt them. Ragini asks how will they kill Suraj. Bhaiya ji says just see, I thought how to break Chakor’s self strength, that’s her family and villagers, when they kill Suraj, her strength will end. Ragini says its good if such happens as you say. He says you

are pointing finger on me again and again, I m smart player to use small people and go ahead. She says but Chakor jumped in well. He says let it be, it will happen as I think. Ragini says if Suraj and Chakor fall in love, they will get powerful.

Bhaiya ji says whatever I got till now is by my smartness, I will not cut the tree, I will stop the seed from growing, we will break Suraj and Chakor such that they hate to see each other.

She asks will you tell me what you will do. He says I will do when time comes, just inform me about Suraj. Chakor says its time you accept mistake and apologize to villagers. He says leave your morales, I m hungry, you came here to eat my brain. She says you have no brain, go and die in hell, I m fool to come here to save you. She looks up and sees a metal ring fixed. She says its your wish to come out of well or not, I have to go. He says wait, how did you get the way. She shows the metal ring. She asks him to see how she leaves now.

She uses the blanket and her dupatta to make a rope. Suraj asks her to keep trying, and tell him when she goes. She asks him to help her than laughing, we will go out. He asks shall I help you in leaving, great. Chakor smiles and says I was joking, if I had to leave you and go, would I jump here, you may behave anyway, but I will save you. He says I know, you will not leave me, come, we will try to go out.

He asks her to step on his shoulder. She says no, you are very well, you can’t bear my burden. He asks her not to think much. She gets on his shoulders and tries to throw her dupatta to that metal ring. She asks him to get up and go left. She says I m losing balance. They both fall down and get hurt.

Vivaan sees villagers coming out with Kasturi and Bhuvan. Tejaswini comes out. Vivaan recalls doctor’s words and gets angry seeing Tejaswini. Kasturi sees Vivaan looking at Tejaswini. The villagers leave. Bhuvan asks Vivaan what happened, is everything fine. Kasturi asks did you come to ask about Suraj and Chakor. Vivaan says I have to talk to Tejaswini. He goes. Kasturi says what happened to Vivaan, we have to call Imli. Bhuvan says first we will see what’s the matter.

Tejaswini asks what do you mean. Vivaan shouts you ruined my life, you had to take revenge from Ranjana, you made me drug addict, why did you do this. She apologizes. He says your past made my future wrong, you ruined me, you have won, no…. you lost so you are here, Ragini has won. He laughs.

Suraj says now I will die in this well. Chakor says both of us will die, I heard people become stars after dying, I think we will also become stars. Suraj says I don’t have a chance. She asks why. He says good people become stars, I did not do any good deed, there was a time when I did not think of tomorrow, I just thought for myself, I did not know value of things I got, today every breath, food, water, I know its value, I don’t know whether to scold Bhaiya ji or thank him for this, now I want to live Chakor, I don’t want to die. Chakor looks at him. She holds his hand and says I swear on you, I will not let you die. They smile. They lie in the well and see the sky.

Servant scolds Vivaan. Vivaan says I will save them, I m not a villager. Vivaan gets the rope to get Chakor and Suraj out. Bhaiya ji says Chakor and Suraj’s relation is getting fine, this can’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Janani9789

    amazing episode!!!after long time naughty suraj is back!!!who tease chakor for everything!!!!she did!!and angry chakor who always fight with suraj without a reason!!!!…enjoyed today episode!!!!
    suraj understand what is life!!!now every thing is precious for him!!!his selfish nature is totally gone….
    i think kn plan wil totally backfire him,because suraj and chakor now totally turst eachother…and they can’t live,or leave without eachother….kn is slow in thinking about them….
    ragini is double crossing kn!!!if they fight like this means surely they go against eachother want that to happen!!!quickly…..
    feeling bad for vivaan!!!teju paying back for her sins!!!!
    suraj!!!!wants to live!!!!their talk about stars!!is beautiful scene!!!..
    want this bandhua track to end…it is a only wish!!!!
    waiting for tomorrow episode eagerly!!!

  2. Superb epi love sukir scenes but suraj is looking very weak and poor nowadays i want to see old suraj back., i have seen spoilers that vivaan will go against sukor and also will start hating suraj but precap give me peace of mind the way he came to sukor rescue i dont think he will hurt sukor by any bad or evil intention may be he will join kn hands but i think it will be only for money but vivaan anger for teju is totally right and if he does any wrong to teju it will be justified in his terms..,but i m sure he will not hurt suraj for teju deeds as he know suraj is changed man now and before also suraj helped vivaan in realising his love for imli..

    1. Janani9789

      i totally agree with u angel!!! in some spoilers it is said that vivaan support kn because he want money for to settlement of pooja….
      i agree to this also he hate teju but not suraj!!!!
      only want this track to end!!!

  3. Vivan turns against to teju means he may go against to suraj also just to hurt teju… now suraj turned positive .. so vivan may turn negative… but always team udaan comes up with some twist… so cant say anything… but i like sukor and vimli go together…

  4. Does anyone know any new spoliers

  5. https://youtu.be/eW0AUlfQ0x8

    Guys link is as my name click on it and watch it suraj and chakor dance and eat together so romantic i think this is for Valentine’s day

    1. Yes Rati send it again

  6. nice episode, enjoyed alot for sukor scenes.

  7. Rati cn u snd d link i m nt able to access it

  8. Epi was gd love sukor scenes specially the last part. Guys vivan join to kn to settle in poojas case I guess I dnt think he ll turn against sukor cz suraj is nt responsible to his condition bt theju. I really feel bad fr vivan bt I hp he’s nt tht mad to go against sukor. Dnt knw cz it’s udaan , most of the time it wnt hpn as we think. Guys can’t it be a plan f sukor n vimli jst to win trust f trio? Where’s sia? Last time also she didn’t comment I guess

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