Udaan 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor shouting on Bhaiya ji. She says you killed Chunni and made Imli a bandhua, I will kill you. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask Chakor to stop. Ram Singh holds Chakor and lifts her in air. Chakor says I will not leave you. Bhaiya ji says she is saying a lot. He says take her away. The men tie Chakor to the pole. Chakor gets angry. Kasturi and Bhuvan beg Bhaiya ji to leave Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks what happened to you, you were scolding me just now.

He says you all will always be bandhua. Chakor says I will not be bandhua all my life. Bhaiya ji looks at her angrily. Bhaiya ji says lock her in storeroom, I will kill her, so that no bandhua speaks up. Kasturi says she is small girl, she has no sense, our family is your bandhua, leave her, I beg you. She asks Ranjana to tell Bhaiya ji,

even you have a small son, you both got married, don’t do this today.

Ranjana says I don’t care about your blessings, I m fine the way I m, get lost. Bhaiya ji asks them to get lost. Pandit says its not good thing on marriage day, we did prayers for your marriage, if you kill a little girl, the result will be bad. Bhaiya ji asks him to do puja, and not cross limits, go. Girdhari lal says but it matters to me, if Ranjana has to pay for your doings, I won’t like it.

Bhaiya ji says this girl has troubled me a lot, now I got her, I was finding her since long, I will kill her tomorrow to keep your words. She asks the men to lock Chakor. Kasturi begs to Bhaiya ji.

Chakor asks Kasturi not to cry, Lord is bigger than Bhaiya ji, don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. Kasturi cries. Chakor is chained and is locked in room. Servant scolds Chakor and asks her not to run away. He locks door and gives keys to Girja. He asks her to keep keys safe. He then takes keys back and says I don’t trust you, if Chakor runs away, I will be dead. He keeps keys himself.

Chakor recalls her family and gets sad. Kasturi recalls Chakor. Chale chakori…..plays……… Kasturi talks to moon and says Chakor used to talk to you, and today Chakor got alone, there is no one with her. Dadi consoles Kasturi. Kasturi cries and prays for Chakor’s safety. Dadi hugs her and they cry.

Imli recalls Chakor and does the work. Chagan talks about Chakor. Imli says I can’t do anything for Chakor, go from here, I have work. Chagan says Chakor has come out as you shot at your parents, she is caught because of you. Imli recalls Suraj’s words and gets sad. She says if I did not shoot, Suraj would have killed them, why did Chakor come out, she would have hidden with circus people, now its very late. She cries. Chagan says Chakor used to tell us, if any one way closes, find other way, don’t lose. You still have time to think for Chakor’s freedom.

Its morning, Chakor tries to remove the chains. Girja comes to her by opening the door. Girja frees her and asks her not to talk. She says I have come to make you run away. Chakor gets shocked and says but you never went against Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini. Girja says yes, now this haveli changed, everything changed, I also changed, I m cheating Bhaiya ji to save someone’s life, its okay, maybe my sins will be repented, run away, take your flight Chakor. She hugs Chakor and cries. She asks Chakor not to come back in this hell again.

Bhaiya ji says everyone will remember this, I will throw Chakor in pit and kill her. Chakor is thrown inside the pit. Kasturi and Bhuvan cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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